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Vocabulary Word

Word: besiege

Definition: surround with armed forces; harass (with requests); annoy continually

Sentences Containing 'besiege'

According to the "Alexiad", the local count, Bertrand of Toulouse, readily assented to assist the imperial forces against Tancred, and even to come and pay homage to Alexios when he would arrive to besiege Antioch.
After defeating the Chinese reinforcements, the Ava prince returned to besiege Theinni city as before.
Another cited verse of the Qur'an (), reads "And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists (pagan) wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush.
Faced by a superior Crusader-Egyptian force who attempted to besiege the city, Shirkuh split his army.
From there they headed west to besiege the fortress of A'zaz on 15 May.
From Toledo, Ferdinand IV and his army marched to Córdoba where the emissaries of James II announced that the Aragonese king was prepared to besiege the city of Almeria.
Godoy didn't besiege it, but Olivença and Juromenha surrendered without resistance, and the same manner fell Arronches, Portalegre, Castelo de Vide, Barbacena and Ouguela. Campo Maior capitulated, after a siege of seventeen days, in the night of June 6 to 7, when the Peace of Badajoz (June 6, 1801) had already been signed . Portugal went without Olivença. In 1802, he negotiated the Treaty of Amiens with Great Britain; Spain ceded the island of Trinidad to Britain but recovered Minorca.
Having established peace with Aleppo, Mu'in ad-Din set out to besiege Salkhad and Bosra, after their governor, Altuntash, allied with Jerusalem against him.
However, due to a lack of cooperation from his allies, he was unable to besiege Stettin and in late autumn withdrew into Swedish Pomerania.
In combination, the Australians and remaining Americans in turn besiege the stronghold of the invaders in New Jersey.
In County Londonderry, many rectors and tithe collectors had to flee to the city of Derry for protection, to which the Hearts of Oak threatened to besiege the city unless they were expelled.
Meanwhile the caciques Millalelmu and Loble with 20,000 warriors from the area between the Itata and Bio-Bio rivers, had looted and destroyed Spanish estancias in the vicinity of Concepcion, took their herds and then settled down to besiege Concepcion in early February 1564.
Saladin then moved to besiege the fortress which fell on August 30, 1179.
Song general Meng Gong defeated the Jin general Wu Xian and directed his troops to besiege the city of Caizhou, to which the last emperor of the Jurchen had fled.
The British marched on Rosetta on 8 April, accompanied by a sizeable Ottoman force, and pushed on to besiege the fort with the 2nd (The Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot under Lord Dalhousie and a force of 1,000 Turks.
The Christians sent a large portion of their army to besiege the fortress of Harim north of Aleppo and so southern Palestine bore few defenders.
The Cossacks made an attempt to besiege the trenches, but sustained losses and had to retreat downriver where they were joined by 30 men under sotnik Beketov.
The drain of these taxes weakened the kingdom's power: Al-Mu'tamid decision to stop paying these taxes caused King Alfonso VI (who had already conquered Toledo in 1085) to besiege Seville.
The first great obstacle on the Crusaders' path was Nicaea, the Seljuk capital, which they proceeded to besiege.
The force sent to besiege and capture Gibraltar was put under the command of Juan Núñez II de Lara, Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, Fernando Gutiérrez Tello, the Archbishop of Seville and the council of nobles associated with that city.
The Russian advance in May liberated Swedish Pomerania, but lack of money and supplies meant the Swedish commander could only start campaigning that August. His goal was to besiege Stettin and in preparation for this Lantingshausen allowed Axel von Fersen to take 4,000 men to capture Usedom and Wollin—this objective was met after the Battle of Frisches Haff ensured Swedish naval supremacy in September—while Lantingshausen took the main body of the army to advance deep into Prussian Pomerania, where he then remained still for a long while.
What supplies could be procured were hurried forward to his headquarters, and on 7 November he set out to besiege Basing House—Loyalty House, as its owner loved to call it—the fortified mansion of the Catholic John, Marquis of Winchester, now garrisoned by a party of London Royalists.
With minimal logistical support from Massachusetts and four to five hundred volunteer militia and Natives, Eddy attempted to besiege and storm Fort Cumberland in central Nova Scotia (near the present-day border between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) in November 1776.
Zengi was succeeded by his sons Saif ad-Din Ghazi I in Mosul and Nur ad-Din in Aleppo, and Mu'in ad-Din took the opportunity to besiege Baalbek; the governor, Najm ad-Din Ayyub, father of Saladin, quickly surrendered to him.
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::: barrage - barrier laid down by artillery fire; overwhelming profusion; large number of questions or statements; Ex. a barrage of criticism
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::: dauntless - bold; fearless
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