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Vocabulary Word

Word: brood

Definition: sit on in order to hatch; think deeply or worry anxiously; N: the young of certain animals; group of young birds hatched at one time

Sentences Containing 'brood'

"B. rostrata" forms colonies of between a dozen and several hundred insects, where the females each construct a tube up to 20 cm long containing a single brood cell.
"Donsiella" are tiny copepods that inhabit the brood pouch and body of Limnoriidae.
A special department of state looked after his brood mares and stallions.
After the first brood of workers is ready, they take over the running of the fledgling colony and the queen becomes strictly an egg-laying machine.
Among these terrors, and the brood belonging to them, the Doctor walked with a steady head: confident in his power, cautiously persistent in his end, never doubting that he would save Lucie's husband at last.
An elite Malazan military unit, the Bridgeburners, is the focus for this storyline, although as it proceeds their erstwhile enemies, the Tiste Andii led by Anomander Rake and the mercenaries commanded by Warlord Caladan Brood, also become prominent.
And in this same last or shoe, that old woman of the nursery tale, with the swarming brood, might very comfortably be lodged, she and all her progeny.
Females lay their eggs directly into the brood chamber, and the young will develop there, undergoing several moults before emerging as miniature adults referred to as mancae.
Gerald Santos was born on May 15, 1991 in Navotas City, Metro Manila. Born in an average family in Navotas, he is the 2nd child in a brood of 5 His parents both worked in Navotas fishport and were earning just enough to support gthe whole family.
He was also one of the bucolic brood in the Ma and Pa Kettle series that was introduced with the classic "The Egg and I".
If a second brood is attempted later in the summer these are usually smaller and less likely to be successful.
If I don't brood over all I want, it is the better for me, and not the worse for anyone.
Niall Rankin, who led an expedition to South Georgia after the Second World War, said: ”I never discovered a nest with eggs, but found two ducklings on Albatross Island, about two days old, on December 18th, also another brood about a week old on March 11th.
Samsung operating many sports clubs, football club Suwon Samsung Bluewings, baseball club Samsung Lions, basketball club Seoul Samsung Thunders, volleyball club Daejeon Samsung Fire Bluefangs and etc. Samsung also sponsors a former Starcraft Brood War and current Starcraft II Professional Gaming Team named Samsung Khan.
Several of this cursed brood, getting hold of the branches behind, leaped up into the tree, whence they began to discharge their excrements on my head; however, I escaped pretty well by sticking close to the stem of the tree, but was almost stifled with the filth, which fell about me on every side.
Some species are specialized thief ants that prey on the brood of larger species.
The first hatchling would prove to be the strongest of the brood as it thoughtlessly proceeded to "devour" its nested siblings.
The less well-known "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier" (1944) is "a warm, sentimental little tale about an impoverished, parentless brood who have their hearts set on entertaining a service man."
The marsupium or brood pouch, is a characteristic feature of Peracarida, including the orders Amphipoda, Isopoda and Cumacea.
The pied kingfisher sometimes reproduces co-operatively, with young non-breeding birds from an earlier brood assisting parents or even unrelated older birds.
The question to be debated was, “whether the _Yahoos_ should be exterminated from the face of the earth?” One of the members for the affirmative offered several arguments of great strength and weight, alleging, “that as the _Yahoos_ were the most filthy, noisome, and deformed animals which nature ever produced, so they were the most restive and indocible, mischievous and malicious; they would privately suck the teats of the _Houyhnhnms’_ cows, kill and devour their cats, trample down their oats and grass, if they were not continually watched, and commit a thousand other extravagancies.” He took notice of a general tradition, “that _Yahoos_ had not been always in their country; but that many ages ago, two of these brutes appeared together upon a mountain; whether produced by the heat of the sun upon corrupted mud and slime, or from the ooze and froth of the sea, was never known; that these _Yahoos_ engendered, and their brood, in a short time, grew so numerous as to overrun and infest the whole nation; that the _Houyhnhnms_, to get rid of this evil, made a general hunting, and at last enclosed the whole herd; and destroying the elder, every _Houyhnhnm_ kept two young ones in a kennel, and brought them to such a degree of tameness, as an animal, so savage by nature, can be capable of acquiring, using them for draught and carriage; that there seemed to be much truth in this tradition, and that those creatures could not be _yinhniamshy_ (or _aborigines_ of the land), because of the violent hatred the _Houyhnhnms_, as well as all other animals, bore them, which, although their evil disposition sufficiently deserved, could never have arrived at so high a degree if they had been _aborigines_, or else they would have long since been rooted out; that the inhabitants, taking a fancy to use the service of the _Yahoos_, had, very imprudently, neglected to cultivate the breed of asses, which are a comely animal, easily kept, more tame and orderly, without any offensive smell, strong enough for labour, although they yield to the other in agility of body, and if their braying be no agreeable sound, it is far preferable to the horrible howlings of the _Yahoos_.” Several others declared their sentiments to the same purpose, when my master proposed an expedient to the assembly, whereof he had indeed borrowed the hint from me.
The single brood of three to six eggs, coloured olive-green to dark brown, measure 55 x 37 mm and weigh 39 g each (of which 6% is shell).
The vast swells of the omnipotent sea; the surging, hollow roar they made, as they rolled along the eight gunwales, like gigantic bowls in a boundless bowling-green; the brief suspended agony of the boat, as it would tip for an instant on the knife-like edge of the sharper waves, that almost seemed threatening to cut it in two; the sudden profound dip into the watery glens and hollows; the keen spurrings and goadings to gain the top of the opposite hill; the headlong, sled-like slide down its other side;--all these, with the cries of the headsmen and harpooneers, and the shuddering gasps of the oarsmen, with the wondrous sight of the ivory Pequod bearing down upon her boats with outstretched sails, like a wild hen after her screaming brood;--all this was thrilling.
There are 1–2 generations per year, and the females brood the eggs inside their brood pouch or "marsupium".
Therefore, while Greenland and Spitsbergen offer suitable breeding sites, the arctic regions have summers that are too short to allow the northern gannets to lay their eggs and raise a brood, which required between 26 and 30 weeks.
They are all brood parasites that lay one egg in a nest of another species, laying eggs in series of about five during five to seven days.
``Ah,''said the jailer,``do not always brood over what is impossible, or you will be mad in a fortnight.''

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