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Vocabulary Word

Word: bane

Definition: posion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous

Sentences Containing 'bane'

Bands like Bane pushed the genre, taking on post hardcore and other influences.
Bands such as Touché Amoré, Anti-Flag, and Bane have played shows there.
Bane told Baseball America about their scouting, "We did our homework.
But it was not until 1993 that the western and eastern networks in the city were connected, and in 2006 the T-bane circle route opened.
By regaining the Staff, Linden also discovers that far beneath even the Lost Deep slumbers a powerful bane called 'She Who Must Not Be Named' – a tormented avatar of countless betrayed women throughout history, including Kastenessen's lover, and the banished wife of the Despiser, Diassomer Mininderain.
Exposed by her EarthSight more intimately to the bane's evil than the other party members – and being a more ready target due to her family history of abuse and despair – Linden's hope finally fails when the party is cornered, and she falls into a catatonic state, deeply traumatized.
Henry Fontenelle, a mixed-race son of Lucien Fontenelle, an ethnic French-American trader from New Orleans, and "Me-um-bane," a daughter of the Omaha principal chief Big Elk (1770-1846/1853), also had a plot there.
In 1988, he starred as Gideon Sarn in a BBC production of "Precious Bane" and the Channel 4 film "Vroom" before the 1990s saw him become a regular on stage and television in the UK, notably his lead role in the ITV series "Chancer", followed by an appearance in the Thames Television production of "Lorna Doone".
In his latter years, Ahern had become a non-fiction writer for Michael Bane's web site.
Linden discovers that it is this bane which is the source of Kevin's Dirt.
Meanwhile in the Real World, Smith, who had copied himself into Bane, tries to kill Trinity and Neo, he burns Neo's eyes making him blind, but is then killed by Neo.
Oslo T-bane, the Oslo Metro, opened in 1966, at the time making Oslo the smallest city in the world with a rapid transit.
Slow traffic movement, congested footpaths, accident-prone roads, police-politician-hoodlum nexus and administrative apathy have become the bane of Burrabazar.
Smith copied himself onto Bane (Ian Bliss), a crew member of the Zion hovercraft "Caduceus".
The actual operation of the T-bane is performed by the subsidiary Oslo T-banedrift, while the tramway is operated by Oslotrikken.
The bane slumbers, however, and without any conceivable means to oppose it, the party leaves it sleeping, and enter the Lost Deep.
The European route E6 runs through the district, and it is served by Lindeberg station of the Oslo T-bane network.
The first lineup featured Vladan Đurđević (bass guitar), Bane Jelić (a former Viktorija backing band member, guitar), Čeda Macura (drums) and Puniša Zeljković, also known as Billy King (vocals).
The T-bane is operated by Oslo T-banedrift while the tramway is operated by Oslotrikken, both subsidiaries of the Oslo municipality owned Kollektivtransportproduksjon.
They may even prove useful, by exciting curiosity, and destroying that implicit faith and security, which is the bane of all reasoning and free enquiry.
They were presided over nominally by my mother, but really by Mr. Murdstone and his sister, who were always present, and found them a favourable occasion for giving my mother lessons in that miscalled firmness, which was the bane of both our lives.
This is seen when Smith takes over Bane's body in "The Matrix Reloaded".
Weaver was drafted in the 1st round (12th pick overall) by the Angels in the 2004 Major League Baseball Draft. The Angels scouting director Eddie Bane said he did not know until two minutes before the draft that he'd definitely get the opportunity to choose Weaver.
While waiting to leave the Matrix with a message from The Oracle, Bane was attacked by Agent Smith, who overwrote Bane's mind.

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