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Vocabulary Word

Word: cameo

Definition: shell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearance in a minor role in a film

Sentences Containing 'cameo'

"Gonzaga Cameo" Ptolemy II and Arsinoë II.
"The Fox and the Crow" were going to have a cameo in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" but were dropped for reasons unknown.
"The head of Flora Cameo" – Benedetto Pistrucci.
AD 1812 In this cameo the top red-brown layer has been carved into roses.
Also, he played a cameo as himself in the film "Fashion".
Alyx makes cameo appearances in several of Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories.
Ann Hui has appeared mostly in cameo in several films:
Cameo appearances are made by Allen Iverson, Shareefa, Bobby Valentino, Lil Fate.
Cast. Director William Lustig makes a cameo appearance as a Motel Manager.
Da Cameo King is the first mixtape in the Cameo King Mixtape series from the rapper Termanology.
Drake and Chrisette Michele are featured in the video as well as a cameo from rapper Birdman.
Formichetti also makes a cameo in this video too.
Franchot Tone and Billingsley had cameo roles in the television drama.
Glass cameo vessels, such as the famous Portland Vase, were also developed by the Romans.
Great Cameo of France – Roman, circa 23 A.D. Sardonyx.
He also appeared in a cameo in their film, "Where is the Chesterfield King?"
He made a brief cameo as himself in an episode of "".
He makes a cameo as a soldier in "", implying that he is on the American side.
Hilary returns in a cameo appearance during Annalise Hartman's (Kimberley Davies) documentary.
However many engraved gems were carved in cameo or normal relief.
I shall compliment Mademoiselle Danglars on her cameo, while the father talks to you.''
In 2002, Pickens had a cameo appearance as the male zoo doctor in the film "Red Dragon".
In 2010, King appeared on the FX television show "Sons of Anarchy" in a cameo role.
In 2012, he had a cameo role in the Belgian drama film "Kinshasa Kids".
In other novels, Devlin has made cameo appearances as a mentor to Sean Dillon and Martin Brosnan.
In the first Darkwing Duck comic story from Kaboom!, Gadget makes a cameo gag.
It is the only Sib Tower 12 Tom and Jerry cartoon that features Spike Droopy(cameo).
Its most notable cameo glass dated from the 1880s when the studio was under the direction of John Northwood.
Lorraine Warren was a consultant to the production and appeared in a cameo role in the film.
Mac Con Iomaire also had a cameo in the movie as a violinist auditioning for the band.
Members of the R group Full Force also make a cameo in the film as bodyguards.
Neil made a video for the song that featured a cameo by Pauly Shore.
One of the episodes even featured a cameo from Luger himself.
Portland Vase, the best known piece of cameo glass.
Ptolemaic double cameo-Hellenistic, 278–270/269 B. C. Eleven-layered onyx; Blacas Cameo -Roman, about AD 20-50.
Recently in 2009, Fleet appeared in a cameo role in the third series of "Skins".
Satan makes a cameo on the end of the current opening.
She made a cameo appearance as herself on NBC's series "The Event" in the episode titled "Your World to Take."
She made a cameo appearance in the 2006 film "Akeelah and the Bee".
Sideshow Bob makes a cameo appearance at the end.
T.I., Birdman, Cedric The Entertainer make cameo appearances in the video.
Television hosts Jillian Reynolds and Jimmy Kimmel cameo as themselves.
The film features a number of cameo appearances.
The game featured a cameo by the titular character from the Horace series of games.
The master is often hand carved by a skilled cameo artist. The result is a cameo that has a satin surface texture described as "freshly fallen snow" (FFS) by Anna Miller.
The most famous example of a cameo from the early period is the Portland Vase.
The world center for cameo carving in shell is Torre del Greco, Italy.
They also had a cameo role in the 2006 film "Scary Movie 4".
Walken and Jaffe did the casting for "Basquiat", in which Christopher Walken has a cameo appearance.
Whannell has a featured cameo, reprising his role as Adam.

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