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Vocabulary Word

Word: ballast

Definition: heavy substance used to add stability or weight; V. supply with ballast

Sentences Containing 'ballast'

"Empire Arnold" was in ballast for this journey.
A related practice was called a Parliamentary heel in which the vessel was heeled over in deep water by shifting weight to one side - as in ballast and guns - causing the vessel to list. In this way the upper sides could be cleaned or repaired with minimal delay.
After the convoy arrived at Murmansk on 12 March, "El Occidente" unloaded her cargo and took on a partial ballast load of chromium ore.
As with the majority of trailer-sailers (and many other modern designs), she has a relatively low ballast ratio and therefore lacks the stability of heavier and larger yachts.
Ballast and bilge discharge from ships can also spread human pathogens and other harmful diseases and toxins potentially causing health issues for humans and marine life alike.
Ballast tanks are equipped to change a ship's trim and modify its stability.
Besides, it is a work for many hands, and of long continuance; so that ballast men do more harm than good.
Cruise ships carrying several thousand passengers and crew have been compared to “floating cities,” and the volume of wastes that they produce is comparably large, consisting of sewage; wastewater from sinks, showers, and galleys (graywater); hazardous wastes; solid waste; oily bilge water; ballast water; and air pollution.
Cruise ships generate a number of waste streams that can result in discharges to the marine environment, including sewage, graywater, hazardous wastes, oily bilge water, ballast water, and solid waste.
During loading, this ballast water is pumped out from these compartments.
From the bottom of the shaft a decline led down to a block of coal situated under the harbour between Ballast Point and Goat Island.
George Halpin, Inspector to the Ballast Board, agreed that a light was necessary but he recommended Rotten Island instead.
He became Ballast Master of the Belfast Ballast Board and, later, Secretary of the Belfast Harbour Board. He was responsible for the reclamation of the slob-lands on the County Down and building of a'Crystal Palace' park.
In 1957 the company stopped manufacturing normal locomotives and start to concentrate on tracking machines (ballast tampers).
In some high-performance racing yachts, water ballast or the angle of a canting keel can be changed to provide additional righting force to counteract heeling.
It is accepted that any action that disturbs the ballast, track components, geometry and rails will affect the 'Critical Rail Temperature' and cause the stability of the track to be subject to adverse thermal forces.
It may be objected that the ballast men might do this; that as fast as the hills are taken away they would gather together again, or that the watermen might do it.
It seems likely that the larvae of "Petrolisthes armatus" have been carried to new locations in ballast water, or it may have been introduced during the seeding of oyster or other shellfish beds during aquaculture procedures.
It was first introduced in 1982, and thought to have been transported to the Black Sea in a ship’s ballast water.
It was propelled by a front-mounted, pedal-powered propeller at a speed of up to three miles per hour (5 km/h), had a barometer to read depth, a pump to raise or lower the submarine through the water, and provision for both lead and water ballast. When Bushnell learned that the candle used to illuminate instruments inside the "turtle" consumed the oxygen in its air supply, he turned to Benjamin Franklin for help.
On 22 January 2007 she published the results of Operation Ballast, an investigation into collusion between the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Ulster Volunteer Force in relation to the murder of Raymond McCord, Jnr in 1997.
On July 14, 2009, GGYC filed a motion with the court asking that SNG be found in contempt for changing the rules for the match in secret to allow them to build a boat with powered winches and moveable ballast which were allegedly illegal under the SNG rules that should apply to the race.
On the basis of the unanimous opinion of those three experts, on November 19, 2009, judge Kornreich ruled that: (1) all ballast, whether moveable or not, must be included when measuring the Load Water Line; (2) it would be safe to hold the race in Valencia in February, (3) the Notice of Race and other rules could be issued as little as 16 days before the race, but the matter is moot because SNG had already published the Notice of Race; that Notice of Race could be modified by SNG but any modifications could be challenged by GGYC and would be reviewed by the jury; (4) the question of when the panel of jurors is customarily appointed is moot because the jury would soon be named; (5) the arrangements between ISAF and SNG regarding appointment of the jury appeared acceptable.
One of the problems with ballast water transfer is the transport of harmful organisms.
Operation Ballast investigation into collusion.
Protests were orchestrated by the Society and an agreement between the Society and BR followed, leading to all the ballast being left in situ plus an extra half a mile of track at Furzebrook.
Provided that the boats are propelled by sails, auxiliary power can be used for winches etc. Moveable ballast can also be used.
Racing sailors use their body weight to bring the boat to a more upright position, but are not allowed to use "movable ballast" during a race.
She features a carbon fibre mast built by Southern Spars, water ballast, and a canting keel.
SNG filed a competing motion asking that GGYC be disqualified as a challenger if they did not produce a Custom House Certificate for their challenging yacht within 14 days, and it disputed the allegations made by GGYC, arguing that the use of powered winches and moveable ballast was common for high performance catamarans racing under SNG's rules, and that the April 2009 version of the SNG rules should apply, since it was only on that date that GGYC was recognized as Challenger of Record. On July 29, 2009, the court issued its decision regarding these matters.
Some are natural to Norwegian flora, while others have been transported by ships emptying their hulls of ballast before entering Stavanger.
Some, such as graywater and ballast water, are not regulated (except in the Great Lakes), and concern is increasing about the impacts of these discharges on public health and the environment.
The advantage of multihulled sailboats is that they do not suffer the performance penalty of having to carry heavy ballast, and their relatively lesser draft reduces the amount of drag, caused by friction and inertia, when moving through the water.
The avalanche current self-quenches simply because it develops a voltage drop across a high-value ballast load RL (about 100 kΩ or more).
The Ballast Board then approved a light in 1833 and Statutory Sanction was obtained from Trinity House.
The Catskill Mountain Railroad plans to use the siding as a storage track for four passenger cars, a ballast hopper and a gondola, which will be brought up from Kingston in 2007.
The Inspecting Commander of the Coastguard wrote to the Ballast Board on 21 April 1832 recommending that a light be placed on Drumanoo Point.
The jury held that the maximum amount of moveable ballast had to be on board when the boat was measured and that it had to be equally distributed laterally, but that no other restrictions would apply.
The Museum also houses Western bronze sculptures, American historical artifacts, paintings, actual examples of every coin mentioned in the Bible, exact replicas of the British crown jewels, world cultural artifacts and one of the Easter Island statues, rescued from the bottom of a boat where it was used as ballast. It is named "Henry".
The patented Flight Control Tower, combined with factory installed ballast tanks, led to the creation of the Air Nautique.
The quarry now produces roadstone and railway ballast. "Ysbyty Bron y Garth" was built as the "Ffestiniog Union Workhouse" in 1839 at a cost of £3,200 and was intended to house 150 inmates.
The temperature in the rail plays a great part but stability is also affected by ballast, sleepers (type and quantity), ballast shoulders, areas of shadow or tunnels and bridges, track consolidation and to a lesser degree vertical curvature of the tracks.
Then, again, it would never do in plain sight of the world's riveted eyes, it would never do, I say, for this straddling captain to be seen steadying himself the slightest particle by catching hold of anything with his hands; indeed, as token of his entire, buoyant self-command, he generally carries his hands in his trowsers' pockets; but perhaps being generally very large, heavy hands, he carries them there for ballast.
There were many things to be brought up from the beach and stored in the outhouse--as oars, nets, sails, cordage, spars, lobster-pots, bags of ballast, and the like; and though there was abundance of assistance rendered, there being not a pair of working hands on all that shore but would have laboured hard for Mr. Peggotty, and been well paid in being asked to do it, yet she persisted, all day long, in toiling under weights that she was quite unequal to, and fagging to and fro on all sorts of unnecessary errands.
This is in contrast to heavy ballast that can account for up to 90% (in extreme cases like AC boats) of the weight of a monohull sailboat.
This was a long, leather tube filled with ballast that was intended to help gauge and maintain a fixed altitude over the ice.
To the first, I answer, that ballast men, instead of taking away from these hills, make holes in other places of the river, which is the reason so many young persons are drowned when swimming or bathing in the river.
which Weiss began when he was well over fifty, making a pilgrimage over the arid slopes of cultural and contemporary history in the company of "pavor nocturnus", the terror of the night, and laden with a monstrous weight of ideological ballast, is a magnum opus which sees itself . . .
Winged keels may incorporate a significant amount of ballast where the wings join the keel.
Work began in 2005 on upgrades between Sunshine and Ballarat as part of the Regional Fast Rail project, which saw heavier tracks and concrete sleepers installed, renewal of ballast and a new signalling system.

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