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Vocabulary Word

Word: avenge

Definition: take vengence for something or on behalf of someone; Ex. They avenged his death by burning the village; Ex. He swore to avenge his brother; Ex. They avenged themselves on their enemy.

Sentences Containing 'avenge'

'Jonesy' was introduced into the show as a Probationary Constable and joined the Force in order to avenge the death of Sam, his biological father.
A mob then tried to avenge the sheriff and attacked the jail, January 17, 1889, but the brothers were able to fight off the mob.
A new hero, The American Eagle, overhears Pig-Iron, Rubberduck and Yankee Poodle at the scene of Little Cheese's murder when they decide to regroup in order to avenge him.
Afro believes that Rokutaro wanted Afro to avenge him or he wanted Afro to live his own life.
Because of Dumbledore's death, his spell on Harry is broken and Harry rushes after Snape to avenge Dumbledore.
But in France they are considered in very bad taste; there are gendarmes who occupy themselves with such affairs, judges who condemn, and scaffolds which avenge.''
But, as you know, a Corsican who has sworn to avenge himself cares not for distance, so his carriage, fast as it went, was never above half a day's journey before me, who followed him on foot.
Charley and Boss vow to avenge this injustice.
Determined to avenge the murders, she decides to break the code of silence and goes to an anti-Mafia prosecutor in Palermo with her detailed diaries to be used as evidence.
Don Quixote, seeing him so roughly handled, attacked the man who had struck him lance in hand, but so many thrust themselves between them that he could not avenge him.
Dornan join forces to avenge a man who was conned into confessing to a crime, tortured in jail and murdered there; and Russell is tempted to drink.
Final. The final was a rematch of each team's opening game, with the Spaniards attempting to avenge their 66–57 upset loss to the Serbians.
For the present let them bring me something to eat, for that, I feel, is what will be more to my purpose, and leave it to me to avenge myself."
He easily understood why his son did not come to see him before he went to avenge his father's honor; but when that was done, why did not his son come and throw himself into his arms?
He leaves his daughter to avenge her brother’s death.
He said he meant to kill her, and would have done so had he not been prevented by her parents, and that he quitted the house full of rage and shame, and resolved to avenge himself when a more convenient opportunity should offer.
He was in charge of the defenses of Baalbek when Zengi arrived to avenge the murder of his stepson.
Hear me, my dead baby and my withered father: I swear on my knees, on these stones, to avenge you on Foulon!
Her betrothed, Prince Ticátame, expresses his hatred for the Spanish and determination to avenge her father's death.
In the national semifinals, the Lady Vols beat Stanford, 68–60, to earn the chance to avenge the previous year's tournament loss against Virginia.
It seemed like the Buzzers were set to avenge their Dudley Hewitt Cup losses from the previous year, but it did not go as planned.
It was King Crab's younger brother form Netherlands, who came to avenge his brother when he heard the lie from Ngan that Lee killed Crab.
Meanwhile, Seska is revived by the power of the negative karma and dedicates herself to avenge her father's death and to save her clan by gaining an audience with Emperor.
Next up, the Little Giants were able to avenge their only Division III loss of the season against Hope, winning 82-70.
No, no,''continued the count,``had I to avenge myself, it is not thus I would take revenge.''
Now a young man, Shaolung (Tien Peng) gradually develops into a formidable fighter and concentrates his sights on leaving Shaolin to avenge his father's death.
Once released into the public, Thorn began taking over more frequently, taking up a role as ultra-violent vigilante in a quest to take down "The 100" and avenge her parents.
Or perchance he was some Achilles, who had nourished his wrath apart, and had now come to avenge or rescue his Patroclus.
Set in the Holy Land during the time of the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, Simon of Gitta is on mission to avenge the deaths of his parents, seeking revenge in blood against the Roman officials who committed the murders.
Signy gave Siggeir two sons and when the oldest one was ten years old, she sent him to Sigmund to train him to avenge the Völsungs.
That gaffs believe that Kane will return to avenge the hostile takeover of Aberrance by Cranius and the other original Un-Men.
The 2008 novel "After Omdurman" by John Ferry deals with the reconquest of the Sudan and highlights how the Anglo-Egyptian army was driven to avenge Gordon's death.
The Apaches are gathering to avenge the massacre of their own women and children by the whites.
The Asia Gambling Competition begins, Kit participates to help Mr. Yeung, while Chicken Feet also participates to avenge Siu Mui and Uncle Fan.
The case being, then, that no one person can insult a kingdom, province, city, state, or entire community, it is clear there is no reason for going out to avenge the defiance of such an insult, inasmuch as it is not one.
The conduct of the son in seeking to avenge his father was so natural that Chateau Renaud did not seek to dissuade him, and was content with renewing his assurances of devotion.
The following day at "Gym Wars" Manson was absent so Galloway tried to avenge his loss with O'Shaunessy but it ended in a double count-out.
The Glenanne gang had decided to avenge this attack by killing at least 30 schoolchildren and their teacher at St Lawrence O'Toole Primary School in Belleeks.
The initial meaning of the initials PW was "Pomścimy Wawer" ("We shall avenge Wawer").
The player takes the part of Wolfhound as he attempts to avenge himself on those who destroyed his clan, murdered his parents and enslaved him as a young boy.
The reader takes the part of a young monk-ninja, "Avenger", on his quest to avenge his foster father and recover the Scrolls of Kettsuin.
This dialogue had taken place at Mr. Lorry's usual desk, with Monseigneur swarming within a yard or two of it, boastful of what he would do to avenge himself on the rascal people before long.
Using a false identity, Angiolillo traveled to Spain from Paris (via London) to avenge the Montjuïc persecutions.
Wearing the Number Two Headband, he is on a quest to avenge his father and reclaim the Number One Headband.
When the Spanish conquistadores tortured and executed the last ruler of the Inca people, Atahualpa, he vowed that he would come back one day to avenge his death.
Whether it was a son who would some day avenge his father.
You are the representative of justice here, and it is for justice to avenge those she has been unable to protect.'
``Nay, madame, the law is frequently powerless to effect this; all it can do is to avenge the wrong done.''
``Swear, then,''said Villefort, joining the hands of Morrel andd'Avrigny,``swear that you will spare the honor of my house, and leave me to avenge my child.''
``What a fool I was,''said he,``not to tear my heart out on the day when I resolved to avenge myself!''
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