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Vocabulary Word

Word: bereft

Definition: deprived of (something valuable); lacking

Sentences Containing 'bereft'

Almost simultaneously, Antonio loses the whole of his inheritance when victims of the Santi crime family file for reparations, leaving Antonio financially bereft. He then sells Capricorn to Blair Cramer.
Bereft and looking for a new start, Natalie seeks comfort from the Rovers.
Even as the earliest settler in the area now called Anam, Aziam generously welcomed the other latter-day immigrants with open hands bereft of any hidden territorial agendum.
Gilles Deleuze and Pierre Klossowski (in a work aimed to make Nietzsche's importance purely "literary", bereft of unpleasant illiberal implications) wrote monographs drawing new attention to Nietzsche's work, and a 1972 conference at CĂ©risy-la-Salle ranks as the most important event in France for a generation's reception of Nietzsche.
His lonely daughter, bereft of her final hope and reliance, appealed to them both too strongly.
However, due to famine and a high numbers of orphans left by the plague, there were many bereft children on the streets of Valencia and so, the brotherhood extended its care to homeless and abandoned children.
If buried in oblivion I should be, Bereft of life, fame, favour, even there It would be found that I thy image bear Deep graven in my breast for all to see.
In Episode 5, Henry retires from public view, bereft by the loss of his Queen, but finally emerges and his first act is to get the church leaders to agree on a new Protestant doctrine, and one that threatens to undermine Cromwell's Reformation.
Now the night of my sorrow set in, the sun of my happiness went down, I felt my eyes bereft of sight, my mind of reason.
Oh, thou, my squire, pleasant companion in my prosperous and adverse fortunes, fix well in thy memory what thou shalt see me do here, so that thou mayest relate and report it to the sole cause of all," and so saying he dismounted from Rocinante, and in an instant relieved him of saddle and bridle, and giving him a slap on the croup, said, "He gives thee freedom who is bereft of it himself, oh steed as excellent in deed as thou art unfortunate in thy lot; begone where thou wilt, for thou bearest written on thy forehead that neither Astolfo's hippogriff, nor the famed Frontino that cost Bradamante so dear, could equal thee in speed."
One will pass all the hours of the night seated at the foot of some oak or rock, and there, without having closed his weeping eyes, the sun finds him in the morning bemused and bereft of sense; and another without relief or respite to his sighs, stretched on the burning sand in the full heat of the sultry summer noontide, makes his appeal to the compassionate heavens, and over one and the other, over these and all, the beautiful Marcela triumphs free and careless.
Peer lands on shore bereft of all of his possessions, a pitiful and grumpy old man.
The hook-bereft song entered the UK Top 40 at number one on 9 May, 1981, and remained there for five weeks.
The most prominent is Hubertusburg, which, in spite of its more modest size, and bereft of the grand sweep of terraces-cum-steps of Sanssouci in Potsdam, does have a recognizably similar layout to Sanssouci, with the main building overlooking formal gardens, graveled walkways, outbuildings and a wooded area.
This appalling sight almost bereft me of my senses, and finding that I could no longer be of service to any one in the house, my only desire was to fly.

More Vocab Words

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::: ingenue - ing\'enue; young innocent girl
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::: insurgent - rebellious; N.
::: foreshadow - give an indication beforehand; be a sign of (what is coming); portend; prefigure
::: industrious - diligent; hard-working; N. industry
::: indulgent - humoring; yielding; lenient; showing indulgence
::: furor - frenzy; great anger and excitement; CF. fury
::: brazen - insolent; without shame; bold; Ex. brazen lie; V: face with bold self-assurance or with unshamed confidence