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Vocabulary Word

Word: breed

Definition: produce young; rear; bring up; produce (an undesirable condition); N: kind or sort of animal or plant

Sentences Containing 'breed'

A blue variety of this breed was accepted in 1933.
A breed standard and a herd book were worked out.
A few people have tried to compete with another breed but they were never successful."
Adults breed in the late spring and early summer.
Adults can breed again after a few weeks.
Alice questions them of their breed which they reply, as they finish each other's sentences "We're Siamese--".
As suggested by its name in French, the breed is piebald, black and pink.
Braunes Bergschaf, a rare breed of domesticated sheep, is raised there.
But when a breed has been crossed only once by some other breed, the offspring occasionally show for many generations a tendency to revert in character to the foreign breed--some say, for a dozen or even a score of generations.
GCDHA treats the Drum as a breed and maintains a studbook for it.
However, it is now considered a breed with multiple worldwide breed associations dedicated to it.
In 2000, an association was founded to preserve the breed.
In Nainital they are said to breed in June and July.
It is a non-shedding breed with low dander.
James's Church; the village pub is named after him and his breed of terrier.
Luckily, these are still relatively uncommon in the breed.
Marmots breed soon after emergence from hibernation.
One would not imagine that jokers of this robust breed would be sensitive but they were.
Rare breed (dog) is any breed of dog that is small in number.
The aim was to breed a larger, more powerful dog.
The breed is known to be hardy and an easy keeper.
The breed is nowadays most common in Estonia.
The breed is often chestnut in color, and is strong and muscular.
The breed is strong and is resistant against sickness.
The Coton de Tuléar is a breed of small dog.
The Coton is a playful, affectionate, intelligent breed.
The Coton is in general a healthy breed.
The horse was of Hungarian breed, and ambled along at an easy pace.
The Icelandic horse is a breed of horse developed in Iceland.
The is a breed of dog of Japanese origin that is considered rare.
The Karakachan dog is a very ancient breed of livestock guarding dog.
The Karakachan horse was the most consolidated breed from all the local primitive horses.
The newly documented breed is then referred to as a "rare breed" as long as the number of dogs of the breed remain small.
The origins of the breed appear to be Irish, and the name Connors appears prominently in the breed history.
The Phu Quoc is an intelligent and curious breed that loves to learn.
The rare breed Glamorgan cattle are raised on the estate.
The Silver Marten is a breed of domestic rabbit.
The small gene pool of this breed is owing to its near extinction.
The smaller the gene pool, the more likely a breed is to have genetic abnormalities.
There are other factors which threaten the breed.
There are several subtypes of the Breton breed.
These do not identify the breed of goose.
These were known as the Half-Breed Tracts.
They wanted the school to be known throughout the world as the best of the breed.
They were seen to breed on the bamboo "Dinochloa andamanica" Kurz.
This breed is raised primarily for meat and vegetation management.
This breed originated in the second half of the nineteenth century.
This horse breed has been used in military, draft and agricultural capacities.
Tracing the history of the breed presents difficulties.
With further imports through the 1800s the breed spread across the whole country.

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