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Vocabulary Word

Word: caricature

Definition: distortion; burlesque

Sentences Containing 'caricature'

"The Thin Man" (a caricature of William Powell, who got an Academy Award nomination for playing the role) uses Asta from the cover of "Dog World" to detect the criminal on the cover of "Better Babies", and the criminal gives chase on the carriage, only to be assailed by everyone from Navy battleships to Greta Garbo and even Saint Nicholas.
A caricature of US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was deemed "objectionable" and among the reasons for rejection.
A Stepin Fetchit caricature fails to recruit any souls in Harlem, New York City.
After confronting the man, Green called the police, then proceeded to take pen to paper and produce a caricature.
Albert Robida (14 May 1848 – 11 October 1926) was a French illustrator, etcher, lithographer, caricaturist, and novelist. He edited and published "La Caricature" magazine for 12 years.
All are reassembled and put through their paces by their 1970s coach, "Acid" (a biting caricature by Martyn Sanderson of fabled All Blacks coach Fred Allen).
And then, as the idea came home to him, he resorted to caricature.
Andrea Cavalcanti found his tilbury waiting at the door; the groom, in every respect a caricature of the English fashion, was standing on tiptoe to hold a large iron gray horse.
At the beginning of the film, "Bob Boins" (Bob Burns) introduces Ted Lewis who is seen playing "Plenty of Money and You", which segues into a caricature of orchestra conductor Leopold Stokowski leading the "Storm" movement from the "William Tell Overture".
By keeping Dulcinea in the background, and making her a vague shadowy being of whose very existence we are left in doubt, he invests Don Quixote's worship of her virtues and charms with an additional extravagance, and gives still more point to the caricature of the sentiment and language of the romances.
Convy also starred in several movies, perhaps most memorably "Semi-Tough" (1977), in which he played a caricature of Werner Erhard named Friedrich Bismark.
Cruikshank's early work was caricature; but in 1823, at the age of 31, he started to focus on book illustration.
Faulks can catch, and caricature, another writers' fingerprints and foibles with a delicious precision that only a deep love of writing can teach".
Geologist Charles Lyell to the contrary, assumed that the Earth was eternal so that in the course of time the ichthyosaur might likely reappear, a possibility lampooned in a famous caricature by De la Beche.
He studied to become a notary, but was more interested in caricature.
If the variations from strict accuracy made under the influence of feeling are too great, the result will be a caricature.
In 1820 he received a royal bribe of £100 for a pledge "not to caricature His Majesty" (George IV of the United Kingdom) "in any immoral situation".
In 1880, with Georges Decaux, he founded his own magazine "La Caricature", which he edited for 12 years.
In a destroyed environment where the air is vitiated by pesticides and ground water is running out, the village of El Ejido illustrates, almost to the point of caricature, this industrial exploitation of men and the land encouraged by globalisation.
Its cover art features a caricature of the band by artist/designer Erik Casillas.
Mann originally constructed Settembrini as a caricature of the liberal-democratic novelist, represented for example by his own brother Heinrich Mann.
Numerous grotesques and gargoyles adorn the exterior, most of them designed by the carvers; one of the more famous of these is a caricature of then-master carver Roger Morigi on the north side of the nave. There were also two competitions held for the public to provide designs to supplement those of the carvers.
Others associate the surname with the carrion-eating, bone-crushing variety of vulture., In modern times, it is not unusual for the vulture in family coats of arms or logos to be rendered as a comical caricature of a slumping and sad-sack buzzard rather than a lammergeier or gyrfalcon with "the bearing of an eagle."
Prior to 2006, the University's athletic teams were nicknamed the "Indians," and their mascot was Chief Brave Spirit; an anthropomorphic Native American caricature who performed live at all University athletic events.
Sancho, when he reappears, is the old Sancho with the old familiar features; but with a difference; they have been brought out more distinctly, but at the same time with a careful avoidance of anything like caricature; the outline has been filled in where filling in was necessary, and, vivified by a few touches of a master's hand, Sancho stands before us as he might in a character portrait by Velazquez.
The censors said that Murdoch could not be shown but Rupert Murdoch himself gave his permission for his caricature to be used.
The character Princess Posh Vattoria, a caricature of Halliwell's bandmate Victoria Beckham, was featured in early drafts but has not appeared in the book series.
The comic strip employed a caricature of English language spoken by American Indians, notably replacing the word "the" with "um".
The logo was a caricature of Sydney Deamer, originator of the column and its author for 14 years.
The prize has historically attracted a good deal of controversy and several court cases; the most famous was in 1943 when William Dobell's winning painting of Joshua Smith was challenged because of claims it was a caricature rather than a portrait.
The thieves play on West's fears and engineer his abduction by crooks dressed up as caricature Bolshevik "barbarians."
This causes a creative movement away from the style, which now appeals to a wider music buying customer base bringing profitability, however the sound suffers as it becomes generic and derivative and a caricature of its former creative self.
This led to a series of caricature covers Wilson did for "1000 Jokes".

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