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Vocabulary Word

Word: beneficial

Definition: helpful; useful; advantageous

Sentences Containing 'beneficial'

A double major is directly beneficial for those who only have a Bachelor’s degree.
Although it is beneficial to feed on seeds, larvae do not enter the pods immediately after they hatch.
Ambidexterity is beneficial to organizations in many aspects.
Be not weary then of doing that which is beneficial unto thee, whilst it is so unto others.
Beneficial occupancy was achieved at this Phase I mobile radar site in late 1954.
Beneficial use is commonly defined as agricultural, industrial or household use.
Both brothers secured beneficial leases of college property.
But a Pyrrhonian cannot expect, that his philosophy will have any constant influence on the mind: or if it had, that its influence would be beneficial to society.
But the former are so beneficial, that the colony trade, though subject to a monopoly, and, notwithstanding the hurtful effects of that monopoly, is still, upon the whole, beneficial, and greatly beneficial, though a good deal less so than it otherwise would be.
But, it will give beneficial results only if the problem is in its preliminary stage.
Compound optical microcavity systems provide beneficial spectral controls.
Ecologists may validly argue that some types of growth undermine important conditions for human survival in the longer term without invalidating other kinds of growth that are beneficial. However, there is much dispute about which kinds of economic growth are beneficial or harmful.
He felt they were shortsighted and not beneficial to all members.
He was the Shaikh of the Hanbali maddhab and he wrote many beneficial books."
Her diary is very beneficial in aiding research about women during the Civil War.
Here, rubber tips and/or stoppers are beneficial. On carpet, the damage is less extensive.
However, most of the illegal activity he partakes in is beneficial for the town, as he greatly cares for its residents.
If the COC is short, agile production is beneficial.
In such cases, a beneficial chemical interaction develops between the host material and the fillier.
In the first place, he must make such an agreement for tithes as may be beneficial to himself and not offensive to his patron.
It is also beneficial in verifying airport conditions at airports that do not have terminal aerodrome forecasts.
It is at present the opinion of the most intelligent men in France, that his operations of this kind have not been beneficial to his country.
Medical cannabis has several potential beneficial effects.
No man useth to be weary of that which is beneficial unto him.
Peer Instruction (PI) has been found to be more beneficial than class-wide discussion or lecture.
Rachel then realized that signing could be beneficial to all children.
She set an example that was beneficial to future women in business.
Such rents are always more hurtful to the tenant than beneficial to the landlord.
The beneficial effects of statins are suggested to be due to their working as vitamin D analogues.
The climate, soil and seasonal conditions of the region are believed to be particularly beneficial to the growth of apples.
The consumption of "hard" water (water with minerals) is associated with beneficial cardiovascular effects.
The former are always and necessarily beneficial; the latter always and necessarily hurtful.
The Marquise d'Osmond was gentle, modest and beneficial. According to the gossip of the time she was whipped by her husband.
The most-cited reviews of the subject have concluded that there are no beneficial effects beyond a placebo.
The new chairman congratulated Maga and praised the triumvirate as "one of [Dahomey's] most beneficial institutions."
These organizations maintain that statins are not as beneficial or safe as suggested.
They poured a little rum down his throat, and this remedy which had before been so beneficial to him, produced the same effect as formerly.
They serve as a beneficial resource for generations of chemistry students.
This concept has been beneficial for both truck operators and KRC.
This had no beneficial effect on Li Linfu's illness, however.
This immunosuppression can be beneficial in animal models of "Trichinella spiralis" infections.
This may be beneficial for those with shoulder injuries, particularly those related to the rotator cuff.
This would eventually prove beneficial to another group of outdoor enthusiasts.
Though their beneficial effects, however, have been in this respect accidental, they have not upon that account been less real.
Turlingtons Balsam of Life, first marketed in the mid-18th century, did have genuinely beneficial properties.
Upon his return, he was determined to further document his conviction that a Progressive education was beneficial for students.
We do not always realize that light is beneficial, because sometimes it fades our clothing and our carpets, and burns our skin and makes it sore.
Whether these beneficial effects would also apply to humans is still uncertain.
Yama begins his teaching by distinguishing between "preya", "what is pleasant", and "shreya", "what is beneficial." A similar distinction between the pleasant and the beneficial was made in ancient Greek philosophy by Plato.
``It should be very beneficial to a man in your practice at the bar, to be ashamed of anything,''returned Sydney;``you ought to be much obliged to me.''

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