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Vocabulary Word

Word: boon

Definition: blessing; benefit; something very helpful

Sentences Containing 'boon'

"MK" co-creator Ed Boon named Tanya after his younger sister, Tania.
"Mortal Kombat" co-creator Ed Boon, when comparing Sub-Zero's Spine-rip Fatality to Kano's Fatality claimed that it stood out more because Kano's heartrip Fatality did not have a "mark left on the opponent's body."
According to Boon, Kabal was overpowered enough in "MK3" in regards to his special moves that the developers had to tone him down in future updates.
And then, and not till then, I said to Annie, "Annie, Doctor Strong will not only be your husband, but he will represent your late father: he will represent the head of our family, he will represent the wisdom and station, and I may say the means, of our family; and will be, in short, a Boon to it."
Burns Road also boasts of two well known sweets shops, Fresco and Bhashanis; that is a great boon for Desi sweets lovers.
But this boon to Ireland, it is to be hoped, has been granted under more fortunate auspices than all those to America.
By the turn of the twentieth century, the 13.2 hectare land and its three houses (Erin, Fern and Claregrove) were the property of Seah Boon Kang and Seah Boon Kiat.
Countries in East Africa like Eritrea also use the handle-less cups to drink boon which is traditional coffee there.
Distributed control systems (DCS) were a boon to the industry.
Ed Boon felt that it would not fit with Scorpion's character, so they made Monster a character all his own.
Further, considering the huge potential of eGovernance in the nation as well as the need to adopt open standards to make our data systems more inter-operable and independent of any limiting proprietary tools, we feel that ODF is a great technological leap and a big boon to further propel IT right to India's grass root levels.
God grants me the boon of vision unrestricted by time or space.
He consigned his unknown persecutors to the most horrible tortures he could imagine, and found them all insufficient, because after torture came death, and after death, if not repose, at least the boon of unconsciousness.
He was created by Eurocom and, according to Ed Boon, was removed from the game as the developers did not have time to complete him.
Highly translucent and prone to accidents, watercolor paint will bloom in unpredictable ways that, depending on the artist's frame of mind, can be a boon or a burden.
If, on the eve of such a departure, you will accompany our mutual friend, Mr. Thomas Traddles, to our present abode, and there reciprocate the wishes natural to the occasion, you will confer a Boon 'On 'One 'Who 'Is 'Ever yours, 'WILKINS MICAWBER.'
In 2013 Salvador joined the PETA campaign to Free Mali from captivity in Manila zoo and have her transferred to Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary where she can be given proper treatment and care.
In an interview with Spike TV in March 2011 that revealed the first look at the character for the game, Boon explained that he wanted to keep all of Kabal's classic offensive moves while coming up with graphic Fatalities that the developers felt would be "crossing the line."
In the finals, they made a great comeback again against the first-seed and Malaysian world no. 1 Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong 18–21, 21–14, 21–12 to win their first Japan Open title.
In the finals, they overcame the first-seed and Malaysian world no. 1 Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong 18–21, 21–18, 21–14 to win the world title for the 3rd time.
It feels like the freedom and uncertainty of being independent again has been a real boon to Ima Robot.
It was not long before John Boon Densham came to London.
Justice Loh, referring to Judge of Appeal Andrew Phang Boon Leong's "dicta" in "Pertamina Energy Trading Ltd.
Kabal is a fictional character in the "Mortal Kombat" fighting game franchise, created for Midway Games by Ed Boon and John Tobias.
Meantime, now the stranger was still beseeching his poor boon of Ahab; and Ahab still stood like an anvil, receiving every shock, but without the least quivering of his own.
Of John Boon Densham’s homes, only “Mannamead” remains, as 17 Birdhurst Road, South Croydon.
One of only two characters in "MK3" featured with a weapon (the other being Stryker), Kabal was originally given wrist-mounted buzzsaw blades as his primary weapon before his familiar hookswords, while Boon cited his favorite comic book character as a youth, Flash, as the inspiration for Kabal's "Tornado" move, which dizzied opponents and set them up for a free hit.
Players first learned of the character's given name after "Meat lives!" appeared on Ed Boon's website promoting "Mortal Kombat 4"'s third arcade revision.
Prajapati Sutapa and his wife Prsni worshipped Vishnu with such devotion that He Himself appeared before them for granting boon.
Series co-creator and programmer Ed Boon described such character concepts like Kabal as being "very off the cuff."
She has appeared in numerous television programmes throughout the 1970s, '80s, '90s and early 2000s, including ITV's "The Bill", "Casualty", "Specials", "Boon", Rumpole of the Bailey, "Woof!" and as Linda Kennedy in the BBC soap opera "Triangle", among others.
Since the late 1980s, she has appeared in "The New Statesman", "Boon", "A Bit of a Do", "About Face", "Nightingales", "Jonathan Creek", "Casualty", "Emmerdale", "My Family", "New Tricks" and a main role in the 2000 sitcom "Pay and Display".
So Fate that ever scorns to grant Or grace or boon to me, Since what can never be I want, Denies me what might be.
Still, newspaper connection meant that he soon heard of one of the war's other effects: the many Jewish merchants and middlemen war brought to Bucharest were a boon to Abraham Goldfaden's nascent Yiddish theater there.
Sudyumna was then cursed by Parvati and transformed once again into a female, but became a man once again through Shiva's boon.
Television credits include "Boon", "Doctor Who" (in the serial "Mindwarp"), "Only Fools and Horses", "Virtual Murder", "Birds of a Feather", "EastEnders" and "The Bill".
The "Bhagavata Purana" et al. texts tell that after Pururavas's birth, the nine brothers of Ila - by horse sacrifice - or the sage Vasistha – the family priest of Ila – pleased Shiva to compel him to give the boon of alternate month manhood to Ila, turning him into a "Kimpurusha".
The continued presence of the production in north Queensland has been hailed as "a major boon for our local film and television industry" by Rod Welford, the Queensland Minister for Education, Training and the Arts.
The death of John Boon Densham at the age of 72 at his home in Croydon in 1886 ended the first period of the firm’s growth.
The family associated with Lynn Township in McLeod County and with Boon Lake Township and other parts of Renville County is entirely descended from a single immigrant from Woldegk, Germany, by the name of Ferdinand Theodore Geier, a/k/a Ted Geier, who arrived in Minnesota in 1880 after spending 10 years as a wheelwright and truck farmer in Chicago, Illinois and nearby Cicero, Illinois.
The heat of the sun and the light of the sun seem boon companions.
The invention of the windmill was a great boon to country folks because it eliminated from their always busy life one task in which labor and time were consumed.
The landlord, seeing his guest at his feet and hearing a speech of this kind, stood staring at him in bewilderment, not knowing what to do or say, and entreating him to rise, but all to no purpose until he had agreed to grant the boon demanded of him.
The road was named after Hullet at the request of Dr Lim Boon Keng, who was Hullet's pupil.
The unexpected boon helps him send his daughter to college and she acquires an M.A. Degree.
Volstagg, like Falstaff, is fat, vain, boastful, and cowardly, but also boon companion to the prince (Hal or Thor).
We were all extremely glad to see Traddles so put down, and exalted Steerforth to the skies: especially when he told us, as he condescended to do, that what he had done had been done expressly for us, and for our cause; and that he had conferred a great boon upon us by unselfishly doing it.
When John Boon Densham (1814–1886) came to London from Plymouth, he may have lived in the Forest Hill area; in later years, perhaps when he had retired, he moved to Croydon where his sons already lived.
While some see the new development as an economic boon, others have criticized Nickels and the Seattle City Council for pandering to Allen's interests at taxpayers' expense.
``As the eleventh hour struck, he entered with a swaggering air, attended by two of the most dissolute and reckless of his boon companions.

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