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Vocabulary Word

Word: bourgeois

Definition: middle class; selfishly materialistic; too interested in material possessions

Sentences Containing 'bourgeois'

"Bourgeois society wants art to be another factor contributing to social alienation, we artists should transform it into a revolutionary weapon, until the contradiction that actually exists between art and society finally comes to pass."
According to the author, the protagonist is a questing knight, the "pure fool" looking for the Holy Grail in the tradition of Parzival. However, he remains pale and mediocre, representing a German bourgeois that is torn between conflicting influences – capable of the highest humanistic ideals, yet at the same time prone to both stubborn philistinism and radical ideologies.
Art historian Jean Sutherland Boggs describes him as a history painter "in a pious Christian tradition", and likens his "correct, moral, bourgeois, and even sanctimonious portraits" to those of Flandrin, whom Lamothe assisted in the decoration of the church of St-Martin-d'Ainay in 1855.
As such, the English-educated class born after 1965 do not speak the Queen's English any more, nor do they hold the "Channel 5 accent" as a standard, reverting between the prestige variant of the countries they received schooling in, and the bourgeois patois for familiarity.
Between 1813 and 1816, Bernhard Greuter, who had established a branch factory of the "Islikoner Textilfärberei" (Islikon textile dyeing factory) in Frauenfeld in 1805, had the moat filled in and created the promenade - a symbol of the establishment of a bourgeois public place in town.
Bourgeois families came to study the flippant manners of their superiors.
Boyd as consultant has brought in works by artisan friends Andres Serrano, Douglas Bourgeois, Taylor Mead, Billy Name, Derek Boshier and Al Jaffee.
Critics consider neoconservatism a bellicose and "heroic" ideology opposed to "mercantile" and "bourgeois" virtues and therefore "a variant of anti-economic thought."
Dadaism, for instance, was seized upon by the group as appropriate for their anti-aesthetic creations and protest activities, which were engendered by disgust for bourgeois values and despair over World War I. Another example of this is John Hartfield's usage of photomontage to express his anti-Nazi views.
Deng Xiaoping, after two straight weeks of student demonstrations, came to the conclusion that the student movement was a result of "bourgeois liberalization", and named three Communist Party members to be expelled: Fang Lizhi, Liu Binyan, and Wang Ruowang.
Disillusioned with both bourgeois democracy and communism, he devoted the last years of his life to the formulation of an alternative philosophy which he called "Radical Humanism" and of which he wrote a detailed exposition in "Reason, Romanticism and Revolution".
He had exchanged his moderate republicanism for radical views before he became War Minister in the cabinet of Léon Bourgeois (November 1, 1895 to April 29, 1896).
He paid short visits to Rome and to Switzerland, and exhibited in the Salon of 1831 a painting then called "Les Bourgeois Flamands" ("Dutch Burghers"), but also known as "The Visit to the Burgomaster", subsequently purchased by Sir Richard Wallace, in whose collection (at Hertford House, London) it is, with fifteen other examples of this painter.
He rejoined the Communist Party 1979, but in 1987 he was again expelled by Deng Xiaoping for promoting "bourgeois liberalization".
He showed off his talents as a violinist, conductor and theatre director, and was a member of the Concert bourgeois.
Her Bradford, Ontario team of Trisha Bourgeois, Lindsay Osborne, Megan Balsdon won the Ontario junior women's championship in 2001.
His ethics are those of bourgeois values and labor.
In 1939 he supported the merger between the workers' and bourgeois sports organizations, in order to create a unity front against fascism.
In a polemic, he described his main differences with the Trotskyists as being "on revolutionary defeatism, on support for left-bourgeois governments, on support for third capitalist parties".
It attacked Catholicism and orthodox Protestantism but was initially politically moderate, taking the line that Prussia was the embodiment of historical reason, which required that it evolve by peaceful reform towards a bourgeois egalitarian state with a constitutional monarchy, Protestant religion (though without a dominating state church) and freedom of speech.
It has stayed opposed to the Social Democrats ever since, often as the largest or second-largest party of the opposition block (called "the non-socialists" or "de borgerliga", approximately "the bourgeois"), but often equally critical towards parties on the right.
It is like that Turkish phrase of Moliere's that so astonished the bourgeois gentleman by the number of things implied in its utterance.
Jeanne Mance was born into a bourgeois family in Langres, in Haute-Marne, France.
Jędrzej Kitowicz (1727 or 1728 – 3 April 1804) was a Polish historian and diarist. According to Roman Pollak, a historian of Polish literature, Kitowicz was born into a bourgeois family in Wielkopolska, and was later employed in the service of wealthy priests.
Meissonier became known as the "French Metsu", a reference to the seventeenth-century Dutch painter Gabriel Metsu, who specialised in miniature scenes of bourgeois domestic life; "grandiose history paintings did not sell as readily as smaller canvases such as landscapes or portraits, which fitted more easily onto the walls of Paris apartments".
Nietzsche was an unabashed "radical aristocrat" who admired archaic Homeric individualism, the Viking warlords who became the Normans who sublimated their warlike energy into administrating Europe, personally from childhood was enmeshed in the feudal, martial element remaining in bourgeois culture; and Nietzsche's disavowal and irreverence for the Imperial Germany of his time was solely due to it policy of compromising with the "anarchist-socialist dogs", making concessions to democratic and socialistic demands Nietzsche found intolerable for cultural reasons.
Now late-bourgeois operettas were performed.
On the other hand, Gabriel Sheffer suggests that Herzl was too bourgeois and too eager to be accepted into mainstream society to be much of a (even if "aristocratic") revolutionary, and hence could not have been strongly influenced by Nietzsche, but remarks, "Some East European Jewish intellectuals, such as the writers Yosef Hayyim Brenner and Micha Josef Berdyczewski, followed after Herzl because they thought that Zionism offered the chance for a Nietzschean 'transvaluation of values' within Jewry".
One day, he is summoned by a recluse who lives in a grand bourgeois house.
Prominent among the Creoles demanding change were the bourgeois nationalist H.C. Bankole-Bright, General Secretary of the Sierra Leone Branch of the National Congress of British West Africa (NCBWA), and the socialist I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson, founder of the West African Youth League (WAYL).
Ridge Island () is a ridge-shaped island, 6 nautical miles (11 km) long and 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km) wide lying 3 nautical miles (6 km) east of Pourquoi Pas Island in the center of Bourgeois Fjord, off the west coast of Graham Land.
Sékou Touré himself was leader of the centrist party, Ismaël Touré leader of the pro-western party, called "bourgeois degenerates" by the leftist leader Mamadi Keïta.
Subercase was baptised a Protestant to Jean Dauger, a rich merchant and bourgeois who had purchased several noble estates, including the lay abbey of Subercase, near Asson.
Tania Modleski in "The Terror of Pleasure", for instance, presents exploitation horror films as attacks on the basic aspects of bourgeois culture.
The artists discarded customary book materials and printed Tango on cheap wallpaper as a parody of urban bourgeois taste.
The book declares that "the battle for the world rule of Russians" has not ended and Russia remains "the staging area of a new anti-bourgeois, anti-American revolution."
The conflict and its aftermath led the author to undertake a major re-examination of European bourgeois society, including the sources of the willful, perverse destructiveness displayed by much of civilised humanity.
The French did not entirely abolish the feudal system, their rule familiarised in more detail the inhabitants of the Illyrian Provinces with the achievements of the French revolution and with contemporary bourgeois society.
The state issued propaganda that claimed the opposition to the takeover was the result of 'bourgeois and black-hundrist elements'.
The students, unlike their American or French counterparts used style and motifs of the radicals of the German interwar-years to maximize the shock effect. In a society that sought nothing more than low-profile normalcy, Behmel argues, this emulation of early Nazi and communist protest-forms, riots, vocabulary and anti-bourgeois habits simply worked best. Therefore, the author concludes, the protests were fundamentally not progressive but regressive.
The union between the internationalists and the republican bourgeois became an accomplished fact. The Empire, taken by surprise, sought to curb both the middle classes and the labouring classes, and forced them both into revolutionary actions.
They throw a jacket over Juan's shoulders to cover up the blood from the bullet wound, and the film ends in a freeze frame of the photograph, offering no conclusions, but exposing all the hidden hypocrisy within this petite bourgeois family.
Tikhon produced an encyclical on political neutrality and disengagement of the Church from worldly politics, and the official propaganda depicted it as a form of camouflage to hide his real aim of support for autocratic bourgeois-aristocracy.
To sustain his bourgeois lifestyle, Vincent sets up a Ponzi scheme (an investment scam) and is eventually enlisted into smuggling by career thief Jean-Michel.
Under the guise of Dada, it started in Europe as a way to display their anti-art rhetoric as well as to communicate to the public their disgust for bourgeois values and their disapproval of World War I. In America, while the art was not much about protesting bourgeois values and the war, it still served as a way to protest against typical art values as well as to establish the high, artistic culture to contrast American popular culture.
While not forgetting the classification in 1855 - the best properties of the appellation - such as Château Chasse-Spleen, the Château Poujeaux, the château Brillette, the Châteaux Antonix, the Château of Dutruch Grand Poujeaux, the Granins Grand Poujeaux Château, the Maucaillou Château, the Biston Brillette Château or even the Moulin à Vent Château, have all made a name amongst the biggest wines of Médoc, notably thanks to the classification of the Crus Bourgeois.
Workers were joined by students and even some bourgeois, angered at the violence of the government.
Zigano is a 1925 French-German silent crime film directed by Gérard Bourgeois and Harry Piel and starring Piel, Denise Legeay and Dary Holm.
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