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Vocabulary Word

Word: blunt

Definition: having a dull edge; abrupt and frank in speech or manner; brusque; V: make or become blunt

Sentences Containing 'blunt'

A shorter 7 with the lower tail pointing almost straight down has been labelled as the blunt seven.
A: "Big Log" (Plant, Blunt, Woodroffe) – 5:03 B: "Far Post" (Plant, Blunt, Woodroffe) – 4:44
At some places, the peacekeepers would share a meal with hospitable locals, and Blunt would perform.
Blunt collaborated twice during this album cycle.
Blunt commanded until April 17 when his district was discontinued.
Blunt completed the album's songs at his home in Ibiza in the winter of 2006–2007.
Blunt gave personal permission for this parody to be included on a Weird Al album, but Atlantic Records, Blunt's label, stepped in to forbid the commercial release of the song.
Blunt had brought along his guitar, strapped to the outside of his tank.
Blunt left the army on 1 October 2002 having served six years.
Blunt left the British Army in 2002 so that he could pursue his musical career.
Blunt says that he has become closer to his family since his musical success.
Blunt was instrumental in introducing his sister to her eventual husband after offering her for "sale" on eBay.
Blunt was relieved of command in January 1864.
Blunt's third single "You're Beautiful" was his break-out hit.
Except on the crown, which was raggedly bald, he had stiff, black hair, standing jaggedly all over it, and growing down hill almost to his broad, blunt nose.
Fisher was very supportive of Blunt's aspirations, suggesting the name of the album and providing use of a bathroom in her home for Blunt to record the song "Goodbye My Lover".
Gran was evasive, and Rosebery blunt: "I have never been able to care one farthing about the Poles".
Her face, once blunt-featured and later flawlessly beautiful, now had a small mouth and tiny eyes surrounded by smooth folds.
His own father was personally beheaded by Minamoto no Yoriyoshi (源 頼義) with a blunt sword. These are the events which would shape his life and influence his decisions as long as he lived.
In April, the Times reported that Wilfrid Blunt would be the Irish Parliamentary Party candidate.
It has a pentagonal structure but, because of the blunt tip, where the main entrance is, it has six façades.
James Blunt also performed during the show.
James Blunt has two younger sisters; Emily and Daisy.
Many American breeders had purchased horses from the Crabbet Stud, which at the time Brown founded Maynesboro was owned by Lady Anne Blunt and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.
Most victims were killed using blunt objects, including hammers and steel construction bars.
Not including promotional appearances, Blunt performed over 140 live shows in 2006.
Several different expedients, however, may be fallen upon, which will effectually blunt the edge of all those incitements to diligence.
She displaced and was fitted with a blunt iron ram at her bow.
She was having difficulty obtaining transport to a funeral in Ireland, and Blunt listed her as a "damsel in distress".
She was hit on the back of the head with a blunt instrument, and when she collapsed, he struck her again on the side of the head.
Tatarevich's head was smashed with blunt objects numerous times, rendering him unrecognizable.
The blunt ended form is the best for general use.
The blunt tipped, parallel sided, dark red bill has a black subterminal band.
The Caribbean Roughshark has a short, blunt snout and head.
The complications risk is high with retinal tears, penetrating injuries and severe blunt trauma.
The Department of Justice, in a letter to Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri dated 23 May 2005 provides a summary of these changes.
The eye is also succeptible to blunt trauma in a fistfight.
The head had been beaten in by repeated blows of some heavy and blunt weapon.
The illicium originates at the front of the blunt head and exceeds the length of the body.
The plantar reflex is a reflex elicited when the sole of the foot is stimulated with a blunt instrument.
The preserved teeth are blunt and rounded.
The re-release video for "High" features Blunt running in a forest. The re-release video for "Wisemen" has Blunt burning identification papers, and then walking through a forest while he is on fire.
The tip had been cut off, not bitten off, but the cut was not a clean one, so I deduced a blunt pen-knife."
The videos for all of Blunt's singles from "Back To Bedlam" feature symbolism and dark imagery.
Their dark, small leaves are obovate to blunt-tipped (reverse triangular) or even concave at the tip.
There is a pointed 5 (the point is at the bottom) while there is another version with a blunt 5 (the bluntness is at the bottom of the 5 too).
There were less intense moments during Blunt's Kosovo assignment.
This interview portrayed his image as a Politician who is much blunt and not involved in political deals in Afghanistan.
While still in the army Blunt would work on demos during his time off.
``Here, excellency,''said Peppino, offering him a little blunt knife and a boxwood fork.

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