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Vocabulary Word

Word: bigotry

Definition: stubborn intolerance

Sentences Containing 'bigotry'

"All in the Family" got many of its laughs by playing on Archie's bigotry, although the dynamic tension between Archie and liberal Mike provided an ongoing political and social sounding board for a variety of topics.
"We have become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry," he said.
Amongst the show's main characters, Kyle is defined as being the only Jewish kid, Cartman is recognized by his obesity, greed, and extreme bigotry, and Kenny is notable for being poor and frequently dying; as opposed to having a prominent distinguishing trait, Stan is portrayed (in words of the show's official website) as "a normal, average, American, mixed-up kid".
Cain's statements regarding Muslims led to criticisms of "bigotry" and "Muslim bashing" from CAIR, whose spokesperson stated "It would be laughable if it weren't having such a negative impact on the lives of Muslim Americans".
He felt that Bunker's bigotry was based on his rough, working-class life experiences, and that Bunker was honest and forthright in his opinions, showing an openness to changing his views if an individual treated him right.
He knew, that, as this was commonly altogether impossible at any small distance of time and place; so was it extremely difficult, even where one was immediately present, by reason of the bigotry, ignorance, cunning, and roguery of a great part of mankind.
I cannot in good conscience sit by and watch as the current leadership of the organization disingenuously pawns off an unconditional surrender to the forces of bigotry as some sort of ‘compromise,’” and “Nothing has changed in regards to GOProud and CPAC, GOProud does not have a booth, they are not a sponsor, they are not participating in any formal sense — individual members can attend and that’s exactly the terms ACU dictated the previous few years.” Political views.
Islamophobia Watch has been welcomed by the Muslim community, who see it as a useful resource in combating what they consider as anti-Muslim bigotry.
Lear thought that Bunker's opinions on race, sex, marriage, and religion were so wrong as to represent a parody of right wing bigotry.
Other methods employed by the Institute include what they term "Public Education"; described as exposing 'bigotry and intolerance' to 'public disapproval' often through the Institute's blog "Evolutionnews.org", "Personal Assistance"; described as "providing assistance in locating free legal representation from a network of concerned lawyers across the nation" and "investigations" and lobbying of officials by the Institute, "Legal Defense" and "Grassroots Action".
Similar to the better known anti-Catholic bigotry and smears of the 1928 Al Smith campaign, the Seymour-Grant 1868 election was the most overt racist Presidential contest until the 1948 Dixiecrats.
Surprisingly for a blaxploitation movie of this time period and despite its title, "Blackenstein" features little if any overt displays of racism, with even the angry tirade the white orderly directs toward the bedridden Eddie motivated more by bitter jealousy about not being able to join the army than any form of bigotry.
The album opener “Troubled Times” deals with bigotry and racism, “Everybody Knows My Name” tells the story of a man who gained fame and riches through music but found that in the end all he had in life was worthless without God; "Crimes Against Humanity" tells that all men are guilty of crimes against humanity by neglecting the homeless and poor; “Ski Mask” talks about a man who was a criminal but in the end found God; The lyrics to “Kiss The Train” includes an anti-suicide message.
The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous."
The hours wore on;--Ahab now shut up within his cabin; anon, pacing the deck, with the same intense bigotry of purpose in his aspect.
They never accomplished more than ‘to soften the pillows of the dying’ and had “too recently been transplanted from the sterile plains of religious bigotry, to expand with liberal views of the character, and of the just rights of man.” Rather he placed his faith in the government to create for the Indians “a country of their own” where they could “feel their importance, where they can hope to enjoy, unmolested, the fruits of their labours, and their national recovery need not be doubted.” His proposed Indian colony, to become subsequently a Territory and then a State within the United States, would be guided by a benign U.S. government and missionaries with whiskey dealers and dishonest merchants banned.
This pertinacious bigotry, of which you complain, as so fatal to philosophy, is really her offspring, who, after allying with superstition, separates himself entirely from the interest of his parent, and becomes her most inveterate enemy and persecutor.
Throughout the series, Alan displays his usual sexism, racism, homophobia, and general bigotry to everyone he comes into contact with, and "via" his radio show broadcasts.
We oppose unfair discrimination, bigotry and coercion based on factors such as beliefs, racial or ethnic origins, disability, sex, age, sexuality or lifestyle.
Writing in the opinion section of "Al-Ahram Weekly", Abdel-Moneim Said called on those who mourn for Marwa El-Sherbini "not fall into the same morass of bigotry and hatred that killed her," but to "create Arab-Muslim-European fronts, together with other faiths, to stand up against fanaticism, bigotry and discrimination on both sides."
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