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Vocabulary Word

Word: censure

Definition: blame; criticize; express strong disapproval; N: severe criticism; strong disapproval

Sentences Containing 'censure'

"The World's Mistake in Oliver Cromwell" (anon.), 1668, contained a severe censure of Cromwell's foreign policy, and of his conduct towards Lilburne and Sir Henry Vane.
Along with many in Hollywood, Bernstein faced censure during the McCarthy era of the early 1950s.
As a curiosity due to the censure imposed by the Mexican government at those time, there were edited two versions of the film; the one the so called uncut version plenty of explicit nudity of the starring actors and actresses mainly for the foreign market, the other version a cut one with a lot of censored scenes because of the nudity was for domestic (Mexican) exhibition; nowadays it is possible to find both versions on DVD.
At last, I fixed upon a resolution, for which it is probable I may incur some censure, and not unjustly; for I confess I owe the preserving of mine eyes, and consequently my liberty, to my own great rashness and want of experience; because, if I had then known the nature of princes and ministers, which I have since observed in many other courts, and their methods of treating criminals less obnoxious than myself, I should, with great alacrity and readiness, have submitted to so easy a punishment.
At one point the FR found itself facing censure motions by the Association of Railway Preservation Societies(ARPS) and the Association of Independent Railways (AIR).
But it is to God's censure the Christian appeals, the Roman to his own soul.
Col. John Munro faced severe criticism and official censure by the methods which he was bold enough to adopt, but he proved the true wisdom of his plan, by making it work to the benefit of the governors and the governed.
Following the motion of censure's defeat, U.D.D. deputies began to resign from their jobs, and five were dismissed.
For if you are not acting rightly, shun the act itself; if rightly, however, why fear misplaced censure?
From the insolence of office, too, they are frequently indifferent how they exercise it, and are very apt to censure or deprive him of his office wantonly and without any just cause.
Governor Bradford's censure of the Maypole tradition played a central role in Nathaniel Hawthorne's fictional story The Maypole of Merry Mount, 1837.
He even decided, about 1537, to return to the obedience of the Observants, through fear of incurring some ecclesiastical censure.
He was arrested in 1975, as per the controversial MISA Act. A vocal supporter and advocate of journalistic rights and right to expression, he had been in many instances in opposition to the prevailing conditions, and had to bear censure of the prevailing authorities for his struggles.
His censure of those travellers who swerve from the truth.
I gave due praises to every thing I saw, whereof his excellency took not the least notice till after supper; when, there being no third companion, he told me with a very melancholy air “that he doubted he must throw down his houses in town and country, to rebuild them after the present mode; destroy all his plantations, and cast others into such a form as modern usage required, and give the same directions to all his tenants, unless he would submit to incur the censure of pride, singularity, affectation, ignorance, caprice, and perhaps increase his majesty’s displeasure; that the admiration I appeared to be under would cease or diminish, when he had informed me of some particulars which, probably, I never heard of at court, the people there being too much taken up in their own speculations, to have regard to what passed here below.” The sum of his discourse was to this effect: “That about forty years ago, certain persons went up to Laputa, either upon business or diversion, and, after five months continuance, came back with a very little smattering in mathematics, but full of volatile spirits acquired in that airy region: that these persons, upon their return, began to dislike the management of every thing below, and fell into schemes of putting all arts, sciences, languages, and mechanics, upon a new foot.
I made my acknowledgements by prostrating myself at his majesty’s feet: but he commanded me to rise; and after many gracious expressions, which, to avoid the censure of vanity, I shall not repeat, he added, “that he hoped I should prove a useful servant, and well deserve all the favours he had already conferred upon me, or might do for the future.” The reader may please to observe, that, in the last article of the recovery of my liberty, the emperor stipulates to allow me a quantity of meat and drink sufficient for the support of 1724 Lilliputians.
I thought this account of the _struldbrugs_ might be some entertainment to the reader, because it seems to be a little out of the common way; at least I do not remember to have met the like in any book of travels that has come to my hands: and if I am deceived, my excuse must be, that it is necessary for travellers who describe the same country, very often to agree in dwelling on the same particulars, without deserving the censure of having borrowed or transcribed from those who wrote before them.
If a person should at any time exceed in it, he can easily reform without exposing himself to the censure of the public.
If the censure of the _Yahoos_ could any way affect me, I should have great reason to complain, that some of them are so bold as to think my book of travels a mere fiction out of mine own brain, and have gone so far as to drop hints, that the _Houyhnhnms_ and _Yahoos_ have no more existence than the inhabitants of Utopia.
If we consider the time needed to prepare the engravings and the approval by the censure, Corbelletti must know the hatching system of Petra Sancta even before 1638.
In June 1967, the French government announced their withdrawal from the AFVG project ostensibly on grounds of cost. The unilateral French decision led to a censure debate in the House of Commons.
In people of their own station, therefore, they regard such excesses with but a small degree of disapprobation, and censure them either very slightly or not at all.
In this sense, it is closer to a motion of censure.
It is the system of government, the situation in which they are placed, that I mean to censure, not the character of those who have acted in it.
It was created at the time before the Tito-Stalin Split and the founding of the German Democratic Republic forced strict censure on DEFA; according to Maetzig, the Soviet occupation authorities were determined not to force a USSR-style system on their subjects, but to allow them to develop their own model of Socialism.
NHS has been under an Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) censure since February 2003.
No leading London actor, with the exception of David Garrick, had escaped censure, and in the "Apology" Garrick was clearly threatened.
On November 2, members of the U.D.D. organized a motion of censure in the National Assembly.
Resisting ecclesiastical censure, he left Jena (Feb.
She taught similar withholding of censure on individuals for things like atheism and homosexuality and rejected a common traditional image of hell as an eternity of suffering, suggesting that her life review experience, in which she was made to live and feel the full positive and negative consequences of her cumulative actions in intense detail, including their effects on all around her, were a more than adequate equivalent and probably what the term truly signified.
The broadcast caused many complaints in Mexico, including in newspapers and websites, while a motion of censure was considered in the Mexican senate and the BBC Spanish-language website BBC Mundo received protests.
The disorder and extravagance of several years, on the contrary, will not always ruin a man of fashion; and people of that rank are very apt to consider the power of indulging in some degree of excess, as one of the advantages of their fortune; and the liberty of doing so without censure or reproach, as one of the privileges which belong to their station.
The play's implicit censure of a venerable if controversial pope has led to numerous counterattacks, of which one of the latest is the 2007 allegation that Hochhuth was the dupe of a KGB disinformation campaign.
The work on "The Beaverskin" was relatively free from censure.
To avoid which censure I fear I have run too much into the other extreme; and that if this treatise should happen to be translated into the language of Brobdingnag (which is the general name of that kingdom,) and transmitted thither, the king and his people would have reason to complain that I had done them an injury, by a false and diminutive representation.
When I gave that free censure of the country and its inhabitants, he made no further answer than by telling me, “that I had not been long enough among them to form a judgment; and that the different nations of the world had different customs;” with other common topics to the same purpose.
Wright returned to the charge in 1693, but again the assembly refused to censure Caffyn.
``I deserve neither such praise nor such censure,''cried Elizabeth;``I am not a great reader, and I have pleasure in many things.''
“At other times, if a female stranger came among them, three or four of her own sex would get about her, and stare, and chatter, and grin, and smell her all over; and then turn off with gestures, that seemed to express contempt and disdain.” Perhaps my master might refine a little in these speculations, which he had drawn from what he observed himself, or had been told him by others; however, I could not reflect without some amazement, and much sorrow, that the rudiments of lewdness, coquetry, censure, and scandal, should have place by instinct in womankind.
“But his imperial majesty, fully determined against capital punishment, was graciously pleased to say, that since the council thought the loss of your eyes too easy a censure, some other way may be inflicted hereafter.

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