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Vocabulary Word

Word: bastion

Definition: stronghold; something seen as a source of protection; Ex. the last bastion of male chauvinism

Sentences Containing 'bastion'

A prominent Rajput race and bastion in Rajasthan reduced by Alauddin was Chauhan Khanhad dev Sonigara’s Kingdom of Jalore.
A small white cloud, which had attracted Dantes'attention, crowned the summit of the bastion of the Chateaud' If.
At the time many Pacific Island youth were supporters of Māori political initiatives such as the Bastion Point occupation and Waitangi Day protests, and gained skills in political lobbying and processes which they used to raise the profile of Pacific people in New Zealand.
Built in the mid-1680s, the bastion was used as a fortification for almost a century.
Cali was a bastion of the independence movement just north of royalist territory.
Even in today's era of asymmetrical warfare, 15 Fedayeen destroyed or severely damaged 8 Marine Harrier jump jets in the September 2012 Camp Bastion raid, with pilots fighting as infantry for the first time in seventy years.
He authored the Sea Devils Adventure Trilogy, "The Illithiad", the "Shattered Circle", "Bastion of Faith", the "Dungeon Builder's Guidebook", and the adventures "Die Vecna Die!", "Return to the Tomb of Horrors", and "Return to White Plume Mountain" for the "AD" game, as well as the "Tangents" sourcebook and "The Killing Jar" adventure for the "Alternity" game.
He has been involved with a number of Māori organisations, including leading the Bastion Point protests and the Mai FM radio station.
If not then it can be said that BGML is finally dead and the employees stand betrayed even by the Indian judiciary which was their last bastion of hope.
In 2005, a report undertaken by Harvard Law Student Advocates for Human Rights claimed that the UN stabilization force "effectively provided cover for the police to wage a campaign of terror in Port-au-Prince's slums", which constitute "an unflinching bastion of support for Aristide and for Lavalas".
In addition, four bastion-like points on the north, south, east and west housed infantry strongpoints.
In China, The Central Academy of Drama is a bastion of experimental theater drama.
Legion appears in X-Men: Second Coming as one of the X-Men fighting Bastion's Nimrod Sentinels.
On return to Camp Bastion he was pronounced dead, but whilst preparing his body for a body bag, medical staff found that he still had a pulse.
The bastion guns form one of Sweden's three permanent batteries, and are still used for firing ceremonial salutes.
The “Maroon Bastion” stands on Citadel Hill as an example of their legacy and the sense of pride they contributed blacks remaining (James Walker, 1984).
Today as a result of building dikes and landfill pads between Stumholmen and the islands of Laboratorieholmen and Bastion Kungshall, the area is seen as a single island.
Today it is the Operational Headquarters of the Swedish Coast Guard. Kungshall Bastion.
Yevhen Santrapynskykh is a product of Bastion Illichivsk school system, in Odessa Oblast. He gave his debut for the Metalurh Zaporizhya senior team on 10 June 2007, during the Ukrainian Premier League home match against rival FC Kharkiv, which Metalurh club won 3:1.

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