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Vocabulary Word

Word: beset

Definition: harass or trouble from all directions; hem in

Sentences Containing 'beset'

"Endurance" became beset in the ice of the Weddell Sea before reaching Vahsel Bay, and despite efforts to free it, drifted northward, held in the pack ice, throughout the Antarctic winter of 1915.
A distrust of myself, which has often beset me in life on small occasions, when it would have been better away, was assuredly not stopped in its growth by this little incident outside the Canterbury coach.
After "Endurance" became beset in the pack ice and sank, he was a participant in a dramatic series of events including months spent drifting on the ice, a journey in lifeboats to Elephant Island, and an open boat journey of from Elephant Island to South Georgia.
After accidentally absorbing Karma and trying to protect a little girl called Marci, who is trapped within his mind as well, David, now beset with an army of split personalities, tries to take control of his body through a doll named Moira, which enables its 'holder' to gain control of David's body and use his or her powers at will.
Although most sources agree that his rule at the Cape was authoritarian, beset by favoritism, and characterized by misuse of company assets, others claim that this was in no way unique to van der Stel's reign.
As a neighbouring parish and a club beset with inner turmoil at the time, many regarded this appointment as a poison chalice.
As, blind and deaf, the whale plunged forward, as if by sheer power of speed to rid himself of the iron leech that had fastened to him; as we thus tore a white gash in the sea, on all sides menaced as we flew, by the crazed creatures to and fro rushing about us; our beset boat was like a ship mobbed by ice-isles in a tempest, and striving to steer through their complicated channels and straits, knowing not at what moment it may be locked in and crushed.
Beck was soon beset with offers to sign with major labels.
Beset by mechanical problems, the flight took from 2 January until 22 March.
Building construction was beset with several problems.
Consider and reconsider, con and con over again the advices and the instructions I gave thee before thy departure hence to thy government, and thou wilt see that in them, if thou dost follow them, thou hast a help at hand that will lighten for thee the troubles and difficulties that beset governors at every step.
Djoković was beset by problems related to both a hip injury (for which he required two time-outs) and exhaustion, having been unable to sleep until 4.30 am (UTC-5) on Day 8 after his match with Marin Čilić.
Every one, from the highest to the lowest degree, has his place on the social ladder, and is beset by stormy passions and conflicting interests, as in Descartes'theory of pressure and impulsion.
He is beset with nausea, and humiliated when strangers on the bus detect an unsavory scent.
However, the .460 Weatherby Magnum was beset by penetration issues from the beginning.
I had a greedy relish for a few volumes of Voyages and Travels--I forget what, now--that were on those shelves; and for days and days I can remember to have gone about my region of our house, armed with the centre-piece out of an old set of boot-trees--the perfect realization of Captain Somebody, of the Royal British Navy, in danger of being beset by savages, and resolved to sell his life at a great price.
In more recent years, the Jogye Order has been beset with scandals involving gambling and sexual misconduct. Conflicts with the Lee Myung-bak government.
In the end, Souness brought Michael Thomas and Paul Stewart to compete in central midfield, neither of whom were to ever reach the same level as McMahon, as Thomas was beset by injuries and never able to fully replicate the important role vacated by McMahon.
It may be but an idle whim, but it has always seemed to me, that the extraordinary vacillations of movement displayed by some whales when beset by three or four boats; the timidity and liability to queer frights, so common to such whales; I think that all this indirectly proceeds from the helpless perplexity of volition, in which their divided and diametrically opposite powers of vision must involve them.
It ties me fast here, troubled my heart is, and beset by such anxiety; nor does it allow me to make haste to my Fronto, my life and delight, to be near him at such a moment of ill-health in particular, to hold his hands, to chafe gently that identical foot, so far as may be done without discomfort, to attend him in the bath, to support his steps with my arm.'
It was settled initially by Augustinian Canons, but in the first years the new foundation was beset with problems.
Justice held her ground, undisturbed and unassailed by the efforts of favour and of interest, that now so much impair, pervert, and beset her.
Miss Lavinia was going on to make some rejoinder, when Miss Clarissa, who appeared to be incessantly beset by a desire to refer to her brother Francis, struck in again: 'If Dora's mama,' she said, 'when she married our brother Francis, had at once said that there was not room for the family at the dinner-table, it would have been better for the happiness of all parties.'
No sooner is she asleep but Mathis, now in the garb of Grünewald's Saint Anthony, is beset by tempters: a figure resembling the Countess Helfenstein offers a life of luxury; Pommersfelden praises power over money; Ursula appears in the guises of a beggar, then a seductress and, led to the scaffold, as a martyr; Capito, now a scholar, tells 'Anthony' the world can be mastered by science and reproaches him for unobjectivity; Schwalb upbraids for his unwarlike compassion.
On 19 January 1915 the expedition's ship, the "Endurance", was beset in the Weddell Sea pack ice.
Our woods teem with them both, and around every swamp may be seen the partridge or rabbit walk, beset with twiggy fences and horse hair snares, which some cow boy tends.
Problems began to beset the retailers at Sunrise almost immediately.
The "Los Angeles Times" in the 21st century was beset in its first decade by a change in ownership, a bankruptcy, a rapid succession of editors, reductions in staff, decreases in paid circulation, the need to increase its Web presence, and a series of controversies.
The 16-team WAC was immediately beset with internal and external issues.
The championship was first held in 1980 in Vancouver, Canada after the intended initial championship scheduled for 1979 was beset by difficulties and ultimately postponed, due to the invitation of a team from South Africa.
The field of psychological injury is beset by controversies.
The metaphor is now used by military and police to refer to a post which is beset/besieged.
The party has been beset by internal conflict. As a result of tension between Zainuddin and Zaenal Ma'arif, two of the party's founders, an extraordinary party congress was held in April 2006.
The party was periodically beset by crisis and splits, something which was to continue until the mid-1980s.
These Community Narcotics Enforcement Teams brought an unprecedented level of law enforcement resources to bear on beleaguered inner city communities beset by the crack cocaine epidemic.
Though the Ahoms recaptured power, it was beset with problems, leading to the Burmese invasion of Assam in the early 19th century.

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