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Vocabulary Word

Word: bombardment

Definition: attack (as with missiles or bombs); V. bombard

Sentences Containing 'bombardment'

"Angler" did, however, conduct three shore bombardment missions during this patrol.
Abkhazian aircraft and artillery began a two-day bombardment against Georgian forces.
After a preliminary bombardment by naval and army air units, "Noa" landed 144 officers and men of the First Marine Division.
After several hours the Naval bombardment had inflicted heavy losses to the Confederate artillery.
After this bombardment were the need for new houses great and the Noorderkanaal built many Houseboats.
An artillery bombardment caused the Germans to withdraw but the British did not reoccupy the village.
At Fort Pillow, during a bombardment by Union gunboats, the regiment saw their first enemy fire.
At the end of the war he was deputy commander of the 497th Bombardment Group.
Bombardment of the city, partial port blockade, rebels re-take airport.
Gas bombardment was to be increased on forward positions and artillery emplacements, whenever the winds allowed.
Georgian forces began a major artillery bombardment of South Ossetia.
He subsequently qualified in multiengine aircraft. During World War II, Hill flew 31 European Theater combat missions in a B-24 Liberator bomber while assigned to the 566th Bombardment Squadron, 389th Bombardment Group.
He then advanced on Liverpool and opened a siege and bombardment on 6 June.
However, by the mid-1930s the school's emphasis had shifted from pursuit to bombardment aviation.
I was just having a hearty handshake with a friend I hadn't seen for a while, and saying,`Drop into our cave to night, after bombardment; we've got hold of a pint of prime wh.'
It became fully organized on 15 October 1959 when the 75th Bombardment Squadron (BS), consisting of 15 Boeing B-52 Stratofortresses moved to Griffiss from Loring AFB, Maine where it had been one of the three squadrons of the 42d Bombardment Wing.
It was badly damaged by Union bombardment.
It was not until May 9, 1992, with the capture of Shusha, that the ground bombardment ceased.
Its initial operational squadrons were the 15th, 16th, 17th and 21st Bombardment Squadrons, and equipped with Boeing B-29B Superfortresses.
Mission of the squadron was the strategic bombardment of the Japanese Home Islands.
No glass left; glass couldn't stand such a bombardment; it was all shivered out.
On 16 April the artillery preparations were completed and the bombardment commenced, focusing on the south-west angle of the fort.
On 3 November, the British began a bombardment in an attempt to destroy or neutralize "Königsberg" and "Somali".
Only two U.S. soldiers died in the bombardment.
Organs and church music mixed up with a bombardment is a powerful queer combination along at first.
Sample heating can be accomplished by electron bombardment or thermal radiation.
Several barrages were planned for the attack, which deepened the area under bombardment.
Similar methods to those used by the British to obtain surprise were used, artillery ranging was minimal, a one-hour bombardment before the attack was planned, with a rolling bombardment moving at a rate of in five minutes to precede the infantry, while the British in Bourlon Wood were to be neutralised by a gas and high-explosive bombardment.
The 103d Bombardment Squadron was bestowed the history, honors, and colors of the 40th PRS.
The 16th Bombardment Group was activated on 1 April 1944 at Dalhart Army Air Field, Texas.
The 5th Bombardment Squadron (9th Bombardment Group) and 59th Bombardment Squadron (25th Bombardment Group) operated B-18 Bolo bombers from the airfield from 28 Sept 1941 - 24 Mar 1944 flying antisubmarine patrols.
The 75th BS was also replaced by the 668th Bombardment Squadron, one of the unit's World War II historical bombardment squadrons.
The ammunition requirements for the seven day's bombardment before to the assault was estimated at rounds.
The Army hoped for surprise, and declined Navy suggestions for pre-invasion bombardment.
The assault began in the early morning following a naval bombardment.
The B-29s flew at approximately and could see clearly through a scattered undercast. The 16th Bombardment Group was inactivated on Guam on 15 April 1946.
The city was captured on 15 August 1551 by Sinan Pasha after six days of bombardment.
The city, nevertheless, continued to suffer aerial bombardment for the remainder of the war.
The naval bombardment began a few hours later.
The siege commenced on October 6, 1421, and mining and bombardment soon brought down the walls.
The squadron was equipped with B-26 Invader light bombers and assigned to the 111th Bombardment Group.
The two monitors conducted a five-hour bombardment that destroyed the cruiser.
The United States Air Force's 16th Bombardment Group was a very heavy bombardment group that participated in combat in the Pacific Ocean Theater of World War II.
The Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily or Soviet Air Force supported the attack on German ground positions in conjunction with the preliminary artillery bombardment.
The wing began life in World War II as the 416th Bombardment Group (BG).
Therefore, the air forces turned to area bombardment, which inevitably brought about civilian casualties.
This bombardment ceased about 02:30 when the movement of many Ottoman units was again heard by the defenders.
This is a listing of the fleets that participated in the Bombardment of Algiers on August 27, 1816.
Two members of the 351st Bombardment Group, Lt.
Two years later, the fort was captured by a combined British and Turkish force after a short siege and bombardment.

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