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Vocabulary Word

Word: buoyant

Definition: able to float; cheerful and optimistic; N. buoyancy; Ex. buoyancy of wood/water/American market

Sentences Containing 'buoyant'

A convergent front may accumulate buoyant material such as marine debris and sargassum which moves to the front with the water masses, but then resists the downward flow of the water.
Although the trading position was buoyant in the mid-1840s, as railways developed and improved their own services, the canal lost traffic heavily as the years passed.
But there are instances where, after the lapse of many hours or several days, the sunken whale again rises, more buoyant than in life.
Convergent fronts sometimes support local marine communities by aggregating buoyant organisms in this manner.
CURV-III had a functional design capable of operations at . It had an open metal frame that was by by , weighed approximately , and was slightly buoyant in water.
For young whales, in the highest health, and swelling with noble aspirations, prematurely cut off in the warm flush and May of life, with all their panting lard about them; even these brawny, buoyant heroes do sometimes sink.
If samples are centrifuged long enough, the particles in the vessel will reach equilibrium wherein the particles accumulate specifically at a point in the vessel where their buoyant density is balanced with centrifugal force.
If the only whales that thus sank were old, meagre, and broken-hearted creatures, their pads of lard diminished and all their bones heavy and rheumatic; then you might with some reason assert that this sinking is caused by an uncommon specific gravity in the fish so sinking, consequent upon this absence of buoyant matter in him.
In modern parlance a ship has been any large buoyant watercraft. Ships are generally distinguished from boats based on size, shape and cargo or passenger capacity.
Rather than jump into the swimming pool as planned as chimps hate water (Chimps, lacking buoyant body fat, sink like rocks in water), Arturo "hauled ass" into Penn's house.
Robert L. Doerschuk of Allmusic declares that the album—aside from the track "Say Goodbye"—"maintains a buoyant and unsubtle approach".
RS Murthi of "New Straits Times" writes that Cole's "rough-hewn vocals...provide a fine contrast to the smooth and buoyant music" and it "bristles with chiming guitars and dulcet synthesizer textures".
The sea otter's body is highly buoyant because of its large lung capacity – about 2.5 times greater than that of similar-sized land mammals – and the air trapped in its fur.
The strange, upheaving, lifting tendency of the taffrail breeze filling the hollows of so many sails, made the buoyant, hovering deck to feel like air beneath the feet; while still she rushed along, as if two antagonistic influences were struggling in her--one to mount direct to heaven, the other to drive yawingly to some horizontal goal.
Then, again, it would never do in plain sight of the world's riveted eyes, it would never do, I say, for this straddling captain to be seen steadying himself the slightest particle by catching hold of anything with his hands; indeed, as token of his entire, buoyant self-command, he generally carries his hands in his trowsers' pockets; but perhaps being generally very large, heavy hands, he carries them there for ballast.
There is ample evidence that ichthyosaurs were negatively buoyant.
This piece remains typical of barcarolle form by using the buoyant flow of a 6/8 time signature.
Though apparently the most massive, it is by far the most buoyant part about him.
Unerringly impelling this dead, impregnable, uninjurable wall, and this most buoyant thing within; there swims behind it all a mass of tremendous life, only to be adequately estimated as piled wood is--by the cord; and all obedient to one volition, as the smallest insect.

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