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Vocabulary Word

Word: carnivorous

Definition: meat-eating; N. carnivore; CF. herbivore

Sentences Containing 'carnivorous'

"Eodromaeus" is regarded as an early member of theropoda, the group which includes the carnivorous dinosaurs.
"M. vanderhaegei" is diurnally active and carnivorous, and was characterized by Cei (1993) as aggressive, with aferocious temper.
A brutal run-in with two carnivorous convenience store clerks leads the three to take refuge with the town's only surviving humans and prepare for battle with an army of the undead.
A thing altogether incredible were it not that attracted by such prey as a dead whale, the otherwise miscellaneously carnivorous shark will seldom touch a man.
According to botanist Marlis A. Merbach and coworkers, this specialization to a single prey taxon is unique amongst carnivorous plants.
All Spiraxidae are thought to be carnivorous.
As a result; a towering, winged and carnivorous alien is beamed into the tube by mistake, as chaos and confusion ensue and the technicians panic.
But seals would necessarily be first converted into terrestrial carnivorous animals of considerable size, and bats into terrestrial insectivorous animals; for the former there would be no prey; for the bats ground-insects would serve as food, but these would already be largely preyed on by the reptiles or birds, which first colonise and abound on most oceanic islands.
I cannot here give the details which I have collected and elsewhere published on this curious subject; but to show how singular the laws are which determine the reproduction of animals under confinement, I may mention that carnivorous animals, even from the tropics, breed in this country pretty freely under confinement, with the exception of the plantigrades or bear family, which seldom produce young; whereas, carnivorous birds, with the rarest exception, hardly ever lay fertile eggs.
If its natural power of increase be allowed to act, it can succeed in increasing (the country not undergoing any change in conditions) only by its varying descendants seizing on places at present occupied by other animals: some of them, for instance, being enabled to feed on new kinds of prey, either dead or alive; some inhabiting new stations, climbing trees, frequenting water, and some perhaps becoming less carnivorous.
Important Alien civilisations include the Puppeteers, paranoid pacifist herbivore centaurs, and the Kzinti, carnivorous warlike felines, who fought multiple wars over hundreds of years against the Humans, being defeated each time.
In "The Carnivorous Carnival", Esmé had a rivalry with Madame Lulu, as Madame Lulu had a certain affection for Count Olaf.
In 1975, he self-published "The Stone Age Diet: Based on In-depth Studies of Human Ecology and the Diet of Man," in which he argued that humans are carnivorous animals.
Is it not a reproach that man is a carnivorous animal?
It is unknown how fast "Eodromaeus" could run, but it has been suggested to about . It is a basal carnivorous theropod.
It may be doubted, for instance, whether the Australian marsupials, which are divided into groups differing but little from each other, and feebly representing, as Mr. Waterhouse and others have remarked, our carnivorous, ruminant, and rodent mammals, could successfully compete with these well-developed orders.
It would be easy to show that there now exist carnivorous animals presenting close intermediate grades from strictly terrestrial to aquatic habits; and as each exists by a struggle for life, it is clear that each must be well adapted to its place in nature.
Its diet is rounded off with an occasional bird – including carnivorous species like the Burrowing Owl ("Athene cunicularia") and sizeable prey such as "Penelope" guans or the Chilean Tinamou ("Nothoprocta perdicaria") –, large squamates, and if need be also arthropods and carrion.
Monitors are generally carnivorous animals, which makes the Gray's monitor somewhat of an exception amongst the varanid family.
Other evidence for burial where the animals had lived includes the presence of tubes and burrows, and of assemblies of animals preserved while they fed – such as a group of carnivorous priapulids clustered round a freshly moulted arthropod whose new cuticle would not yet have hardened.
Other theories for the higher number of gliding animals in Southeast Asian forests include the fact that the dominant canopy trees in such forests (mostly dipterocarp family trees) are taller than the canopy trees in other forests (gliders can glide further, from higher starting points, and travel further in such forests, giving them a competitive advantage) and the lower abundance of insect and small vertebrate prey for carnivorous animals (such as lizards) in such Asian forests (gliding predators may search wide areas for prey and mates more efficiently).
Pinguicula vulgaris, the Common butterwort, is a perennial carnivorous plant in the Lentibulariaceae family.
postulates an extinct group of carnivorous mammals called "mesonychids" as more closely related to cetaceans.
Razanandrongobe (meaning "large ancestor lizard" in Malagasy) is a genus of carnivorous archosaurian reptile of uncertain affinities from the Middle Jurassic of Madagascar.
Scientists have long hypothesized that ornithomimids, descended from carnivorous theropod ancestors, were actually omnivores or even herbivores (Osborn, 1916).
Several carnivorous plants inhabit Carolina bays, including bladderwort, butterwort, pitcher plant, and sundew.
Steve Peregrin Took was credited as "Shagrat The Vagrant" on Mick Farren's 1970 solo album "Mona – The Carnivorous Circus" and the two formed a band called Shagrat, also featuring guitarist Larry Wallis.
Take the case of a carnivorous quadruped, of which the number that can be supported in any country has long ago arrived at its full average.
The males of carnivorous animals are already well armed; though to them and to others, special means of defence may be given through means of sexual selection, as the mane of the lion, and the hooked jaw to the male salmon; for the shield may be as important for victory as the sword or spear.
The more diversified in habits and structure the descendants of our carnivorous animals become, the more places they will be enabled to occupy.
The origin of the word gules is from the Medieval Latin word "gula", which means the mouth of a carnivorous animal, and in some cases the goules are made of the marten fur (one text says goules de martre).
The oyster mushroom is one of the few known carnivorous mushrooms.
They are carnivorous, and mainly feed on arthropods and small vertebrates.
They observed by my teeth, which they viewed with great exactness, that I was a carnivorous animal; yet most quadrupeds being an overmatch for me, and field mice, with some others, too nimble, they could not imagine how I should be able to support myself, unless I fed upon snails and other insects, which they offered, by many learned arguments, to evince that I could not possibly do.
This snail is carnivorous but it also eats honeydew while that substance is being produced by a species of lantern bug.
Thylacinidae is an extinct family of carnivorous, superficially dog-like marsupials from the order Dasyuromorphia.
Utricularia determannii is a very small, probably perennial, rheophytic carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus "Utricularia".
Utricularia mangshanensis is a carnivorous plant belonging to the genus "Utricularia".
Utricularia minutissima is a small or very small terrestrial carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus "Utricularia".
Utricularia peranomala is a very small, annual, bryophilous lithophytic carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus "Utricularia".
Utricularia triloba is a small annual, terrestrial carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus "Utricularia" (family Lentibulariaceae).

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