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Vocabulary Word

Word: categorical

Definition: without exceptions; made without any doubt in mind; unqualified; absolute

Sentences Containing 'categorical'

For example, if a few points have non-trivial stabilisers, then the categorical quotient will not exist among schemes.
He was considered a major national figure in Mali; Cheick Mahamadou Chérif Keïta writes: "From the late 1950s, when Banzumana Sissoko became known on the national scene, to his death in 1987, the entire Mandenka nation was witness to his categorical refusal to curry favor with any politician or rich patron.
In Immanuel Kant's categorical imperative, for instance, the maxim is combined with a certain intention to become moral. The moral intent is that one can, at the same time, will the subjective principle of action to become a universal law.
In statistics the term categorical variable is used rather than enumeration.
In statistics, logistic regression is a type of regression analysis used for predicting the outcome of a categorical dependant variable (with a limited number of categories) or dichotomic dependant variable based on one or more predictor variables.
Infants as young as 1 month perceive some speech sounds as speech categories (they display categorical perception of speech).
Logistic regression measures the relationship between a categorical or dichotomic dependent variable and usually a continuous independent variable (or several), by converting the dependent variable to probability scores.
Logistic regression was applied to the data on SPSS, since the Dependent variable is Categorical (dichotomous) and the researcher examine the odd ratio of potentially being re-arrested vs. not expected to be re-arrested.
Marie-Philippe Coupin de la Couperie, a French painter and contemporary of Géricault, was categorical: "Monsieur Géricault seems mistaken.
Ryle then says that such use implies a 'categorical mistake' for the descriptions of mental events that do not properly belong to the categories used for describing the corporeal events.
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