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Vocabulary Word

Word: axiom

Definition: self-evident truth requiring no proof

Sentences Containing 'axiom'

From this view of things, then, comes the axiom that if you visit to discover the author of any bad action, seek first to discover the person to whom the perpetration of that bad action could be in any way advantageous.
It is an algebraic axiom, which makes us proceed from a known to an unknown quantity, and not from an unknown to a known; but sit down, sir, I beg of you.''
``I have been nearly mad; and you know the axiom, non bis in idem.
It is an axiom of criminal law, and, consequently, you understand its full application.''
In short, doctor although I know you to be the most conscientious man in the world, and although I place the utmost reliance in you, I want, notwithstanding my conviction, to believe this axiom, errare humanum est.''
But the latter went on without pity:''`Seek whom the crime will profit,'says an axiom of jurisprudence.''
In his address to the British Association, in 1858, he speaks (page li) of "the axiom of the continuous operation of creative power, or of the ordained becoming of living things."
It has been maintained by several authors that it is as easy to believe in the creation of a million beings as of one; but Maupertuis' philosophical axiom "of least action" leads the mind more willingly to admit the smaller number; and certainly we ought not to believe that innumerable beings within each great class have been created with plain, but deceptive, marks of descent from a single parent.
"It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.

More Vocab Words

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::: precarious - unsafe; lacking in stability; uncertain; risky; Ex. precarious living
::: aspirant - seeker after position or status
::: bowdlerize - expurgate; CF. Thomas Bowdler
::: suspense - state of being undecided; anxiety or apprehension resulting from uncertainty
::: gamely - in a spirited manner; with courage; Ex. fight gamely against a superior boxer; ADJ. game
::: paltry - insignificant; petty; trifling; contemptible; Ex. paltry sum; CF. trash
::: incommodious - not spacious; inconvenient
::: impecunious - without money
::: impudence - impertinence; insolence