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Vocabulary Word

Word: bound

Definition: leap or spring; limit or confine; constitute the limit of; Ex. bounded by Canada; N: leap or jumping; boundary; ADJ: certain; having a duty to do something (legally or morally); confined by bonds; Ex. We are bound to be late; Ex. I am bound to say my opinion; CF. bounce, rebound

Sentences Containing 'bound'

"Why should you raise up hopes which you are bound to disappoint?
'And I am so grateful to you for it, Agnes, so bound to you, that there is no name for the affection of my heart.
'His feelings will soon get the better of it, I'll be bound.
'I am bound to believe you, and of course I do believe you,' said Mr. Wickfield.
A parent's lower bound is set to the maximum of the lower bound of the children.
And I cursed the fate that bound me to him...
At the age of 17 he found himself on a ship bound for Athos.
Both parties promised to be bound by the ruling.
Bound graphs are sometimes referred to as "upper bound graphs", but the analogously defined lower bound graphs comprise exactly the same class—any lower bound for ≤ is easily seen to be an upper bound for the dual partial order ≥.
But if they kept a life, and swaggered; I (God be thanked) am not bound to imitate them.
Count, what am I bound to do, being in possession of this secret?''
Do not, do not be afraid, or your limbs will be fear bound.
For of course that's where one who dies in despair is bound for."
From there, it was loaded onto a Mississippi River barge bound for St.
He can not easily touch his face, his arms being bound.
He had, moreover, sandals bound on his feet by cords.
He skulks about the wharves of Joppa, and seeks a ship that's bound for Tarshish.
He was not bound, nor had they made any attempt to handcuff him; this seemed a good augury.
Here was his master defeated, and bound not to take up arms for a year.
I be bound, if I have to take a-holt of you I'll--" "They're in the trunk.
I have been bound by my promises as rigidly as any knight of olden times.
I then bound myself once more to the prescribed conditions.
If you don't hitch on to one tooth, you're bound to on another, ain't you?
In Scheme, procedures are bound to variables.
ManX can be membrane bound or non-membrane bound.
Morgoth and many of his captains were bound ...".
Morgoth is captured and he is bound again with the chain Angainor.
Once she is bound again, Tom resumes his search for the grimoire, but he is caught by the Spook.
She was carrying a cargo of lumber bound for the Tyne.
String (++) is bound to Java's String (+).
Termination of local search can be based on a time bound.
The company argued it was not bound by the agreement.
The Kent bound A2 is accessible from Falconwood.
The London bound A2 isn't accessible directly from Falconwood.
The mantle is bound with two large tassels.
The most common problem with bound feet was infection.
The schooner had been bound from Thames to Lyttelton with a cargo of timber.
The tax which each individual is bound to pay, ought to be certain and not arbitrary.
The time interval is closed at its lower bound and open at its upper bound.
The two of them were reportedly bound and gagged and died of suffocation.
The Watchers are bound "in the valleys of the Earth" until Judgment Day.
The witness stated that the girls were bound and gagged in the vehicle.
The WSOPE is not bound by this limitation.
They are irreversibly bound to the interface.
They would often spring, and bound, and leap, with prodigious agility.
The`Paul Jones'was now bound for St. Louis.
This creates a few possible outcomes, "Tester" cDNA bound to "Tester" cDNA, "Tester" cDNA bound to "Driver" cDNA, and "Driver" cDNA bound to "Driver" cDNA.
Thus the parents are bound to live separately with the sons.
``It is a casket of wood bound with iron,''thought he.
``You are a man of business and bound to have a reason.

More Vocab Words

::: rectify - set right; correct; CF. rect-: right
::: grandiose - affectedly grand; pretentious; high-flown; ridiculously exaggerated; impressive; great in size or scope; grand; Ex. grandiose ideas
::: befuddle - confuse thoroughly
::: regeneration - spiritual rebirth; Ex. regeneration of the prisoners; V. regenerate: give or obtain new life; reform spiritually
::: economy - efficiency or conciseness in using something; thrifty management of resources
::: vehement - forceful; intensely emotional; with marked vigor; strong; N. vehemence
::: piquant - pleasantly tart-tasting; spicy; pleasantly stimulating; Ex. piquant situation when my old enemy asked for my help
::: dormer - window projecting upright from roof; CF. sleeping room
::: headfirst - moving with the head leading; headlong
::: frugality - thrift; economy; ADJ. frugal: practicing economy; costing little; inexpensive