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Vocabulary Word

Word: avert

Definition: prevent; avoid; turn away (eyes or thought); Ex. An accident was averted by his quick thinking; Ex. She averted her eyes from the terrible sight.

Sentences Containing 'avert'

"Last week he hurled the local blacksmith over a parapet into a stream, and it was only by paying over all the money which I could gather together that I was able to avert another public exposure.
After everybody is pied the following day, Brainy Smurf finds the Masked Smurfer's disguise, which makes him the Smurfs' prime suspect. Then, Papa Smurf arrives and tells everybody to show their hands, and Jokey Smurf's hands are white due to the ink; he had pied himself the first to avert suspicions.
Among the Ancient Greeks, it was the most widely used symbol to avert evil.
As a young judo competitor, he was known as "master of the draw" for his ability to avoid defeating weaker opponents and to avert defeat by stronger opponents.
Columba" on the part of Count William of Castelbarco of the House of Lords of Lizzana and Rovereto, and the other, 1470, is still preserved in Lizzana, attesting to the faith of the inhabitants of the place with celebrations and processions to the Irish saint to avert the long drought.
Consequently, to avert this possibility, pro-Greek Epirotes decided to declare their own separate political identity and self-governance.
Dozens of many other well-known actors accepted to appear in the movie in cameo roles for free, to avert the bankruptcy of the production company Titanus.
Eagleman's talk on the topic, entitled "Six Easy Ways to Avert the Collapse of Civilization", was voted the #8 Technology talk of 2010 by Fora.tv.
Good documentation is the key to a successful sourcing project in general. With a global supply base, staffed by individuals of distinct cultures, each with their own internal understanding of what a (foreign) term or requirement could mean, there are really no common terms or definitions – but detailed documentation can avoid this problem and avert potentially costly misunderstandings.
He left generalizing, and went into details, began with his first murder; described it, told what measures he had taken to avert suspicion; then passed to his second homicide, his third, his fourth, and so on.
He might avert it all if he would but tell me what he had done with the three missing stones.
He would later avert the conquest of Bismoll by an army of Computo replicas, with the assistance of the Legion Subs (this mission would cause Polar Boy to disband his group, and join the Legion proper).
Her hope had been to avert the wrath of Heaven from a House that had long been hateful to the suffering many.
In 1880, when a rising of the Boers in the Transvaal was threatening, President Brand showed every desire to avert the conflict. He suggested that Sir Henry de Villiers, Chief Justice of Cape Colony, should be sent into the Transvaal to endeavour to gauge the true state of affairs in that country.
In 1903 the entire apple crop in Britain was a failure: to avert disaster Gaymer set off for Canada by ship and bought enough apples for that year’s production.
In 1952, during the Korean War, President Harry S. Truman attempted to seize United States steel mills in order to avert a strike.
In March 2008, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York provided an emergency loan to try to avert a sudden collapse of the company.
In the series four finale of the revived series, "Journey's End", an injured Tenth Doctor manages to avert a full regeneration by channelling "excess regenerative energy" into his severed hand, allowing him to heal without changing form.
It was a delicate part which I had to play then, for I saw that a prosecution must be avoided to avert scandal, and I knew that so astute a villain would see that our hands were tied in the matter.
Stressing is a technique developed in the 1960s to avert rail track problems that can occur following installation of Continuous welded rail (CWR).
The 1998 film "Armageddon" portrayed a combined crew of offshore oil rig workers and US military staff who pilot two modified Shuttles to avert the destruction of Earth by an asteroid.
The aircraft missed each other by less than , and the abrupt maneuver necessary to avert disaster left about 100 occupants hurt on one aircraft, some seriously.
The feudal lord, Ludwig Zandt, appealed in 1630, during the war, to the Elector in Trier to avert the occupation of the “Imperial Baronial Region of Wollmerath”.
To avert the curse and the brutal killings and suicides, Seth goes to jail to see Dario (Jhong Hilario) and bring him food that she has poisoned.
To avert this cataclysm, he issued calls to world peace in the 1980s and 90s.
Unfortunately, not even this professed social conservatism was enough to avert the suspicions of Reverend John Hosking, a fundamentalist minister at St Asaphs Free Methodist Church.
Villefort, becoming somewhat reassured, perceived that to avert the maternal storm gathering over his head, he must inspire Madame Danglars with the terror he felt.
When, under cover of the night, I flew to Miss Mills, whom I saw by stealth in a back kitchen where there was a mangle, and implored Miss Mills to interpose between us and avert insanity.

More Vocab Words

::: anthropologist - student of the history and science of humankind
::: astral - relating to the stars
::: pestle - tool for mashing or grinding substances in a hard bowl or mortar
::: demise - death
::: acumen - mental keenness; sharpness of judgment; ability to judge quickly and well; Ex. business acumen
::: effectuate - effect; produce; achieve; Ex. effectuate a reconciliation
::: evince - show clearly
::: menial - suitable for servants; lowly; mean; N: someone who does menial work (esp. servant in a house)
::: insouciant - without concern or care; unconcerned; indifferent
::: suffuse - spread through or over (with a color or liquid); charge; Ex. A blush suffused her cheeks.