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Vocabulary Word

Word: avalanche

Definition: great mass of falling snow and ice

Sentences Containing 'avalanche'

"Kirby's Avalanche, known in Europe as Kirby's Ghost Trap", is a puzzle video game co-developed by HAL Laboratory and Compile.
A number of mechanisms can sustain this process, creating avalanche after avalanche, to create a corona current.
After Konowalchuk's trade to the Avalanche (October 2003), the captaincy remained vacant (until Jeff Halpern was appointed in September 2005).
After the elders order a pregnant woman to be buried alive, however, the villagers realize the threat of avalanche was manufactured by the elders to maintain control, and they rebel.
After the quenching of the avalanche current, the SPAD bias VD slowly recovers to Va, and therefore the detector is ready to be ignited again.
As a Colorado Avalanche fan, he has listed Joe Sakic as a player he looked up to.
AVALANCHE makes two appearances in the "Compilation".
Avalanche sustenance requires a reservoir of charge to sustain the applied voltage, as well as a continual source of triggering events.
AVALANCHE's other appearance is in "Before Crisis", where it is a much more aggressive and militant group, led by Elfé, the daughter of Veld.
Because of avalanche danger on the original route and time lost on the approach, they decided on climbing via the Abruzzi Spur.
Bergen claims that Mylroie's argument depends entirely on Bergen claims that "an avalanche of evidence" refutes Mylroie's basic assumption.
Captured electrons are effectively removed from play — they can no longer contribute to the avalanche process.
Columbus started March with a 2–0 shutout against the Colorado Avalanche.
He continued playing junior hockey in the North American Hockey League for two seasons with the Alaska Avalanche and Coulee Region Chill.
He had intended to have AVALANCHE kill his father, but his plan failed and he was put under house arrest in Junon.
He is currently a scout for the Colorado Avalanche.
He was named to the Carolina League All-Star team while playing for the Salem Avalanche in 2008.
I predict from all this an avalanche of dinners and routs.
If the light level were to increase further, ultimately to the point where the SPAD immediately avalanches the moment the avalanche recovery circuit restores bias, the count rate reaches a maximum defined purely by the avalanche recovery time (ten million counts per second or more).
In "Before Crisis", Rufus anonymously supplies information to AVALANCHE, while suggesting to Veld that someone is leaking information.
In "Final Fantasy VII", three AVALANCHE members assist Cloud, Barret, and Tifa.
In a season blighted by injury, Rissmiller was unable to earn a recall to the Avalanche.
In each case, the energy emitted as photons by the initial avalanche is used to ionise a nearby gas molecule creating another accelerable electron.
In this state, the risk of an avalanche was considered to be at level 3, on a scale of 5.
King Dedede has challenged Kirby and other members of Dream Land to a Ghost Trap/Avalanche Competition in the Dream Fountain.
Kirby, taking on the challenge, has decided to battle his way through the forest and into the Dream Fountain to win the Ghost Trap/Avalanche Cup from King Dedede.
Lopsang was killed in an avalanche in September 1996, while again on an expedition to climb Everest for what would have been a fifth ascent.
Messner claimed his brother had been swept away by an avalanche.
On July 12, 2011, Rissmiller signed a one-year contract with the Colorado Avalanche, the NHL affiliate of Lake Erie.
Ratchuk was drafted in the first round, 25th overall, by the Colorado Avalanche in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft. He grew up playing for the Cazenovia Chiefs.
Slide alder ("Alnus viridis sinuata") grows in snow-creep areas and avalanche chutes, along with Yellow-cedar.
SPADs, like avalanche photodiodes (APDs), exploit the photon-triggered avalanche current of a reverse biased p-n junction to detect an incident radiation.
Team member Art Gilkey died in an apparent avalanche during the team's descent.
The avalanche effect was discovered by John Sealy Townsend in his work between 1897 and 1901, and is also known as the Townsend discharge.
The avalanche killed Lopsang; sherpa guide Dawa; and a French climber, Yves Bouchon.
The Avalanche moved to Palmer, Alaska beginning in the 2010-11 season and played at the Palmer Ice Arena.
The Avalanche played out of the Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center in Wasilla until the end of the 2009-10 Season.
The entrance portals are designed to withstand the force of an avalanche.
The police department of Southern Buskerud was tasked with investigating the avalanche.
The process can also be used to detect ionizing radiation by using the "gas multiplication effect" of the avalanche process.
The Ravens are a genetically modified battle squad of AVALANCHE, that include Tierce, Kyneugh and Kanos.
The resulting avalanche current intensity is linearly related to the optical signal intensity.
The season opened on 14 April 2007 with the traditional double-header between the Melbourne Ice and the Adelaide Avalanche.
They climbed snow gullies and limestone headwalls, and encountered high avalanche danger and sparse opportunities for protection.
This can be harmful to the SPAD as it will be experiencing avalanche current nearly continuously.
This experimental setup has been employed since the early studies on the avalanche breakdown in junctions.
This high electric field provides an internal multiplication gain only on the order of few hundreds, since the avalanche process is not diverging as in SPADs.
Titled "Avalanche", the play showed daily life in a mountain village in which villagers must obey every order of their elders in order to avoid actions which might trigger a deadly avalanche.
When the avalanche is triggered, the SPAD sustains the avalanche current (on-branch), instead when no carrier has been generated (by a photon or a thermal generation), no charge flows through the SPAD (off-branch).
While the avalanche recovery circuit is quenching the avalanche and restoring bias, the SPAD cannot detect photons.

More Vocab Words

::: equivocal - (of words or statements) ambiguous; intentionally misleading; (of behavior) questionable; OP. unequivocal
::: cremate - incinerate (a corpse); N. crematory, crematorium
::: adverse - going against; opposing; unfavorable; hostile
::: manipulate - operate with one's hands; control or play upon (people, forces, etc.) artfully; maneuver; Ex. how to manipulate publicity and men; ADJ. manipulative
::: usurp - seize another's power or rank (without legal authority); supplant; appropriate; N. usurpation; CF. take for one's own use
::: validate - make valid; confirm; ratify
::: intrude - put or force in without being asked; trespass; enter as an uninvited person; Ex. intrude one's own opinion into the report; CF. thrust in
::: impart - grant a share of; make known; Ex. news to impart
::: hegemony - dominance especially of one nation over others
::: mobile - movable; not fixed; N. mobility