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Vocabulary Word

Word: auxiliary

Definition: offering or providing help; additional or subsidiary; N: helper; assistant

Sentences Containing 'auxiliary'

"Kena" can be used as an auxiliary to mark the passive voice in some varieties of Singlish.
"Washtenaw County" served as a special type of auxiliary craft to check the channels for mines.
910 (County of Essex) Balloon Squadron of the Auxiliary Air Force.
A furnace room is a room in a building for locating a furnace and auxiliary equipment.
An oil engine was the auxiliary power source in 1937.
As an auxiliary bishop, he also served as vicar general of the diocese from 1933 to 1934.
Auxiliary gunboat "Aunus" arrived later on.
Auxiliary locals existed where there were men’s MMSW locals.
Auxiliary officers wear combination caps with a checkered red and black band.
Bishop Callahan had previously served as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
Due to the restrictions of the Versailles Treaty, she had to be built as an unarmed auxiliary.
Gelbfuhs invented and proposed an auxiliary scoring method for tie breaking (Sonnenborn–Berger) there.
He was appointed as Auxiliary Bishop on 5 May 1977, aged 39.
He was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Shrewsbury, where he became Auxiliary Bishop on 28 July 1971.
Holsapple subsequently worked with Hootie the Blowfish as an auxiliary musician.
In 1896, the mills had a steam engine as auxiliary power.
In small quantities, it is contained in other products as auxiliary substance too.
It became part of the Auxiliary Air Force in 1936.
It was founded in 1891 as an auxiliary of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics.
IUMMSW Ladies Auxiliary’s Organizing Work.
IUMMSW Ladies Auxiliary’s Political Work.
Louis, and Rice's predecessor, the retiring Auxiliary Bishop Hermann, were also in attendance.
Louis, Missouri, is an American Roman Catholic Bishop: Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St.
MD 197 has two extant auxiliary routes and at least one former auxiliary route.
Nathaniel was consecrated Bishop of Dearborn Heights, as an auxiliary bishop to Archbishop Valerian Trifa.
Nor, in some historic instances, has the art of human malice omitted so potent an auxiliary.
On 29 June, she fired two torpedoes at a small auxiliary.
On the same date he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Auckland.
Several instances of MD 826 connect with auxiliary routes of US 219.
She was reclassified Auxiliary Submarine AGSS-246 in May 1967.
Similarly to other satellite viruses, the virophage jeopardizes the reproduction of the auxiliary virus.
Student housing is coordinated by the Director of Auxiliary Services.
Stumptown operates four cafes and two auxiliary facilities in Portland.
The Albanian Regiment served as a garrison unit, while the Greek Infantry Skirmishers as an auxiliary unit.
The brigade is supported by a Ladies' Auxiliary.
The expressway is a spur or auxiliary line of the G30 Lianyungang–Khorgas Expressway and is completely in Xinjiang.
The Ladies Auxiliary of the International Union of Mine Mill and Smelter Workers
The OUAM founded a ladies auxiliary, the Daughters of Liberty in the 1870s.
The route has two auxiliary routes: MD 917.
The route is one of four auxiliary routes of US 422 in Pennsylvania.
The second equation is established using the minor auxiliary circle.
The station was built with an auxiliary entrance at Circle Avenue that was eventually converted to an exit only facility.
The women spoke of the latter set of activities as ‘new’ political work of the auxiliary: We don’t just do what the auxiliary used to do...
There were auxiliary positions for musicians Agustin Barrios and Ampelio Villalba.
These are grouped into deaneries and subject to vicars-general who often coincide with auxiliary bishops.
These auxiliary contacts are in series with the coil.
Though it was always considered the auxiliary of JOUAM, it was only officially recognized in 1926.
Tikrit South Air Base was an auxiliary air base for the Iraqui Air Force.
US 15 has five unsigned auxiliary routes.
Virophages are satellite viruses that inhibit or impair the reproduction of the auxiliary virus.

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