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Vocabulary Word

Word: belligerent

Definition: quarrelsome

Sentences Containing 'belligerent'

"Empire" gave the film 3/5 having a verdict of "Visually stunning, thoroughly belligerent and as shallow as a pygmy's paddling pool, this is a whole heap of style tinged with just a smidgen of substance."
After Hay was belligerent toward Deputy Book, and made harassing comments to Eubanks, Book "handcuffed him and walked him downstairs" and arrested him for being drunk in public; the charges were later dropped and Book was reprimanded because his "arrest of Michael Hay was without legal authority."
At last, after several hours, when sundry summer houses had been pulled down, and some area railings had been torn up, to arm the more belligerent spirits, a rumor got about that the Guards were coming.
Following Italy's surrender in 1943, a few of these flying boats continued to operate with both the Axis "Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana" and the Allied Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force.
However, during this period—which lasted well into his thirties—he subscribed to militant Maoist ideology and was fired from his job as a hospital orderly for belligerent activities.
In order to avoid military service during World War II, Haymes asserted his non-belligerent status as a citizen of Argentina, which was neutral at that time.
In terms of being belligerent, Hank's manager Doug Z. Goodstein explained that this tended to only occur when Hank was really drunk and people would heckle him.
The ambitious Poland Lithuanian Confederacy King Sigismund III Vasa (English)- Zygmunt III Waza (Polish) - (June 9, 1595 – May 20, 1648 (reign 1566-1632) and the Catholic League (German), remained active and belligerent, particularly as Zigmund III Vasa wanted to revive his hereditary claim to the Swedish throne because he was a descendant of the House of Vasa, and had briefly been King of Sweden.
The Assembly, meeting again in April, 1726, issued a catalogue of grievances, and was promptly prorogued once more by Everard. Everard also had belligerent episodes with Edmund Porter, Dr. George Allen, and John Lovick.
The Los Angeles Weekly gave the show its prized "GO" recommendation and said, "actor Robert Trebor reincarnates Gottlieb in a 45-minute late-night solo performance that paints Brother Theodore’s belligerent reflections on a twisted life with broad yet powerful comedic strokes."
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