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Vocabulary Word

Word: bizarre

Definition: fantastic; violently contrasting; noticeably odd; strikingly unconventional

Sentences Containing 'bizarre'

"As a rule," said Holmes, "the more bizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be.
"I know, my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life.
"Of course, in your position of unofficial adviser and helper to everybody who is absolutely puzzled, throughout three continents, you are brought in contact with all that is strange and bizarre.
"Section Six" is best known for its showcase of funny and bizarre YouTube videos along with the entertainment news of the day.
"Æon Flux" was set in a bizarre, dystopian future world.
(As in "Alice in Wonderland", the protagonist has followed a rabbit through a tunnel, with sometimes bizarre consequences.)
A bizarre combination and poorly executed.
A business colleague described the group as "bizarre", and that they "walk around like zombies.
A variety of bizarre medical experiments were conducted on the prisoners at Zhongma Fortress.
Another possibility, if a rather bizarre one, is the gardener.
At the same time, a bizarre new crime wave hits the city.
Chris Matthew Sciabarra called her "one of the more bizarre characters in the novel."
Cinema Bizarre were playing European shows on their "We're All ToyZ" tour to promote the album.
Engstler was involved in a bizarre incident at the 2009 WTCC meeting at Pau.
Enhanced by parasites or other magic, they are then pitted against one another or bizarre, monstrous creatures.
He had been suspended from Pima Community College in September 2010 because of his bizarre behavior and disruptions in classes and the library.
He stressed that while he knows many people named Jeff, he did not base the character off of any of them, but instead felt that the common name was a humorous match for the bizarre character.
He suggests that the film's moral universe would have seemed "as bizarre to ancient Greeks as it does to modern historians."
His bizarre sadism comes out again and he murders the woman, but Annie wakes up and sees it happening.
His inspirations, plots and themes were often bizarre and at times bordered on the berserk.
However, in January 2010, the band announced that it was discontinuing work as Cinema Bizarre.
In 2000, she appeared in "Eat the Runt", a comedy by Avery Crozier about a job applicant's series of bizarre interviews at an art museum.
In 2011, he directed "Wet Dreams", one of six segments to the horror film "The Theatre Bizarre".
In it, the narrator describes how he incessantly purchases bizarre (and unneeded) items on eBay.
In one uncommon subtype, the person may be largely mute, remain motionless in bizarre postures, or exhibit purposeless agitation, all signs of catatonia.
Individuals with schizophrenia may experience hallucinations (most reported are hearing voices), delusions (often bizarre or persecutory in nature), and disorganized thinking and speech.
It is remarkable" Early in the season, Pert suffered a bizarre injury when he went to his girlfriend's house for dinner and got a biscuit stuck in his oesophagus.
Leo spends most of 2002 coping with his bizarre and criminal family.
Meanwhile T.V. reports tell of bizarre lightning storms knocking out power all over Europe.
Nevertheless, there is a bizarre inversion between the roles of the active medium and the cavity modes (laser field).
Other bizarre things start happening around the Saiko Lake community.
Prior to that, she appeared in a few other TV series including the popular "Bizarre Bunch" in 2005 by KBS.
Sheila plays herself, a drummer and percussionist, in which she performs her songs “Holly Rock” and “Love Bizarre”.
Sirota denied he got "special access" and that such a claim was "just bizarre."
Some of his teachers complained to the administration about his disruptions and bizarre behavior, as they thought it a sign of mental illness and feared what he might do.
Suskind responded to the White House's claim that he "has chosen to dwell in the netherworld of bizarre conspiracy theories" by stating that they were "all but obligated to deny this".
The deal soon collapsed, however, when Bishop turned it down, declaring that the arrangement wasn't bizarre, but "innovative, different".
The Dunmore Pineapple is a folly said to "rank as the most bizarre building in Scotland."
The fifth track is her sweet cover of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”.
The finally relieved group reunites in forgiveness toward one another, welcoming the overwhelmed Tony as a new member of their bizarre but loving family.
The mark then finds him/herself in some bizarre, unbelievable situation.
The music video for "Magic" is set at a pool party attended by an array of bizarre and comically deranged characters.
The thought process is non-logical and often bizarre, sensation and perception is vivid but created internally by the brain, and the body's movements are inhibited.
They are unwilling to accept such a bizarre idea.
They were formerly placed in the Campephagidae (cuckooshrikes) by some, as they are far more conventional in habitus than the rather bizarre typical helmetshrikes of genus "Prionops".
This demo was self-released on cassette, and was re-released in 2004 on Czech label Bizarre Leprous Productions.
This version of the band produced 1998's "Str8 Outta Northcote", which featured a bizarre combination of Southern rock riffs and blasting grindcore.
ToyZ is the second studio album by German glam rock band Cinema Bizarre.
What if there is another take to her bizarre activity?
When decoded, the content is a tale by Kurt Harland about a bizarre but purportedly true event that took place when the band was playing in the city of Maringá, Brazil.

More Vocab Words

::: avert - prevent; avoid; turn away (eyes or thought); Ex. An accident was averted by his quick thinking; Ex. She averted her eyes from the terrible sight.
::: gestate - evolve as in prenatal growth; N. gestation: period of development from conception until birth
::: ruminant - animal that ruminates; ADJ.
::: enthrall - capture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound
::: inveterate - deep-rooted; habitual; CF. grow old
::: leonine - like a lion
::: surfeit - satiate; feed or supply to excess; stuff; indulge to excess in anything; N: surfeiting; excessive amount; Ex. surfeit of food
::: Epicurean - believing that pleasure is good and suffering is bad and should be avoided; N.
::: throes - violent anguish
::: nirvana - in Buddhist teachings, the ideal state in which the individual loses himself in the attainment of an impersonal beatitude