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Vocabulary Word

Word: bode

Definition: foreshadow; portend

Sentences Containing 'bode'

All told, Bennett's anti-Communist policy would not bode well for his political career.
At the 2002 FIFA World Cup Bode was a surprise substitution from manager Rudi Völler in the crucial third group match against Cameroon with the matchstill at 0–0.
Baumann's Cave () is, like nearby Hermann's Cave, a show cave in Rübeland in the district of Harz and is Germany's oldest show cave. The grotto was formed in the Devonian limestone of the Elbingerode complex as the Bode Valley was being shaped.
Being close to retirement the German fans felt Bode's selection was dubious to say the least, however Bode silenced the doubter by scoring the opening goal of an eventual 2–0 win for Germany propelling them into the knockout stages as group winners.
Bode also won renown because he was a particularly fair and decent player who only was booked ten times in his entire Bundesliga career and never got sent off.
Bode is a small crater located near the central region of the Moon, to the northwest of the joined craters Pallas and Murchison.
By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Bode.
Frank drags him away from her, but Gabrielle is shaken by Paul's boorish behavior, and the viewer grows more aware of undercurrents with this character that do not bode well for the future.
He was appointed deputy director under Bode in 1904 and became director himself from 1924 to 1932, working on his "From Van Eyck to Bruegel, Early Netherlandish Painting".
It doesn’t bode well for the future of this once-great publication."
It would be Bode's final goal and he made his last appearance in the World Cup final as Germany fell to Brazil.
Its name comes from the tap on Bode Faleti discovered in 2010 in Chicago Illinois.
Marco Bode (born 23 July 1969 in Osterode am Harz) is a former German footballer.
On Lippmann's recommendation, Wilhelm von Bode took him on as his assistant in 1896 for the paintings division.
The 6-octave model developed by Harald Bode employed octave transposition.
The defending Olympic champion was Fritz Strobl of Austria, and the reigning world champion was Bode Miller of the U.S., who won the downhill at the 2005 World Championships.
There is a group of rilles located to the west of the crater named the Rimae Bode.
This was then translated into English by Mabel Haynes Bode, and revised by Geiger.
Unto my free-will my neighbour's free-will, whoever he be, (as his life, or his bode), is altogether indifferent.

More Vocab Words

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