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Vocabulary Word

Word: cache

Definition: hiding place; V.

Sentences Containing 'cache'

"Police searching Avril's house found military uniforms, illegal police radios and a cache of weapons."
"The military base was underground and literally right next door to a huge cache of atomic weapons."
A large Real IRA explosives dump and arms cache were discovered in Dunleer, County Louth, by Gardaí in October 2010, following a weekend of searches and arrests in the east of the country.
A major problem with this design is poor cache locality caused by the hash function.
A map describing the location of an arms cache was found in his house.
A portion of the RAM is used to hold the iPod OS loaded from firmware, but the majority of it serves to cache songs from the storage medium.
Access to the cache is fully pipelined, yielding a sustainable bandwidth of 16 GB/s at 1.0 GHz.
Additional contexts could be handled by treating the segment map as a context cache and replacing out-of-date contexts on a least-recently used basis.
An associative cache of PTEs is called a translation lookaside buffer (TLB) and is used to avoid the necessity of accessing the main memory every time a virtual address is mapped.
By default, flashcache caches all full blocksize IOs, but can be configured to only cache random IO whilst ignoring sequential IO.
ccache is a software development tool that caches the output of C/C++ compilation so that the next time, the same compilation can be avoided and the results can be taken from the cache.
Data structure of the cache is a set-associative hash table, where the cache is divided up into a number of fixed size sets (buckets), using linear probing within a set to find blocks.
Each memory controller has a cache coherence engine.
F. Burton Howard was born in Logan, Cache County, Utah.
Flashcache is a disk cache component of the Linux kernel, initially developed by Facebook since April 2010, and released as open source in 2011.
He made his cinematic acting debut at the age of twelve, playing Antoine in the 1994 film "Cache cash", directed by Claude Pinoteau.
If a person revisits a page, the second request will often be retrieved from the browser's cache, and so no request will be received by the web server.
Indeed, Cooper was not entirely engaged in the educational mission of King's, possessing a larger cache of alcoholic beverages than books, and more frequently engaging in the urban life of New York.
It failed principally because the cache of weapons which had been hidden on the outskirts of Cairo was found to be defective.
It is connected to the cache controller by a 128-bit data path.
It takes in the right tributary Mulock Creek, enters Master Township, passes over the Cache Rapids, and reaches the Squirrel Depot picnic area and the Squirrel Rapids.
It then heads northward, and begins to curve northwest over the Cache la Poudre River and into Windsor.
On the 16th, while taking on gasoline from "Cache" (AO-67), the aviation gasoline tanks were damaged, and she was forced to return to Guam for repairs.
On the same day Hunt himself climbed to with Da Namgyal Sherpa to leave a cache of equipment on the Southeast Ridge for the second summit party.
Only forty cache weapons were created, and though Clavain and Remontoire speculated on creating more by reverse-engineering the technology, this never occurs in the novels.
Portions of instruction and data L1 SRAM can be optionally configured as cache (independently).
Some of the food is eaten immediately while the remainder is stored (often building a seed cache of considerable size) in several chambers within the burrow system.
The Alpha 21364 uses a directory cache coherence scheme where part of the memory is used to store Modified, Exclusive, Shared, Invalid (MESI) coherency data.
The Alpha 21364 was an Alpha 21264 with a 1.75 MB on-die secondary cache, two integrated memory controllers and an integrated network controller.
The cache is protected by single-bit error correction, double-bit error detection (SECDED) error-correcting code (ECC).
The Cache Weapons, also known as "Hell Class" weapons, first appeared in "Revelation Space" but were built by the Conjoiners some time before the events when that novel begin.
The cheek pouch is utilized as a portable cache for food while foraging.
The CPUs have 3 MB of L2 cache and run at a 800 MHz Front Side Bus.
The device mapper layer breaks up all I/O requests into blocksize chunks before passing the requests to the cache layer.
The grant, west of Woodland, extended 2 leagues along both sides of Rio de Jesús María, now known as Cache Creek.
The high latency of the Scache permitted the cache tags be looked up first to determine if the Scache contained the requested data and in which bank it was located in before powering up the Scache bank and accessing it.
The kernel includes a name resolver, and manages a local cache of routes to previously resolved names.
The L1 instruction cache was said to hold decoded instructions, essentially the same as Intel's trace cache.
The lands are presently included in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.
The secondary cache (termed "Scache") is a unified cache with a capacity of 1.75 MB.
The time required for data requested from the cache to when it can be used is 12 cycles.
The total memory bandwidth of the eight channels is 12.8 GB/s. Cache coherence is provided by the memory controllers.
The Voyager architecture used a high overhead directory based cache cohererency scheme.
The Weapons Cache Case was followed closely until the ACC determined that the case was purely a military operation.
They can then be read online, or downloaded to a cache for offline reading.
They seem, however, to be fundamentally able to make their own choices about whether or not to fire and whom to target, being able to override the pacification codes the Conjoiners programmed into them (Cache Weapon Seventeen, given its Gamma-level personality, was only ever convinced to fire, no other cache weapon was listed) The power and nature of the weapons varies, and is not fully understood in all cases.
To the south, Mixup Arm leads to Mixup Peak and Magic Mountain, as well as to Cache Col, making Cascade Pass the start of the high-level Ptarmigan Traverse.
Using flash memory (NAND memory devices) for caching allows Linux kernel to service random disk IO with better performance than without the cache.
When a write request happens, the corresponding cache block is marked dirty; dirty cache blocks are written lazily to disk in the background.
WSGI also has more direct Diazo support: the "DiazoMiddleware" filter will compile and cache Diazo themes on the fly.

More Vocab Words

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::: apprehensive - fearful; discerning
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