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Vocabulary Word

Word: bereavement

Definition: state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved; state of being bereaved or bereft

Sentences Containing 'bereavement'

'I was aware that you sustained a bereavement, sir, some time ago,' said Mr. Chillip.
After the emergency was imposed upon India in 1975, Ghosh shaved his head and wrote a symbolic letter to his 13 year old son explaining his act of "bereavement" over the loss of his freedom to write.
Bereavement List. A player may be placed on the bereavement list upon attending to a seriously ill member in the player's immediate family or to a death in the family.
It was also the first My Dying Bride release since 1994's "The Sexuality of Bereavement" to feature growling vocals, although Aaron Stainthorpe has noticeably changed his style and broadened his range.
Similarly, the strictures against "melodrama" in factual broadcasting and against filming of funerals contrary to a family's wishes have been problematic: "Sterile coverage of terrorist attacks and bereavement will not get across the dimension we need to get - the emotional dimension," according to a television executive quoted in Ha'aretz.
The bereavement list may span from a minimum of three to a maximum of seven games.
The fact that whole businesses were devoted to the trappings of bereavement demonstrates how large a part death played in the everyday lives of Victorians.
The program also extends support and resources to families in times of bereavement.
The third volume, for older children, contains Zionist poems about the Land of Israel, bereavement and losing parents in the Holocaust. Alongside poems filled with hope for peace and redemption are lyrical-confessional poems about the fears and emotions of a child trying to come to terms with his/her identity and living in society.
This sold every item associated with the business of bereavement from black-feathered plumes for hearses to crepe arm bands, from black-bordered visiting cards to wreaths of "immortelles".
To pass by my other afflictions, I have lost five children under the most pitiful conditions possible: for the five I lost one by one when each was my only child, suffering these blows of bereavement in such a manner that each child was born to one already bereaved.

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