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Vocabulary Word

Word: badger

Definition: pester; annoy continually with demands; persuade by asking again and again; Ex. The children badgered me into taking them into the cinema; N: a kind of mountain animal

Sentences Containing 'badger'

"Badger" completed fitting out at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard in January 1971 and then spent most of the spring engaged in tests and shakedown training.
"Badger" completed those modifications on 18 May 1973 and put to sea for trials and single ship exercises in the southern California operating area.
"Badger" conducted an upkeep and liberty period at that port from 17 to 23 August and got underway on the latter day to return to the Philippines.
"Badger" continued to carry out training missions in the Hawaiian operating area well into 1988.
"Badger" departed Subic Bay on 1 July 1979 in company with "Brewton", "Rathburne", and USNS "Mispillion".
"Badger" got underway for the west coast of the United States in company with DesRon 23 on 22 August 1977.
"Badger" put to sea on 17 April to rendezvous with sistership and guided missile destroyer escort , and "Kiska" for the voyage to the western Pacific.
"Badger" remained in the Mariana Islands until 13 February when she departed Guam to return to Subic Bay.
"Badger" rendezvoused with the carrier to form Task Group (TG) 37.4, and the two ships then shaped a course for the western Pacific.
"Badger" returned to Guam on 22 June, spent three days there, and headed back to Subic Bay on the 25th.
"Badger" spent the next nine months engaged in exercises and drills conducted out of Pearl Harbor.
"Badger" took up active training again early in December 1990; but that lasted only about two weeks.
After a brief liberty call at Bandar Abbas, "Badger" got underway on the 3rd to return to the Philippines, again in company with "Brewton" and "Kiska".
Badger was born in Waterford, Vermont and was a convert to Mormonism.
Because of those changes, "Badger" underwent a post-shakedown availability that lasted until mid-November.
Despite popular belief, there is no evidence that honeyguides guide the honey badger.
During the remainder of August and the first part of September, "Badger" called at a succession of Japanese ports.
En route, "Badger" was detached from the task group to proceed to Luzon independently.
Following an unusually brief standdown, "Badger" resumed operations very early in 1985.
Following leave and upkeep, "Badger" got underway for tests on her main propulsion plant and associated equipment on 21 June 1974.
Following upkeep, "Badger" headed back to the combat zone on 17 July 1972.
In winter, the Lodge is a hub for skiers going to the Badger Pass ski resort, and daily buses to Badger Pass stop at the Lodge.
Late in May and early in June, "Badger" operated with a task group in the South China Sea before returning to Subic Bay on the 11th.
On 1 October, "Badger" headed to Hong Kong.
On 11 September, "Badger" put to sea to participate in the four-nation Exercise RIMPAC '73.
On 17 May, destroyer escort relieved her, and "Badger" shaped a course for Sasebo, Japan.
On 2 November 1977, Badger departed Pearl Harbor in company with and the other units of DesRon 25 bound for the western Pacific.
On the 19th, "Badger" was switched to plane guard duty for the aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin.
On the following evening, "Badger" stood out of Subic bound for the Vietnam War zone.
One day out, on 1 July 1975, Badger was reclassified a frigate and redesignated FF-1071.
Porsuk (literally "badger" in Turkish) may refer to the following places in Turkey:
She completed final contract trials in May, during which "Badger" set the speed record for Knox class frigates, over 30 knots.
Since Badger is a MAC function based on the universal hash function approach, the conditions needed for the security of Badger are the same as those for other universal hash functions such as UMAC.
The "Lady Badger" award is given to the top female athlete.
The .19 Badger is the third (currently in 2007 the latest) of the .19 caliber rounds created by Calhoon.
The exercise concluded on 21 March, and Badger returned to Pearl Harbor to prepare for overseas movement.
The first was named for Commodore Oscar C. Badger (a cousin of Secretary of the Navy George Edmund Badger), the father of Rear Admiral Charles J. Badger, the son of the commodore and the father of the admiral, was also honored by the naming of the destroyer (q.v.), and the grandfather of Admiral Oscar C. Badger.
The following table presents Badger's properties for various restricted message lengths.
The highway enters Michigan on the SS "Badger", which crosses Lake Michigan between Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and Ludington.
The merchantman, however, was freed before "Badger's" arrival on the scene, and the escort resumed her original course and reentered Subic Bay on the 17th.
The next day, "Badger" was back at sea escorting "Midway" to Guam with a load of American aircraft removed from Vietnam.
The period in the ‘yard occupied "Badger" for the remainder of 1981 and the first quarter of 1982.
The voyage included another visit to Singapore, and "Badger" reentered Subic Bay on 21 December 1973.
The warships entered Subic Bay on 15 October, and "Badger" began a 10-day availability.
The warships reentered Subic Bay on 23 March, and "Badger" began a 12-day upkeep.
This "Badger" (FF-1071) honors all four men.
Though she made most of the crossing with the task group, "Badger" did not remain a part of it throughout the deployment.
Traffic is carried across the lake during the summer months on the SS "Badger", a privately owned carferry.
USS "Badger" (FF-1071) was a "Knox"-class destroyer escort, originally designated as DE-1071 and reclassified as a frigate in 1975 in the United States Navy.
While I was battering away at the pyramid, a sort of badger-haired old merman, with a hump on his back, takes me by the shoulders, and slews me round.
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