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Vocabulary Word

Word: celibate

Definition: abstaining from sexual intercourse; unmarried; N. celibacy

Sentences Containing 'celibate'

Catherine Maire has demonstrated that of 116 people who claimed miraculous healing at Pâris's tomb, 70% were women, and the majority of these were celibate or widowed.
Finally, in 1955 the Jogye Order was established centered around celibate monks; however, as a result of mediation between the elder monks and the government, already-married priests were also included.
Following liberation from Japan in 1945, Seon monks who had preserved and cherished Korean Buddhist traditions began a purification drive to re-establish the traditional celibate orders and take back the temples from married priest, a remnant of the Japanese Occupation.
Josephus' expression (more greatly 'lovers of one another') encapsulates the quasi-familial character of the Essene celibate communities, their humble mutual service, and their sharing of possessions.
Leigh-Cheri proclaims herself celibate, withdraws from public life and cloisters herself in her room, only to emerge to ask her parents for permission to go to the Care Fest, a liberal convention in Hawaii with scientific and political speakers, including Leigh-Cheri's idol, Ralph Nader.
Sociologically, the celibate Essenes may be understood as a religious order, or 'virtuoso religious group', with a distinctive inner religious and social life in part expressed by unusual, intense economic sharing.
The Brahma Kumaris were founded in the 1930s and supported by a female leadership who believes those who are celibate and meditate will enjoy the fruits of paradise following the imminent destruction of the world.
The Greeks gave us democracy and private property, which Pythagoras attempted to replace with a celibate but self-reliant communism.
They were not required to be celibate, but sexual intercourse rendered them unclean until they underwent further purification.
Though Father Maxi is a priest and required to be celibate, he does not seem to regularly practice this.
VOTF has recently taken a controversial stand in calling for the Vatican to review the requirement that priests be celibate.
When the time came for Kiedis to record his vocals, he decided to abstain from cocaine use for two weeks, an experience he likened to "deciding to be celibate when you're living in a brothel."
Yet from the writings of Chrysostom it is clear he found joy in ascetic self-discipline, and he had just assumed a celibate life when he was fascinated by a girl named Hermione (Chrysostom ibid.

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