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Vocabulary Word

Word: carcinogenic

Definition: causing cancer; N. carcinogen

Sentences Containing 'carcinogenic'

Cedrol has toxic and possibly carcinogenic properties.
Dr. Nesma is the carcinogenic researcher, who refuses to sign an agreement that illegally imports toxic chemicals, therefore she is suspended from work; therefore, she decides to raise this controversial issue to higher authorities.
Gloves are needed to protect the flesh from the potentially carcinogenic properties of the UV beam, and UV goggles are needed to protect the eyes.
IARC (1979) evaluated the carcinogenic hazard resulting from exposure to mirex and concluded that "there is sufficient evidence for its carcinogenicity to mice and rats.
In common with many of the other homoleptic metal carbonyls (e.g. nickel carbonyl and iron carbonyl), chromium hexacarbonyl is toxic and thought to be carcinogenic.
In the absence of adequate data in humans, based on above result it can be said that it has carcinogenic risk to humans”.
It has also been shown to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, embryotoxic and teratogenic.
Like cyclohexanol, cyclohexanone is not carcinogenic and is only moderately toxic, with a TLV of 25 ppm for the vapor.
Methylcholanthrene (MCA) is a highly carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon produced by burning organic compounds at very high temperatures.
Sami refuses to agree to the crime of toxic fertilizers in the agriculture field and so he decides to use the help of the carcinogenic researcher.
The area covered by the treaty included the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans north of latitude 36°N, east of longitude 42°W and west of longitude 51°E, excluding the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas The Convention prohibited the dumping of halocarbons and organosilicon (with some exceptions), mercury and mercury compounds, cadmium and cadmium compounds, non-biodegradable plastics and other persistent materials, as well as "substances which have been agreed between the Contracting Parties as likely to be carcinogenic under the conditions of disposal." It also restricted and required a permit for the dumping of arsenic, lead, copper, zinc and their compounds, as well as cyanides, and fluorides, pesticides, containers, "tar-like substances", scrap metal, and "other bulky wastes."
The EPA rate PBO as a group C carcinogen in humans, possibly carcinogenic.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer places the use of tanning beds at the highest cancer risk category, describing them as carcinogenic to humans, if used as the manufacturer recommends.
The roots of "Eichhornia crassipes" naturally absorb pollutants, including lead, mercury, and strontium-90, as well as some organic compounds believed to be carcinogenic, in concentrations 10,000 times that in the surrounding water.
UV-A is known both to cause DNA damage and to be carcinogenic.
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