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Vocabulary Word

Word: cadaver

Definition: corpse; dead human body

Sentences Containing 'cadaver'

Of his early London years, he writes, "We played for a tiny audience, on a stage the size of a cadaver, but we played well, with a drunkenness of happiness."
On August 10, 2010, Waking The Cadaver released their second full length album titled as "Beyond Cops.
She would encounter opposition to her career as both a student and a professional by conservatives; objections included the broader concept of allowing women to pursue a career, as well as more petty ones such as that a woman should not examine a cadaver.
The corpse of Pope Formosus was actually disinterred, placed on trial (see Cadaver Synod), found guilty, and ultimately thrown into the River Tiber.
The nematodes eat the cadaver and produce another generation of infective juveniles which move off through the soil in search of new slug hosts.
The operation was carried out by Sir Harold Gillies, widely considered the father of plastic surgery, with the assistance of American surgeon Ralph Millard. Gillies had previously operated on Michael Dillon, but vaginoplasty was then an entirely novel procedure, which Gillies had only previously performed experimentally on a cadaver.
There is some overlap, as in the case of human remains detection dogs (sometimes called cadaver dogs), trained to detect human remains.
They released their self-titled two song demo "Waking the Cadaver" in 2006 with two tracks which are "Chased Through the Woods by a Rapist" and "Blood Splattered Satisfication".
Waking the Cadaver is an American death metal band from Shore Points, New Jersey and they formed in January 2006.
Waking the Cadaver supported tours for death metal bands such as Napalm Death and Immolation.
Women later identified him as the man cruising in the Cadillac, and cadaver dogs signaled the possibility of dead remains having been present in the Cadillac.

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