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Vocabulary Word

Word: benevolent

Definition: generous; charitable; having a wish to do good

Sentences Containing 'benevolent'

A sample item from the benevolent sexism sub-scale is "Women should be cherished and protected by men."
Additionally, studies have shown that benevolent sexist attitudes lead to lower professional evaluations from men and women.
Alfonso VI, the conqueror of Toledo (1085), was tolerant and benevolent in his attitude toward the Jews, for which he won the praise of Pope Alexander II.
Ambivalent sexism has two sub-components: hostile sexism and benevolent sexism.
Ambivalent sexism offers a multidimensional reconceptualization of the traditional view of sexism to include both subjectively benevolent and hostile attitudes toward women.
And it was from the gifts bestowed upon him towards the execution of this benevolent purpose, that he recruited his finances, as just now observed.
Autry was a life member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Burbank Lodge No.
Benevolent sexism, an oxymoronic term, reflects evaluations of women that are seemingly positive.
Benevolent sexism, because of its seemingly positive evaluations and implicit attributions, is likely to hinder a woman's confidence and performance.
Both benevolent and hostile sexism are considered legitimizing ideologies, in that these attitudes provide the justification for social inequalities between men and women.
Byrnes was a leading Methodist layman and was involved with a number of charities in Parramatta including the District Hospital and the Benevolent Society State Parliament.
Evidence suggests that women with higher levels of benevolent sexism have more stereotypical preferences in men as romantic partners, such as financial security and resources.
Examples of research findings identifying disparate outcomes between benevolent sexism and hostile sexism are described below.
For example, Dardeene, Dumont, and Bollier (2007) transformed some items from the ASI into scenarios, presenting them to participants to induce conditions of both hostile and benevolent sexism.
Furthermore, benevolent sexism may be seen by both men and women as reinforcing of the status quo, which some individuals may find comforting.
He travelled in 1870 to Guiana on behalf of the English Benevolent Society, to "report of the condition of the coolies" (i.e. indentured labourers).
He was a Governor of the Royal Hospital Chelsea from 1987 to 1993 and Chairman of the Army Benevolent Fund also from 1987 to 1993.
However, the endorsement of benevolent sexism was not a protective factor either.
In addition, benevolent sexism tends to predict mate selection, whereas hostile sexism tend to predict subsequent marriage norms after pairing.
In addition, the ASI captures heterosexual intimacy and benevolent paternalism, whereas the Modern Sexism Scale does not.
In addition, the more that help was sought, the worse women felt. Therefore, benevolent sexism appears to hold consequences towards women's help-seeking when certain benevolent sexist stereotypes are made salient.
In fact, people frequently report high levels of both benevolent and hostile sexism.
In other words, someone who is high in benevolent sexism tends to show a different profile of attitudes than someone who is high in hostile sexism.
In these types of circumstances, people may find it difficult to distinguish between kindness, tradition, and benevolent sexism.
Ironically, people find it difficult to believe that others can endorse both benevolent and hostile sexism.
It was for this effort which Theo de Raadt, the project's Benevolent Dictator for Life, received the FSF's 2004 Award for the Advancement of Free Software.
Overall, benevolent sexism and hostile sexism are associated with beliefs that premarital sex is unacceptable for women.
Overall, women are rarely perceived by others in an entirely hostile or benevolent manner.
Returning to the employment office, Nicholas meets Charles Cheeryble, a wealthy and extremely benevolent merchant who runs a business with his twin brother Ned.
She funded the first King James Version of the Bible in Braille and was a patron of the arts, education and benevolent organizations.
Since 2008, the community has been under the trusteeship of The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust. Scouting.
Some are also reputed to study black magic invoking demons alongside their more benevolent official learning.
Some researchers argue that in cultures that are particularly hostile, women may internalize benevolent sexism as a protective mechanism.
The addition of a benevolent feature to definitions of gender-based prejudice was a major contribution to the study of sexism and field of psychology.
The benevolent werewolf is disenchanted, and marries Guillaume's sister.
The endorsement of these beliefs in romantic contexts is thought to serve to reinforce and maintain such benevolent sexist behaviors.
The last years of his rule were just and even benevolent, if somewhat autocratic.
The researchers showed that, in a typical team working environment, hostile sexism as well as benevolent sexism had consequences for the participant's performance.
The second sub-scale is the benevolent sexism scale.
The Tonk√ľnstler-Societ√§t was a benevolent society for musicians in Vienna, which lasted from the mid 18th century to the mid 20th.
Their study showed that hostile, but not benevolent sexism, hurt women's evaluations and recommendations for promotion.
Then it appeared to him that Monte Cristo smiled, not with the strange and fearful expression which had sometimes revealed to him the secrets of his heart, but with the benevolent kindness of a father for a child.
This is especially revealed when Lieutenant Chartrand remembers a conversation with the Camerlengo in which he asks about how God can be both omnipotent "and" benevolent.
This procedure of theirs, to be sure, was very disinterested and benevolent of them.
very benevolent countenance then; but how hard he breathes, he's heaving himself; get off, Queequeg, you are heavy, it's grinding the face of the poor.
When he did, and came towards me, he looked at me thoughtfully for a few moments, evidently without thinking about me at all; and then his benevolent face expressed extraordinary pleasure, and he took me by both hands.
Within hostile sexism (HS) and benevolent sexism (BS), the three subcomponents serve distinct functions.
Women find men high in benevolent sexism attractive, and rate men high in ambivalent sexism as less attractive.
``It was, your excellency; the benevolent abbe took an evident interest in all that concerned me.''
``Well,''cried he, with that benevolent politeness which distinguished his salutation from the common civilities of the world,``my cavalier has attained his object.

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