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Vocabulary Word

Word: banal

Definition: hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originality; clich\'ed

Sentences Containing 'banal'

"Instead, she focuses on what is both disturbed and disturbing in more banal (at first glance, anyway) imagery -- like the 19th-century, tweed-and-mutton-chop-whisker-sporting gunman in "I'd Rather Be Hunting", or the surreal little girl in a lacy pinafore of "St.
"NME"s review drew a similar Patti Smith comparison, stating "Harvey's adopted her mentor's positivity, so that the urban vignettes are filled with a lust for life" and Pitchfork Media said "'Good Fortune' sustains a similar but even more banal pop sound, with Harvey distinctly recalling Chrissie Hynde, both musically and vocally."
A statement purported to be released by Kony's Lord's Resistance Army rebels and signed by the group's spokesman and negotiator Justine Nyeko ("The Leader, LRA Peace Team") condemned the film as "a cheap and banal panic act of mass trickery to make the unsuspecting peoples of the world complicit in the US rogue and murderous activities in Central Africa."
About the band playing "The Price We Pay", he also said the group had fallen "equally flat with their attempt at acoustic emo pop" with "horrifically banal lyrics".
At about the same time, Locke wrote a book called "Laid in Chelsea", which was described by "The Daily Telegraph" as "banal prose" that was "beyond ridiculous at times".
Author of the short story, Darl Larsen, adds: "The genre that might be called "nuclear fiction" has always fascinated me, especially the often-banal way we tend to treat the most destructive force in our possession and "The Snell Show" seemed a fitting tribute to such ambivalence".
Banal or brilliant, it made no difference in the world I was living in.
Besides, sometimes the banal turned brilliant as I listened.” He also did three pint-sized books about this time for the “Sparrow” series.
Darrell Hamamoto, Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis, describes Ling is as "a neo-Orientalist masturbatory fantasy figure concocted by a white man whose job it is to satisfy the blocked needs of other white men who seek temporary escape from their banal and deadening lives by indulging themselves in a bit of visual cunnilingus while relaxing on the sofa."
Hence "Entertainment Weekly" deemed it "drearily sentimental and banal" while Jon Burlingame was slightly more positive, describing it as a happy and unthreatening.
However, on the other hand their talk is sometimes portrayed as simplistic and banal. This has spawned the suggestion that her views are anti-feminist.
It became imperative to promote themselves by appearing everywhere, being photographed for newsreels, by paparazzi, or photographed in whatever form possible, even in banal, mundane and false "every day" situations, so that the economic miracle of the time could be reflected more and more in the open-eyed dreams of ordinary people.
Jay Merrick of "The Independent" said that "its sculptural power lies in its ability to suggest an unfinished form in the process of becoming something else", describing how its artistic riskiness elevated it above the banal artworks of the public art movement that have been built elsewhere in Britain's towns and cities.
Joel Banal, a former PBA player, looks at the game where Bates was held to a PBA career low of 28 points among the highlights of his playing career.
Pareene composes the site's "Hack 30: The Worst Pundits in America", a list of people described as "the most predictable, banal, intellectually dishonest and all-around hacky newspaper columnists, cable news shouting heads and political opinion-mongers working today."
Rajeev Masand of CNN IBN Live rated it 2/5 saying "Teri Meri Kahaani feels soulless, superficial." Anupama Chopra of Hindustan Times gave 2 stars and said "Teri Meri Kahaani is a banal romance that wants to cover all bases".
The characters even spoke to each other in twentieth century colloquialisms, and each had been rendered banal beyond belief.
The First Deputy Chairman of Parliament's health care committee and Tymshenko's former physician, Viacheslav Perederiy, stated "The medical station has the standards of a squalid rural first-aid post. There were banal instruments there that were not even plugged into the mains.
” Deirdre Kelly wrote in the "Globe and Mail": “With gestural brush strokes and an expressionistic use of color, Mr. Sassone romanticizes such banal views as a Carlaw parking lot and the westbound Gardiner Expressway.” He received a commission to create a mural for the lobby of the "Bellagio", a glass tower in downtown Toronto.

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