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Vocabulary Word

Word: caption

Definition: title; chapter heading; text under illustration

Sentences Containing 'caption'

"Skull was first," noted "The Times" in its caption, "but he chose Elihu."
(Many times, the scene cut to a pre-drawn panel of Spidey using his web-shooters, with the caption "Take that!") The theme song that plays at the beginning and end of the shorts was written by Gary William Friedman.
A photograph of Wilson appeared in newspapers in November 1933 with the following caption:"THIS 'ICEHOUSE' COOLS 'EM OFF: Here's St.
An amusing misprint in the caption of IBM's memo to the SHARE SOS Committee: It was intended to be "Whither SOS?" but the distributed copies said "Wither SOS".
Gurrey Business Art and Photo Supply Business logo and caption, circa 1915.
He has stated that he wrote, for the caption of his photograph, that the helicopter was taking evacuees off the roof of a CIA building in downtown Saigon (22 Gia Long Street).
Heinrich Hoffmann's popular biography "Hitler as Nobody Knows Him" (which sold nearly a half-million copies by 1938) featured this photo with the caption reading: "The F├╝hrer before the bust of the German philosopher whose ideas have fertilized two great popular movements: the National Socialist of Germany and the Fascist of Italy."
Later, in early January 2010, Game posted a picture of himself wearing several chains, all with the Aftermath Entertainment logo attached to them, with the caption reading "It's funny how things come Full Circle" to his own "Twitter" page, suggesting that he had returned to the record label: this was later officially confirmed.
On November 9, 2005, this newsletter is the first Chilean program (discarding the 2005 Presidential Debates and speeches of 11 and 12 March and 21 May) to incorporate the system caption closed caption ("CC") . In addition to the program does Teletarde.
Sathyamurthy under the caption Tribune of the people.
The British press continued to celebrate his victory over the Ottoman Empire by printing cartoons of Richard the Lionheart looking down on Jerusalem from the heavens with the caption reading "At last my dream has come true."
The caption indicates: The thing with the U-shaped cutout represents the folding wooden oarlock used.
The caption read: "For a well-balanced meal." Another example of his innovative marketing from 1965, was when the company advertised that it answered "to a higher authority."
The display caption tells us that "the only hero in this poignant story is humanity."
The same booklet later sold on eBay for a reported $1,400, signed by Alberta's Liberal Leader Kevin Taft, with the caption, "Policy on the fly".
TTY phones and closed caption TVs were used in the 1970s.

More Vocab Words

::: jubilation - rejoicing; great joy
::: millennium - thousand-year period (as in the New Testament); hoped-for period of happiness and prosperity
::: chameleon - lizard that changes color in different situations
::: resolution - determination; resoluteness; ADJ. resolute: firm or determined in purpose
::: solicitor - lawyer in the lower court of law
::: denotation - meaning; distinguishing by name; V. denote: indicate; refer to directly; mean; CF. connotation
::: gullible - easily deceived
::: skittish - inconstant; capricious; frivolous; not serious; Ex. charming but skittish young woman; CF. skit
::: relapse - return to a former state (esp. after improvement); N.
::: incandescent - strikingly bright; shining with intense heat; emitting visible light when heated; Ex. incandescent light bulb; CF. candle