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Vocabulary Word

Word: bleak

Definition: cold or cheerless; frigid; unlikely to be favorable; depressing

Sentences Containing 'bleak'

"Dissent" set out to "dissent from the bleak atmosphere of conformism that pervades the political and intellectual life of the United States."
"It was a formidable array of run-getters who on past efforts appears to tower above everything we could put in the field, and in the absence of O'Reilly the position seemed bleak and without hope.
According to "Buffy" essayist Zoe-Jane Playdon, earlier episodes' "false saccharine behaviour" impedes the characters so crucially that it summons a demon to force them to be honest. The consequences in the episode of concealing truth, spontaneous combustion, is an allusion to "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens—of whom Whedon is a fan—where characters also face immolation for being deceitful.
After the Munich crisis Churchill wrote an oft-repeated comment in a letter to Moyne: "Owing to the neglect of our defences and the mishandling of the German problem in the last five years, we seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame.
At intervals, along the town, and even a little way out upon the road, I saw more: but at length only the bleak night and the open country were around me, and the ashes of my youthful friendship.
But there I was; and soon I was at our house, where the bare old elm-trees wrung their many hands in the bleak wintry air, and shreds of the old rooks'-nests drifted away upon the wind.
Cook finds the bleak, rough, elemental and primeval aspects of nature attractive.
Draw your chair up and hand me my violin, for the only problem we have still to solve is how to while away these bleak autumnal evenings."
Gallacher was fourth choice keeper going into the 2007–08 season and his future at Norwich looked very bleak.
George Temple and after taking his evening meal, he attended a meeting with President Brigham Young, Wilford Woodruff, Erastus Snow, Brigham Young Jr, I.G. Bleak, and E. M. Greene.
He cited 15 reasons why the episode was the best. Emily Estep of WeGotThisCovered.com ranked the episode 4 in her "Top 10 Episodes of "SpongeBob SquarePants"" and said "Most of the gags in 'Band Geeks' center around Squidward's bleak existence, but it's also stuffed with one-liners from and about each of the characters on the show, such as the line 'These claws ain't just for attractin' mates!' from an about-to-brawl Mr. Krabs and when Squidward says, 'No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument,' in response to an inevitable query from the stupid star."
He could be very good company when in the right vein, but there were bleak, moody spells which were apt to coincide with his own failures and those of the side...Wally found himself in closer rapport with his manager than with his team, and they were apt to make the many long journeys in a Jaguar, leaving the team to follow by train in the care of Yardley and of the famous old baggage-master, 'Fergue'." Batsman.
He has also appeared in the radio comedy "Bleak Expectations" and written for "TV to Go", the 2006 TV series of "Dead Ringers", and for "Alistair McGowan's Big Impression" (1996).
Her acting credits include: "Out of the Unknown", "The Avengers", "Paul Temple", "The Lotus Eaters", "Ace of Wands", "The Tomorrow People", "Z-Cars", "Public Eye", "Sutherland's Law", "Dixon of Dock Green", "The Onedin Line", "Doctor Who" (in the serial "The Seeds of Doom"), "Survivors", "Armchair Thriller" (in the serial "Quiet as a Nun"), "Blake's 7" (in the episode "Gambit" as the Croupier), "Shoestring", "The Flipside of Dominick Hide", "Angels", "Rumpole of the Bailey" and "Bleak House".
His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.
Hobbs is a young African-American man who concludes his 2-year jail sentence and returns to his bleak hometown with a lack of opportunities.
Hodges chose the beach for its bleak, dark atmosphere but when he returned to shoot the scene he found it bathed in bright sunshine, unsuitable for the sombre conclusion he was hoping for.
In 1967 Daugava was very close to promotion to Class A - it finished second after Dynamo Kirovabad and a win with a four goal difference in the last match would have put Daugava first, however a missed penalty from Gunārs Ulmanis and a rather bleak second half of the last match didn't let that happen.
It also looks bleak for New York City, whose mayor, Abe Stern, was summoned to the White House under false pretenses and told face-to-face by the President of the nuclear threat.
It focuses on the lives of a varied cast of characters living in London; Faulks himself has described the novel as "Dickensian" and cites Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend as influences, as well as New York novelists such as Tom Wolfe and Jay McInerney.
It stood on a sharp bleak corner, where that tempestuous wind Euroclydon kept up a worse howling than ever it did about poor Paul's tossed craft.
Kim Millar, writing in the "Evening Times" described "Penniless In Park Lane" as ‘Hard, cynical and so funny it actually made me cry,' going on to describe it as, 'a brilliant but strangely bleak book’.
Psychoanalyst Michael A. Brog has called its front cover a "disarming image, which suggests both splitting and obliteration of identity" and which introduces the listener to the album's recurring theme of "identity disturbance"; he states, "The image is in bleak contrast to the title with the obscured images of the band members unable to 'remain in light'." Promotion and release.
Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" switches between third and first person, as do Charles Dickens's "Bleak House" and Vladimir Nabokov's "The Gift".
Simon approached the mayor of Baltimore, telling him that he wanted to give a bleak portrayal of certain aspects of the city; he was welcomed to work there again.
Since Akito believed that the world was a cruel, bleak place in which unconditional love did not exist outside of the Zodiac bonds, she also believed that Tohru would eventually end up rejecting the cursed Sohmas, causing them to return broken hearted to her side.
Stuart was by this time a stocky, blonde, blue-eyed man described as "powerful" but "very bleak and penetrating".
The Banska River is inhabited by a large number of fish species, including the Mullet, Danube Bleak, the Carassius and the Common Nase.
The Day follows a group of five survivors in a post-apocalyptic world as they travel through a bleak environment in an attempt to find food, shelter, and a safe place to stop running from tribes of savage cannibals that roam the country-side.
The film reveals her past. Lilja lives a fairly bleak life with her mother in a run down apartment block in a squalid, poor town in an unnamed former republic of the Soviet Union (principal filming took place in Paldiski, Estonia).
The isolated Kelley family struggle with their small farm in a bleak landscape.
The mountain stands isolated and far from the center of the Franconian Jura, in its southwestern border region, 4 km to the north west of Wassertrüdingen. The mountain's first recorded name was "Öselberg", which probably derived from "öder Berg" (bleak mountain).
The music video for the German version, "Übers Ende der Welt", features the four band-members as workers walking through a bleak futuristic city along with a group of catatonic co-workers.
The two entertain each other for a while, but an act of betrayal leads to a bleak ending.
The Union army took possession of the college on May 24, 1865 and although the future for the college appeared bleak with it under military control, General John Porter Hatch sent a letter on June 19 to the remaining professors at the college that it should reopen as soon as possible.
The wryneck is one of the typical inhabitants of these meadows, because they avoid bleak areas and dense forests.
They have seen a lot since they first met as teenagers watching The Clash play the Rock Against Racism rally at Victoria Park in 1978: divorce, class warfare, acid house, the bleak Thatcher years and even soap stardom, but the flame of punk idealism – what they describe as the “inner Strummer” – has never quite gone out.
This album represents a highly focused achievement, combining Neves' bleak worldview and gift for striking lyrics with the band's controlled aggression, comparable to US bands Chrome and Prong.
This bleak story is haunting, and the ‘realness’ of this unreality is truly horrifying.'
Thus, then, the muffled rollings of a milky sea; the bleak rustlings of the festooned frosts of mountains; the desolate shiftings of the windrowed snows of prairies; all these, to Ishmael, are as the shaking of that buffalo robe to the frightened colt!
Tomoya's psychology is developed in his dreams of a bleak world where small orbs of light float around called the . In the first few dreams, he sees a world devoid of all life except for one girl.
Whether any of the relatives of the seamen whose names appeared there were now among the congregation, I knew not; but so many are the unrecorded accidents in the fishery, and so plainly did several women present wear the countenance if not the trappings of some unceasing grief, that I feel sure that here before me were assembled those, in whose unhealing hearts the sight of those bleak tablets sympathetically caused the old wounds to bleed afresh.
With these expressions, Mr. Micawber placed Mrs. Micawber in a chair, and embraced the family all round; welcoming a variety of bleak prospects, which appeared, to the best of my judgement, to be anything but welcome to them; and calling upon them to come out into Canterbury and sing a chorus, as nothing else was left for their support.

More Vocab Words

::: primary - first in rank or importance; principal; earliest in time; Ex. primary stages; N. CF. first
::: broil - cook by direct heat; N.
::: recidivism - habitual return to crime (even after being punished); N. recidivist
::: anthropoid - manlike; resembling a human being; N.
::: odyssey - long, eventful, adventurous journey
::: interjection - exclamation; Ex. ``Ouch''
::: gambol - romp; skip about; leap about playfully; frolic; N.
::: flout - reject; mock; show contempt for; scorn; Ex. flout the rules
::: supple - flexible; limber; pliant
::: glitter - shine brightly with flashing points of light; Ex. glittering diamond ring; N: sparkling light; attractiveness; glamor; Ex. glitter of the sun on the waves