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Vocabulary Word

Word: aviary

Definition: enclosure for birds; large cage

Sentences Containing 'aviary'

Blinking over a little desk like a pulpit-desk, in the curve of the horse-shoe, was an old gentleman, whom, if I had seen him in an aviary, I should certainly have taken for an owl, but who, I learned, was the presiding judge.
In the novel world, great tits ("Parus major") are presented with a foraging task: they search and eat artificial prey in an indoor aviary built in a laboratory.
It is also a most favourable circumstance for the production of distinct breeds, that male and female pigeons can be easily mated for life; and thus different breeds can be kept together in the same aviary.
Pigeons can be mated for life, and this is a great convenience to the fancier, for thus many races may be improved and kept true, though mingled in the same aviary; and this circumstance must have largely favoured the formation of new breeds.
She is later thrown out of the Robinson household for telling Nick Page (Mark Stevens) he isn't part of the Robinson family, moving in with Sharon Davies (Jessica Muschamp) while Edith Chubb (Irene Inescort) is away, she then begins feuding with Joe Mangel (Mark Little) and Kerry Bishop (Linda Hartley-Clark), Kerry becomes enraged by Hilary after she sets up an aviary, Kerry, an animal rights activist releases the birds, Hilary argues with her, she later attempts to save some of the birds and Hilary falls from a ladder, Bronwyn Davies (Rachel Friend) saves her life.
The exhibit center is an aviary of African birds, surrounded by viewing of black-and-white ruffed lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs and drills, with adjacent habitats for Angolan colobus monkeys, Schmidt's guenons and Wolf's guenons.
The fashion court stage and flight cage in the aviary court were replaced with fountains when the lower level was added, causing these areas to be mistakenly called "fountain courts" while the original fountains were removed from the Hecht's entrance.
The mall originally had 5 courts which were the Umbrella Court in front of Lansburgh's, Fashion Court, Fountain Court in front of Hechts, Aviary Court and the Clock Court located near the Woodie's entrance.
The songs of the birds were heard in an aviary hard by, and the branches of laburnums and rose acacias formed an exquisite framework to the blue velvet curtains.
Wickham Park, located in East Hartford and Manchester, features Oriental gardens, fountains, open fields, woodlands, ponds, picnic areas, softball fields, and an aviary.

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