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Vocabulary Word

Word: cantata

Definition: story set to music to be sung by a chorus (shorter than an oratorio)

Sentences Containing 'cantata'

--> The cantata was the first Christmas cantata composed for Leipzig.
85, is a cantata written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1939.
Alfred Heller, a friend and associate of Villa Lobos, made a modern digital recording of the complete uncut cantata (74 minutes) with soprano Renee Fleming, along the Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra.
Bach composed the cantata in his first year in Leipzig, for the Second Day of Christmas.
Bach composed the cantata in Leipzig for St.
Bach composed this chorale cantata in Leipzig in 1724.
Bach parodied the first movement of this cantata for the "" fugue in his 1738 "Missa in F major", BWV 233.
Bach wrote the chorale cantata in his second year in Leipzig for Sexagesimae and first performed it on 4 February 1725.
Bach's Cantata Libretti, Journal of the Royal Musical Association 1917 44(1):71-125; The chorale theme for movement 3 is "" (Zahn 2072), of unknown authorship.
Benjamin Britten wrote the cantata "Saint Nicolas" in 1948 for the centennial celebrations of Lancing College in Sussex.
Christian Friedrich Henrici (Picander), the librettist of the secular cantata BWV 30a, has been proposed as the author of the libretto for the church cantata.
Cramer's latest work includes the experimental films "Cantata in C Major", "Mugs", "Sixty in 60" and "Living Canvas".
Examples from more "progressive" composers include the first and third movements of the First Cantata, op.
For the festive occasion, the cantata is scored for three vocal soloists—alto, tenor and bass—a four-part choir, two horns (corno da caccia), two oboes, two violins, viola and basso continuo.
He wrote on the Amazon website that Villa-Lobos had completed work on the full cantata in December 1958.
His cantata "Der zufriedengestellte Autobus" (The contented bus) by "P.P. Bach", a parody of a Bach cantata, was given more than 40 times.
In 1955, Goldman composed his largest work thus far, a cantata entitled "The Golden Door", which was written to celebrate the Jewish Tercentenary (the 300th year of Jewish settlement in the United States).
In English it most commonly refers to a 17th- or 18th-century orchestral piece used as an introduction, interlude, or postlude to an opera, oratorio, cantata, or suite.
In the final movement of the cantata, Nicolas speaks to his impending death with joy, eagerness, and acceptance.
In this cantata, the first insertion is from a hymn that Bach would later use at the end of Part III of his Christmas Oratorio, sung to the earlier melody (1589) by an anonymous composer.
Lasting around 15 minutes, the cantata is in one continuous movement.
Many of his works evolved from a religious inspiration, including numerous pieces for a mixed choir and a men choir "a cappella", but also great cantata-oratorio forms ( Via Crucis, Missa Claramontana, few forms of Magnificat and Stabat Mater).
Now the cantata is frequently performed by youth and amateur ensembles.
Part I concludes with the cantata's only chorale.
Part II opens with the cantata's only recitativo accompagnato, for bass with oboes and continuo.
Regardless, this cantata, along with many other neglected political works (e.g. "Flourish, Mighty Land" and "The Meeting of the Volga and the Don"), contains much first-rate Prokofiev which deserves to be played more often.
Saint Nicolas is a cantata with music by Benjamin Britten and text by Eric Crozier, written in 1948.
Scowcroft considers his most important vocal items to be "The Songs from Nyasaland" (Opus 20), for voice and orchestra, published with piano accompaniment, and the cantata "A Pastoral Medley".
The cantata "Cactus tragicus", alluding to the title of Bach's Actus tragicus, premiered on 19 February 2004 in Klagenfurt.
The cantata consists of eight movements: Music.
The cantata ends in a blazing C major, a favourite key of Prokofiev (cf.
The cantata i six movemets is scored for alto, tenor, and bass soloists, a four-part choir, trumpet, two oboes, two violins, viola and basso continuo.
The cantata included 10 original pieces.
The cantata is based on the Martin Luther's chorale "", a paraphrase of Psalm 130.
The cantata is closed by "" (Jesu, take to Yourself Your members), the third four-part chorale, asking Jesus for further support in the new year.
The cantata opens with a sighing motif on trumpets, after which the strings play an expansive, flowing melody in C major.
The cantata premiered on 21 December 1939 in Moscow, conducted by Nikolai Golovanov.
The cantata text by an unknown author is not related to the martyrdom, but generally reflects Jesus as the conqueror of sin and the works of the devil.
The cantata was composed in Leipzig in or around 1738, based on a secular cantata, , composed in 1737 in Leipzig to celebrate the acquisition of the manor and estate at Wiederau by Johann Christian von Hennickes.
The choir performed the Dona Nobis Pacem cantata by Ralph Vaughan Williams in Carnegie Hall in early 2010 in New York City, and was invited to sing in the London Festival of Music in 2012.
The fourth movement of the cantata depicts a sea voyage bringing Nicolas to Palestine.
The result are seven stanzas: The unknown poet of the cantata text kept stanzas 1, 3, 6 and 7 unchanged, expanding 3 by recitative, and reworded 2, 4 and 5 for the respective movements of the cantata.
The text to the cantata was written by famed radio biographer Norman Corwin.
The United Artists recording used about 46 minutes of the cantata.
This is unusual; many of Bach's cantatas include only one chorale stanza for a conclusion, and the cantata performed a day before, , an early work composed in Weimar, had contained no chorale at all.
This means that it was performed only two days after the cantata , for the Purification of Mary on 2 February.
This movement is the most traditionally tonal of the entire cantata; D-Major is strongly established in the chorus’ homophonic texture.
Unhappy with the way his music had been used, Villa Lobos edited his full score into a cantata, "Forest of the Amazon (Floresta do Amazonas)".
What had been an earlier Cantata for alto and orchestra ultimately became his First Symphony in 1955.
While in Cleveland, Goldman composed a cantata entitled "Al Nahros Bovel" (“By The Waters Of Babylon).” Based on the 137th Psalm, the piece was one of many Goldman works which were rooted in the bible.

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