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Vocabulary Word

Word: cater

Definition: provide food and drink (for); cater to: try to satisfy (desires of a bad kind)

Sentences Containing 'cater'

Although not marketed as such, it is widely known to cater to the wealthy through its private location and array of activities.
Although there is no proven correlation between blood type and personality, it remains popular with the many matchmaking services that cater to blood type.
Cooking ahead for the freezer can be a healthier alternative to purchasing prepackaged frozen meals at the grocery store, allowing the cook to choose wholesome ingredients and cater to individual food needs (allergies, sensitivities, etc.).
Ex Element operates from Hove, East Sussex and was initially established to cater for a niche in a market that is heavily dominated by generalist’ companies.
For the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games several venues were used to cater for the several Vintage Yachting Classes.
Francis de Sales School, which was established in 1867 to cater to the educational needs of the children of the Europeans and Anglo-Indians in and around Nagpur city.
In 1843, the Banque du Peuple was born through the Quebec Nationalist movement, to cater for French Canadians, and in 1848 Quesnel was made a director.
In 1966, the runway was resurfaced with bitumen and the terminal building was also extended to cater for increasing number of passenger.
In 2005 eight SMU260 class sets were ordered from Downer EDI Rail, Maryborough to cater for increased demand.
In recent years, with the unbundling of services accelerated by the advent of the Internet, a number of brokerage models have developed to cater to the FSBO market by providing services on an "a la carte" basis.
In the ensuing argument, the King condemns Ambikapathi as sham poet who could write only verses that cater to man’s baser instincts.
It aims to cater for individual differences, develop students' knowledge, generic skills (e.g. communication skills, collaborative skills, critical thinking skills) and attitudes.
It allows businesses to create products that cater to the demands of customers with help from the increased communication and data collection methods that are available online.
It has a total of 10 meeting rooms which cater for conferences, workshops, seminars, and committee meetings, with a seating capacity of 10 to 1000 delegates.
It was set up to cater to former pupils of the O’Connell secondary school.
Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service was established to cater to the increasing needs of Kanpur metropolis.
Management addressed the situation by reducing the number of paid staff, putting forward proposals to scale down the use of its studio at Macquarie University and attempting to cater for a slightly older audience - ideas that were met with frustration from some volunteers.
Marquees are erected at the Okakarara Community Cultural Centre which was built with funding from Germany, to accommodate the increased number of exhibitors, as the existing hall is too small to cater to all the exhibitors.
Most of the hotel spas cater both to their own in-house guests as well as being open to outside clients.
On top of that, higher healthcare costs might also be incurred and the government would need to set aside more money to maintain a good healthcare system to cater to the elderly.
ONET also operates a 'National Branch' to cater for Ex-Servicemen and Women who do not live close to a Branch (this includes overseas members).
Pitt Island and Kaingaroa are staffed by sole charge principals, while Te One has three teachers and a principal. These schools cater for children from year 1 to 8.
Release groups formed to cater to the need of fresh games, and also to crack the protection that was employed to thwart copying in several games released after copiers became available.
Special schemes were formulated to cater to the diverse credit needs of small scale industries, road transport operators, agriculturists,and other self-employed entrepreneurs.
The aircraft retains stand-by (conventional) instrumentation, including artificial horizon, altimeter and airspeed indicator, to cater for the failure of HUD and the MFDs.
The City of Angels follows a similar structure to the New York school district in that there are alternative schools within the existing school district that cater to the student's needs.
The club was founded in 1981 after GAA fan's in the area saw the need for a second club in Athlone to cater for the growing population of the town.
The director of the CI program, Xu Lin, says CIs were started to cater to the sudden uptick in interest in Chinese language around the world; they also provide Chinese language teaching staff from the Mainland.
The Elias Farmer's Market and Sam's Farmer's Market cater to the Middle Eastern community as well as other ethnic communities in the region.
The festival does not only cater to indie rock and pop, sometimes accompanied by controversy, Sonorama has managed to diversify into other styles and musical environments.
The following groups are among the more important national Indian organisations in Singapore that cater to all Indians, regardless or cultural background.
The growth in Ashbourne's population has spurred expansion of local enterprise and retail to cater for the growing populations needs.
The Jewel House was built 1966-67 and designed to cater for one million visitors annually.
The Pall Mall brand was introduced in 1899 by the Butler Butler Company (UK) in an attempt to cater to the upper class with the first "premium" cigarette.
The Princess was able to cater to a degree to these new holidaymakers with a cottage colony of its own on the headland at the Pitt's Bay side of the hotel, which had formerly been the site of the Bermuda Coal Company's wharf.
The route of the Lancashire-Yorkshire motorway was considered inadequate as it failed to cater for several industrial towns in Yorkshire.
The school typically uses it for receptions or concerts, but also rents out The Castle to cater events and special occasions.
The school was then moved to Taman Gurun Jaya in 1999 following the school expansion program in order to cater for the increasing numbers of its students.
The secondary school (Frederick Gent School) was built in 1959 also helped cater for the growing population.
The SMU220 series were introduced into service in August 1999 to cater for service increases on recently upgraded lines such as the Caboolture line triplication from Northgate to Lawnton.
The Solent Thrashers also have a Junior team, who play under the same name and cater for ages 16–19.
The store was founded in 1856 by William Robert “Bill” Breuner’s great-grandfather John Breuner (1828–1890) to cater to prospectors during the California Gold Rush.
Their fleet of tourist trolleys cater to events such as weddings, pub crawls, corporate events, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties.
There are a variety of community-based services that cater to the needs of newly arrived migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, some of which receive funding from the Commonwealth Government, such as Migrant Resource Centres.
There was a steady expansion during the nineteenth century with new buildings put up to cater for the expanding number of clerical and secular students.
To cater for the increased cooling requirements of the Merlin, a new fuselage duct was designed.
To cater to the needs of Kannada research, he founded the "Kannada Adhyayana Samsthe" (The Institute of Kannada Studies) in Mysore University, which has since been renamed after him as Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies.
Today, following many years of immigration (for the first time in Ireland), a large majority of the National Schools cater for more than one religion.
University colleges existing today generally cater for specific subjects (such as Theology, or the Arts).
While these day spas cater largely to the tourist market, many office workers and businesspersons in Thailand also avail themselves of their services.

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