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Vocabulary Word

Word: casualty

Definition: serious or fatal accident; person killed or wounded in an accident or battle

Sentences Containing 'casualty'

"Casualty of Love" is a slow song with a sing-along chorus and piano playing in the background.
"Casualty of Love" is a song by British recording artist Jessie J, from her debut studio album "Who You Are" (2011).
1979: Ullico Casualty Company is created to proceed with new kinds of insurance.
2008: Ullico Captive, PCC is established to offer alternative risk solutions through the Life and Health and Property and Casualty lines of business.
2009: Ullico Casualty Company posts a record $102 million in gross written in force premiums.
After moving to London in 1983 became a familiar face on UK television., with minor roles in "Casualty", "The Bill" and "Peak Practice".
As of May 29, 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Defense casualty website, there were 4,409 total deaths.
Brock has also worked on the dramas "Casualty" and "Holby City".
Casualty figures for the campaign vary between sources, but it is believed that by the time the Gallipoli Campaign ended over were dead, including and around and French soldiers.
Cole has appeared in several other English televisiom series such as "The Royal", "Cold Feet", "Casualty", "Heartbeat", "Coronation Street" and "The Royal Today".
During his 24 years in the United States Navy, Rhee served as a battlefield casualty physician in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Equipped with C-47 Skytrain transports and trained for combat resupply and casualty evacuation mission.
ERGO writes all types of life and health insurance and most types of property and casualty insurance.
Further, more than six million members were served through $125 million in gross written Property and Casualty premiums.
He has also made guest appearances in "Doctors", "Casualty" and "Lark Rise to Candleford".
He is the co-creator of "Casualty" with Paul Unwin.
He left the RSC to join the cast of "Casualty" in the character of Martin "Ash" Ashford, from 1990 to 1996.
He wrote for series two of BBC hospital drama "Casualty", becoming main writer for series three (1987–88).
However, a material casualty to her evaporators forced her to return to port for repairs on the 15th.
However, it became a casualty of the Great Depression and declining advertising revenues, although its circulation, at 90,000 copies, was at its peak.
In addition to the immediate casualty toll seven more people succumbed to their injuries overnight.
Incredibly, there was only one casualty, Mrs Rhoda Farrow who had just returned from seeing her son Ronald and his fiancee off at the train station.
It is also feared that other indigenous knowledge of the Bondas will also become casualty to this emphasis on integrating them with Oriya society.
Loss ratios for property and casualty insurance (e.g. motor car insurance), range typically from 40% to 60%.
Mine clearance in World War II was extremely dangerous and there was a high casualty rate among bomb disposal personnel.
Munich Re provides reinsurance cover for life, health, casualty, transport, aviation, space, fire and engineering business.
On 1 June 1963, Sergeant William Francis Hacking became the AATTV's first casualty when he was accidentally killed while on duty in Vietnam.
On 12 October, "Yazoo" received special praise for towing 35 miles to port after that minecraft had suffered a materiel casualty.
On 25 January 2013 it was announced that Robinson would be returning to "Casualty" to reprise his role as Martin "Ash" Ashford but as a locum consultant.
On May 11, 2013, the financial woes of Ullico Casualty Company (a Ullico subsidiary) led to a court order declaring the entity insolvent.
Several roles followed in series such as "Casualty", "Doctors", "Dalziel and Pascoe".
She had previously appeared in "Holby City" sister show "Casualty", and had made an appearance in "Holby City" fifth series as patient Marianne Lawson.
She stated that the meaning of the lyrics in "Casualty Of Love" is about finding your inner strength.
Special Operations Teams deploy to multi-casualty incidents and disasters.
Teedyuscung was a casualty of the peace that brought about the end of the French and Indian War in Pennsylvania.
The casualty department was built using public subscription.
The last casualty was a Dutch supporter of the uprising, the local baker Theo Smit, who was accidentally killed by a Georgian.
The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) is the only U.S. trade association representing mutual property/casualty insurance companies.
The only casualty of the revolution was the château tower, which following an edict to demolish any structure that could be used by counter-revolutionaries, was decapitated in about 1790.
The purpose was to determine if insurgents responded to information on "casualty sensitivity."
The U.S. Army had not yet set up casualty-notification teams this early in the war.
These companies fall into three divisions: Life and Health (Union Labor Life), Property and Casualty (Ullico Casualty Group) and Investment Services (Ullico Investment Advisers Inc.
These high casualty figures were later revised down to 162 casualties.
These high casualty figures, are according to Russia the reason for the military intervention in Georgia.
This gardens is on the former site of the casualty department of the Royal Northern Hospital.
This term is also now commonly used in commercial general liability (CGL) policies or so called "casualty" business.
Two days out, a steering gear casualty in the transport forced that ship to leave her assigned place in the formation.
Ullico Casualty Group creates insurance products that mitigate fiduciary risks to union workplaces and its trustees.
was created as a holding company for Union Labor Life and Ullico Casualty Company.
Woody Guthrie had started to write a song including each name on the casualty list of the sinking.

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