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Vocabulary Word

Word: canto

Definition: division of a long poem

Sentences Containing 'canto'

After his final loss to Rodolfo Ortega on July 24, 1982, Canto retired from boxing for good.
Among the high-profile injured judokas that were unable to participate were Brazil's Flávio Canto, bronze medallist in the -81 kg category at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, who tore a ligament in his right elbow during the 2007 Pan American Games (during the event, Canto participated as a commentator for the Brazilian paid sports channel, Sportv); and Japan's Tadahiro Nomura, the three-time Olympic champion and heavy favorite in the -60 kg category was forced to withdraw only a few weeks before the event due to injury (his replacement was able to place 7th in the competition).
Bonitatibus has appeared in many bel canto operas and recordings.
By this time, Canto's name had become a household name all over Latin America, thanks in part to "Ring En Español", which gave Canto's fights much coverage.
Canto began his professional boxing career on February 5, 1969.
Canto defeated Oguma by a fifteen round decision to claim the WBC title and vacant "The Ring" title.
Canto eventually became a traveling world champion.
Canto lost his next fight, but a streak of seven undefeated fights (he went 5-0-2, with 2 knockouts during that streak), led him to fight Vicente Pool on May 27 of 1970, for the Yucatán state Flyweight title.
Canto once again retained the titles with a fifteen round decision.
Canto successfully defended his title 14 times, once by a TKO win, and the other 13 times by going the 15-round distance—a record that may never be broken, in this era of 12-round championship bouts.
Canto won his first professional belt when he outpointed Pool over twelve rounds.
Canto won six more fights, including two Mexican title defenses, and on January 8, 1975, he faced WBC world Flyweight champion Shoji Oguma in Sendai.
Canto's career took a downward spiral after that fight.
Contrary to many Mexican boxers, Canto was not a "slam-bang" type of boxer ("Slam-Bang" is a term that is used to describe boxers whose fights are usually action-packed; Mexican boxers are usually stereotyped as "slam-bangers").
Following that win, Canto faced Espinal for a third time and retained his title once again by a fifteen round decision.
He lost that day to Raul Hernandez, in Canto's hometown of Mérida, by a knockout in round three.
He published "Journey through Albania" (1813), "Historical Illustrations of the Fourth Canto of Childe Harold" (1818), and "Recollections of a Long Life" (1865), for private circulation, and he left in MS.
He won a scholarship to study bel canto in Italy, but never received the funds, so he remained in Cuba and studied theater with his sister, Soledad.
His dream of becoming a world champion finally realized, Canto was a busy champion, mixing several non-title bouts with his title defenses.
In 1816 he was with Byron after his separation from his wife, and contributed notes to the fourth canto of "Childe Harold", which was dedicated to him.
In 1978, Canto retained his title three times, including two rematches with Shoji Oguma, both of them held in Japan, and another fifteen round points win over Facomrom Vibonchai, in a fight held at Houston, Texas.
In August 2011, Van Canto announced on Facebook, that ReVamp would no longer participate in their "Out of the Dark" tour, as Jansen suffered a burnout herself.
In his 70th career fight, he lost to future world champion Gabriel Bernal. Canto avenged his loss to Bernal in his next fight, but lost the remaining three fights of his career by knockout.
In lines 52-72 of the tenth canto of Dante's "Inferno", the poet converses with Cavalcanti about his son, Guido, and depicts the dead father as a doting parent.
It was Canto's turn to travel to Vargas' hometown of Santiago, Chile, for their rematch, held on November 30 of the same year.
Lord Byron mentions Godoy in his Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Canto the First, XLVIII) where a Spanish "lusty muleteer... chants "Viva el Rey" / And check his song to execrate Godoy, / The royal wittol Charles..." etc. and in the note to these lines he explains that "it is to this man that the Spaniards universally impute the ruin of their country".
Lucha Reyes is the one who started what Hadad calls "canto bravío" in Mexico. Hadad stays in an interview in 1997 "traditionally women would sing the campirana song or bucolic songs with soft voices, with very high pitch.
Miguel Angel Canto Solis (born January 30, 1948 in Mérida, Yucatán) is a former world boxing champion from Mexico. Boxing life.
Murdoch, having written the 68th stanza in canto i. of Thomson's "Castle of Indolence," in which he portrayed the poet, Thomson gave the next stanza as descriptive of Murdoch, referring to him as 'a little, round, fat, oily man of God.'
On 3 June 2003 Lassalle stood up in the National Assembly during questions to Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy and sang the Occitan anthem "Se Canto" in protest at an announcement by Sarkozy concerning the housing of 23 gendarmes tasked with guarding the Somport tunnel, which links France with Spain through the Pyrenees.
One of the earliest references to the names "Montague" and "Capulet" is from Dante's "Divine Comedy", who mentions the Montecchi ("Montagues") and the Cappelletti ("Capulets") in canto six of Purgatorio: However, the reference is part of a polemic against the moral decay of Florence, Lombardy and the Italian Peninsula as a whole; Dante, through his characters, chastises the Roman-German King Albert I for neglecting his responsibilities towards Italy ("you who are negligent"), and successive Popes for their encroachment from purely spiritual affairs, thus leading to a climate of incessant bickering and warfare between rival political parties in Lombardy.
Sumi Jo (; born 22 November 1962) is a Grammy Award winning South Korean lyric coloratura soprano known for her interpretations of the bel canto repertoire.
The concerto shows the great influence of the Italian bel canto style, and especially Paganini's younger contemporary Gioachino Rossini Structure.
The event saw an early appearance of Ernesto Canto, Mexico, who the won the gold medal in the men's 20 kilometre walk event at the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, United States.
The final scene is one of the most dramatic and difficult in bel canto opera.
The last winners of this era were Jamie Whincup and Paul Dumbrell in 2012, in the second closest non-formation finish in Bathurst 1000 history, with David Reynolds and Dean Canto finishing 0.31 seconds behind the Triple Eight Race Engineering Commodore.
The Pia Come la Canto Io Tour was followed by over 60 concerts of the Giannabest Tour in 2008.
Their first album, "Quilapayún" was basically an Andean music album but they included songs of Ángel Parra, Víctor Jara and new compositions of Eduardo Carrasco such as "La Paloma" and "El canto del cuculi".
Then, he and Martin Vargas fought the first of their two bouts: on September 17, 1977, Canto outpointed Vargas in his hometown of Mérida.
Thereafter, the first award he won was the 1st place in the Festival del Canto y la Aloja in 1993 with the unreleased cueca "La fiesta de San Roque".
This recognition may have come from Spain's most influential author himself, Miguel de Cervantes, who in his "Canto a Calíope" (1583) celebrates the literature generated in Spain's American colonies, though he does not mention the Academia Antártica by name.
Three country wenches have aspiration to become bel canto virtuose with the help of an ignorant choirmaster (Don Bucefalo) and another would be singer (Don Marco), but things get complicated with the unexpected return of bragging soldier and jealous husband (Carlino).
Usurers are considered violent because, as Dante's Virgil explains in Canto XI, usurers sin against Art, and Art is the Grandchild of God.
``You hear Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti a man who ranks amongst the most ancient nobility of Italy, whose name Dante has celebrated in the tenth canto of`The Inferno,'you remember it, do you not?

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