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Vocabulary Word

Word: bureaucracy

Definition: overregulated administrative system marked by red tape; ADJ. bureaucratic

Sentences Containing 'bureaucracy'

"No bureaucracy, no mother-may-I, no convening meetings.
A close companion of Theodore Roosevelt, in 1906 he accepted then President Roosevelt's offer to help oversee the United States Civil Service Commission, during which he enacted numerous reforms that streamlined the federal bureaucracy.
After 14 years of fundraising, planning and dealing with bureaucracy, the memorial was dedicated at Liberty Station.
After the high overhead of government - the military, the bureaucracy, whatever the satraps could safely dip into the coffers for themselves - this money went into the royal treasury.
At the same time, Beauty is exposed to the bureaucracy of the welfare state and the futility of its endeavours to help those in need.
At the same time, his luxurious lifestyle - which included meals with over a hundred dishes, and a palanquin carried by 32 men - exposed him to charges of hypocrisy even as he imposed austerity measures on the rest of the bureaucracy.
At the same time, laws were instituted from 1573 onwards to tighten monitoring and assessment of officials, in an attempt to restore discipline to an increasingly corrupt bureaucracy.
Bureaucracy is most commonly attributed to Max Weber.
By 1927 the TUC had the making of a trade union bureaucracy similar to the civil service.
During Kunaev's long reign, Kazakhs occupied prominent positions in the bureaucracy, economy and educational institutions.
Earlier in the 1990s, Congo's major employer was the state bureaucracy, which had a payroll of 80,000, which is enormous for a country of Congo's size.
Following the fall of the Hungarian revolution, Kun emigrated to the Soviet Union, where he worked as a functionary in the Communist International bureaucracy.
For more than three decades, the municipalities and commune panchayats were manned by the bureaucracy.
Government policies and legislations were all dominated by the bureaucracy, led by the Governor, with the executive and legislative councils, all of whose members were appointed by the Governor.
He had previously endorsed an activist role for government, but after 1924 his rhetoric increasingly attacked the "federal bureaucracy" and "big government."
He has sex with her and manages the situation well, and with the help of Vimala who happens to be the relative of revenue minister Pattam Raveendran, climbs the ladder of bureaucracy in a rather speedy way.
His doctoral dissertation examined "The dilemma of citizen action: representation and bureaucracy in local health politics."
His need to concentrate upon finding the means for daily subsistence, in turn, adversely affects his ability to seek redress from the welfare bureaucracy.
However, this system presented substantial costs to the government while generating increasing criticism from the public and media citing a sluggish bureaucracy and poor services from unprofessional government workers.
However, while many of the police do exhibit altruistic qualities, many officers portrayed on the show are incompetent, brutal, self-aggrandizing, or hamstrung by bureaucracy and politics.
In 2007 a new chairman of the MPRP was elected who sought to "uproot corruption and bureaucracy".
In addition, one of Gore's major works as Vice President was the "National Performance Review", which pointed out waste, fraud, and other abuse in the federal government and stressed the need for cutting the size of the bureaucracy and the number of regulations.
In April 2012 Gaba and the General Union signed an agreement in which both sides withdrew their pending cases in the courts and government bureaucracy.
In chronological order they are: the illegal drug trade, the seaport system, the city government and bureaucracy, the school system, and the print news media.
It introduced wide ranging measures aiming to cut government expenditure and bureaucracy.
Jews were represented in the Iraqi parliament, and many Jews held significant positions in the bureaucracy, which often led to resentment by the Muslim population.
Kovel believes that the forms of 'actually existing socialism' consisted of "public ownership of the means of production", rather than meeting "the true definition" of socialism as "a free association of producers", with the Party-State bureaucracy acting as the "alienating substitute 'public'".
Meanwhile the men discuss a variety of topics, such as yoghurt, lamb chops, urination, family, spouses, ex-wives, death, suicide, hierarchy, bureaucracy, ethics, and their jobs.
Netanyahu said Peres had told him the European and U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority had established a "bloated bureaucracy, with PA employees looking to the international community to meet their payroll".
Over the next few years the two brothers began to lose the confidence of the people, and although the government bureaucracy continued to function, the stability of the provinces declined as rival factions opposed each other.
Perrow argues that all organizations can be understood in terms of bureaucracy and that organizational failures are more often a result of insufficient application of bureaucratic principals.
Relatively few institutions award Bachelor of Divinity degrees today, and the distinction between institutions which do award such degrees and those which award B.A. degrees for theological subjects is usually one of university bureaucracy, rather than curriculum.
Samsung manages the legal world, the press, the academics and bureaucracy”.
She later accused the board of spending money on unrequired bureaucracy instead of animal welfare.
Since he has no proper official records, however, this proves to be highly difficult, and the constrictions and loop-holes of bureaucracy provide no help in resolving the matter.
Sweden now built the first modern army in Europe, supported by a sophisticated tax system and government bureaucracy.
The "kalfa"s did all the paperwork in the Ottoman bureaucracy.
The aims of his economic policies included securing the revenue required to finance a reliable state apparatus (bureaucracy and military) and avoiding a loss of territory by pledges.
The applications, still making their way through the bureaucracy, were later withdrawn by the GU as part of an agreement signed with Gaba.
The historical bureaucracy was necessitated by the nature of colonial rule.
The ministries and departments were important parts of the Ottoman bureaucracy.
The most sinicized of the oasis states, Karakhoja had adopted Chinese script as its official script, the Chinese classics as a subject for study, and an imperial bureaucracy.
The participation of the locals lent legitimacy to the petition, and the participation of knowledgeable and connected outsiders helped move the request through the bureaucracy.
The Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law had assumed the continuity of a bureaucracy-led government to preserve continuity of the government machine.
This left Zhang as the sole Grand Secretary, in effect controlling the entire Ming bureaucracy during the first ten years of the Wanli era.
This results in excessive school administration bureaucracy and not enough course diversity.
Washington's population remained relatively stable until the Great Depression in the 1930s, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal legislation expanded the bureaucracy in Washington.
Weber argued that bureaucracy was the application of rational-legal authority to the organisation of work: through the application of rationality, bureaucracy was the most technically efficient form of organisation.
When Waldo receives a call offering a free Hawaiian vacation, he makes taking the trip his goal, but his efforts are repeatedly thwarted by bureaucracy.
Zhang Juzheng was embroiled in deep political turmoil from the start of his career, owing to the factionalism prevalent in the Ming bureaucracy at the time.

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