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Vocabulary Word

Word: boisterous

Definition: violent; rough; noisy

Sentences Containing 'boisterous'

After a few years, city officials shut down the African Grove, because of complaints about conduct: conduct that was normal among working-class white New York theatre audiences of the time was considered unacceptably boisterous when displayed by blacks.
As the youngest, she is boisterous and often self-centred; Pauline and Petrova often feel they have to 'sit' on her in order to teach her a little bit of humility but this only has a limited effect. What her sisters see as arrogance is to a large extent Posy's confidence in her extraordinary ability as a dancer (apparent from a very young age).
Delight is to him, whom all the waves of the billows of the seas of the boisterous mob can never shake from this sure Keel of the Ages.
For my mind was made up to sail in no other than a Nantucket craft, because there was a fine, boisterous something about everything connected with that famous old island, which amazingly pleased me.
Happily, too, the greater part of the boys came back low-spirited, and were not so boisterous at my expense as I had expected.
He became well known in the French capital for his boisterous personality and tremendous voice.
He was kind to her also in his bluff, boisterous fashion, and on the whole they seemed to be a happy couple.
It was followed by another, then a third this last one boisterous.
Malick played the boisterous and feisty tomboy Zainub, a girl who keeps harassing by her husband not giving birth to a child, and tried to stop her father not to think weird about Islam and gives birth to new rivalry.
Meanwhile, C-3PO and R2-D2 are put in charge of the boisterous group and find themselves in over their heads.
Reviewing their 2010 retrospective album "Be Still My Bleeping Heart", BBC's Mike Diver agrees with the band's description of their own style as "neo classical ambient electronica", adding that, although at times predictable, their music is "extremely accessible, and incredibly pretty", "designed primarily to calm, despite occasionally boisterous beat-work."
Spite of this frigid winter night in the boisterous Atlantic, spite of my wet feet and wetter jacket, there was yet, it then seemed to me, many a pleasant haven in store; and meads and glades so eternally vernal, that the grass shot up by the spring, untrodden, unwilted, remains at midsummer.
That sea, by far the greatest inlet that is known in the world, having no tides, nor consequently any waves, except such as are caused by the wind only, was, by the smoothness of its surface, as well as by the multitude of its islands, and the proximity of its neighbouring shores, extremely favourable to the infant navigation of the world; when, from their ignorance of the compass, men were afraid to quit the view of the coast, and from the imperfection of the art of ship-building, to abandon themselves to the boisterous waves of the ocean.
The lion, whose personality was described as "boisterous" and "extroverted", was dubbed Supercub by Adamson.
The weather had been cold and boisterous and therefore not favourable to bees, nevertheless every female flower which I examined had been effectually fertilised by the bees, which had flown from tree to tree in search of nectar.
They would have talked to me too, but I held back, and moped in my corner; scared by their love-making and hilarity, though it was far from boisterous, and almost wondering that no judgement came upon them for their hardness of heart.
Thinking the young guy was an intern at the studio led to a boisterous conversation with the young guy, who admitted that the track Lu was mixing was his, Pitbull's.
We are accustomed to hear this king described as a rude and boisterous tyrant; but with the gentleness of a lover he adorns the tresses of Summer.
We made that small house ring with boisterous mirth and resound with the murmur of much sober talk, making amends then to Walden vale for the long silences.
When I knew him he was a shiftless young spendthrift, boisterous, goodhearted, full of careless generosities, and pretty conspicuously promising to fool his possibilities away early, and come to nothing.

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