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Vocabulary Word

Word: bliss

Definition: complete happiness; ADJ. blissful

Sentences Containing 'bliss'

"A lushly orchestrated debut.” - Kevin Bronson, LA TIMES 13 / "Who You Are features 11 songs of bedroom pop bliss and even has a couple upbeat gems within it as well."
"Bliss, Please", "Friend Or Foe?" and "Summer Sonic" (2001-2004).
"Glück" (Bliss), for oboe, cor anglais, and bassoon.
"Kiss"'s rivals are the United Kingdom's "Bliss" and "Sugar".
"Pilot programs for the position were tested at Fort Lee, VA; Fort Bliss, TX; and Fort Jackson, S.C." Staff Sgt.
After the funeral, Leigh-Cheri and Bernard move back to Seattle where they spend the rest of their days living in domestic bliss, and retreating to solitude occasionally.
Allen is producing Oklahoman filmmaker Dave Smith’s documentary "Domestic Bliss: The Daniel Edwards/XVALA Project".
Benson remarked that Tara's story arc is significant within the episode, starting out with ecstasy but soon recognizing the illusory circumstances surrounding her bliss and that "life can't be perfect all the time".
But supposing the invader of domestic bliss to betake himself away at the first rush of the harem's lord, then is it very diverting to watch that lord.
During Ed Brubaker's "The Extremists" arc, the Morlocks reappear under the leadership of Masque and now consisting of Bliss, Erg, Litterbug, Skids and a recently captured Leech.
Essayists included historian Michael Bliss and columnist Margaret Wente.
Following a continuous tour throughout Germany, they started recording "Bliss, Please" in the summer of 2000.
For several passages, the bass line is moving to illustrate joy and bliss.
Gangadhar took his monastic vow in 1890 in Baranagar Math, in presence of Swami Vivekananda and was given the name of "Akhandananda" (Akhanda - undifferentiated, ananda - bliss, one who finds supreme bliss in the undifferentiated nature of the Truth).
He also played the bass guitar in Furuholmen's A Dot of Black in the Blue of Your Bliss.
He also served as deputy commanding general at Fort Bliss, Texas.
He is portrayed by Hugo Weaving (and briefly Ian Bliss) in the films and voiced by Christopher Corey Smith in "".
He is the author of the mystery novel "Impossible Bliss", the non-fiction books "The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game" and "Character Development and Storytelling for Games."
He is the producer for the upcoming documentary ‘Domestic Bliss: The Daniel Edwards/XVALA Project’ by Oklahoman filmmaker Dave Smith.
High times, indeed, if unprincipled young rakes like him are to be permitted to invade the sanctity of domestic bliss; though do what the Bashaw will, he cannot keep the most notorious Lothario out of his bed; for, alas!
His songs are full of the divine bliss which he enjoyed and transmitted in abundance.
How fond we were of one another, when she did come out at last; and what a state of bliss I was in, when we took Jip out of the plate-warmer, and restored him to the light, sneezing very much, and were all three reunited!
I go home in a state of unspeakable bliss, and waltz in imagination, all night long, with my arm round the blue waist of my dear divinity.
In the Samkhya Karika and Tattva Samasa, it refers to the attainment of eight siddhis that make one become rid of pain-causing ignorance, to gain knowledge, and experience bliss.
In this case, they are "Noten zu Klängen zu Kreislauf zu Glück" ( notes to sounds to circular movement to bliss) and "GOTT ist GLÜCK" (God is bliss).
It confronts and questions the age-old sayings, "Ignorance is Bliss" and "What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You."
It is the direct intuition of the Real-existence, intelligence and bliss.
It is verily a haven of Peace and Bliss.
It was his first release since his second album, "This Bliss", which was released in 2007.
It was released under the title Innocence is Bliss in the UK.
Making it clear that she actually enjoys both having sex and singing about it, Jackson brings bliss back to a subject that too many dirty-mouthed hotties have made tedious through overexposure."
More and more people now regard sexual rights as basic human rights, so that everyone has the right and freedom to pursue his or her own sexual bliss.
One taste, methinks, of bygone bliss The heart-consuming fire might stay; And, so it come without delay, Then would I ask no more than this.
Other characters include Jason's powerful sister Constance, Miles' twin sister Monica, and their third sibling Bliss.
Sacrificing his Himalayan bliss, he chose to be with poor.
Smith copied himself onto Bane (Ian Bliss), a crew member of the Zion hovercraft "Caduceus".
Steeped in the Vedantic lore and experience, his mind ever pined to be absorbed in the bliss of the Himalayan solitude.
The Bliss-Leavitt Mark 4 torpedo was a Bliss-Leavitt torpedo developed and produced by the E. W. Bliss Company in 1908.
The category headings are God, soul, bond, grace, guru, methodology, enlightenment, bliss, mantra and liberation - corresponding to Umapthi's work, "Tiruvarutpayan".
The following season, he won at Texas Motor Speedway, but late in the season, was released in favor of Mike Bliss and took over at newly formed Wyler Racing for Chad Chaffin.
The Mark 4 and all other torpedoes designed before the Bliss-Leavitt Mark 7 torpedo, were considered obsolete and withdrawn from service in 1922.
The nomination points out that the word combines two completely opposite areas of life: worldly belongings ("hab" from "haben", "to have") and the eternal search for happiness ("Seligkeit", a state of bliss or of being blessed).
The only brief mentions of Miles (now divorced from Channing) and Bliss (presumably no longer with Kolya) was that they too had both moved from the Colby mansion.
The Punakha Dzong, also known as Pungtang Dechen Photrang Dzong (meaning “the palace of great happiness or bliss”) is the administrative centre of Punakha dzongkhag in Punakha, Bhutan.
The tower made an appearance on the NASCAR Busch Series race car of Mike Bliss in 2004.
Their mind being detached from the hurly burly of this terrestrial life tends towards heaven to acquire heavenly bliss and above all the visit of the place leaves an indelible impression on the mind canvas of the visitors.
They also released an export version of "Bliss, Please" in Japan in 2005.
Thus, self-deluding, and in bondage sore, And wearing out the wretched shred of life To which I am reduced by her disdain, I'll give this soul and body to the winds, All hopeless of a crown of bliss in store.
Traddles was very full of it; and said, that, picturing himself with such a home, and Sophy waiting and preparing for him, he could think of nothing wanting to complete his bliss.
You have acted kindly, count, in bringing me back to the place where I have enjoyed so much bliss.

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