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Vocabulary Word

Word: autopsy

Definition: examination of a dead body; postmortem; V.

Sentences Containing 'autopsy'

A second autopsy by Máximo Duque, former director of the same Institute, hired by the Colmenares family and research done by Prosecutor Antonio González found that: It is noteworthy that the same forensic institute that performed the autopsy had been under fire recently for allegedly distorting evidences and that Camilo Herrera, one of its investigators, not related with this case, was accused of presenting false titles and changing forensic clues to suit criminal third parties for twenty years, not being even a registered medic.
According to the autopsy performed at Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forenses, by Leslie del Pilar Rodríguez, Luis Colmenares suffered a violent death, but she omitted several key details.
After examining the maggots, he stated that they began growing ten to twelve days prior to the autopsy (so February 16 to 18).
After President Garfield had been shot, Dr. Shrady was called into consultation by Dr. Bliss as a surgical pathologist, and later made a report to the profession and the public, in behalf of the staff, touching the results of the autopsy.
An autopsy conducted ruled the cause of death to be an aortic aneurysm, which doctors had been unable to see, due to its hidden location in his body.
An autopsy revealed that he did not have any illegal drugs in his system.
An autopsy was never performed and authorities ruled his death as a probable drug overdose.
An autopsy, by Doctor R. N. Price, determined that he was already dead when he had been shot, and that he had died of arsenic poisoning.
Collection During an Autopsy It is essential that an experienced and knowledgeable forensic entomologist is present at the crime scene to ensure thorough use of entomological evidence.
Entomology, however, played the star role in the murder trial. The police had invited David Faulkner, the local forensic entomologist, to attend the autopsy, where he collected the insects from Danielle’s remains.
Frank saw through the scheme after performing an impromptu autopsy.
He co-presented a second series with von Hagens in 2006 called Autopsy: Life and Death (Channel 4, 2006).
He took part in the autopsy on the body of the assassin Guiteau, and aided materially in settling several points that had been raised as to the sanity of Guiteau when he shot President Garfield.
He wins a free autopsy, so the Simpsons visit a funeral salesman to claim the prize.
Herrick's published account included illustrations, but the earliest available slide showing sickle cells is that of a 1918 autopsy from a soldier with sickle trait, initially reviewed only 92 years later.
His clinical work allowed him to follow chest patients from bedside to the autopsy table.
His friends at the university initially had tried to prevent an autopsy on Ishi's body since the body was to be kept intact according to Yahi tradition, but the doctors at the University of California medical school performed one before Waterman was able to stop it.
Hodges said he was influenced in his writing by the works of Raymond Chandler and Hollywood B-movies such as "Kiss Me Deadly" as they showed "how to use the crime story as an autopsy on society's ills".
If the corpse is in an advanced state of decomposition, samples of the morgue chamber climate and insects present from the body bag and during autopsy must be taken as well.
If the remains have been refrigerated prior to the autopsy, the forensic entomologist must record the following: temperature of the chamber, the total time the body was cooling, temperature changes dealing with the transfer of the body to the morgue, and the temperature of the maggot mass when the body is removed from the cooler.
In the third issue of the Batman vampire series "", the Riddler appears in a morgue where he shoots the mortician who was about to start an autopsy on a corpse where the Riddler had stored a large quantity of drugs.
Later story is never been disclosed except government published officiall news that General Manjoor has been killed by unknown angry army soldiers due to his killing of President Ziaur Rahman Manzoor's death – at first described as having been at the hands of an "enraged mob", but later shown in an autopsy report to have been via a gunshot to the back of the head – added to the mystery.
Marys Hospital. He systematized the processing of surgical and autopsy specimens and increased the number of autopsies performed at the hospital. Wilson began using a frozen section technique he created in 1905 and published a paper on his method in "JAMA" at the end of that year.
Physick pioneered the use of the stomach pump, used autopsy as a regular means of observation and discovery, excelled in cataract surgery, and was responsible for the design of a number of surgical instruments, such as the needle forceps, the guillotine/snare for performing tonsillectomies, and improved splints and traction devices for treatment of dislocations; he also innovated many operative techniques.
Since there was no evidence to be found at the scene of the crime, the judge in charge of the autopsy decided to conduct an investigation.
Sometimes, if an investigation is not carried out to its full potential, the entomologist will attend the autopsy and work alongside a forensic pathologist (98).
The autopsy report shows that one soldier, Jeong Woo-jin (Shin Ha-kyun), was shot eight times repeatedly, indicating a grudge was held; additionally, a single bullet is not accounted for.
The autopsy revealed that the donor (Katherine's) bone marrow contained traces of a dormant virus, Epstein-Barr, which had been undetectable in the pre-transplant screening.
The autopsy reveals the presence of soil in the lungs, implying that the victim had been buried alive, but the doctor intentionally omits that from the report, leaving the audience to ponder his reason.
The body is found and taken to the local hospital for autopsy.
The couple was released October 1, 2007 without being charged pending an autopsy.
The disease was named "sickle-cell anemia" by Verne Mason in 1922, then a medical resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital. However, some elements of the disease had been recognized earlier: A paper in the "Southern Journal of Medical Pharmacology" in 1846 described the absence of a spleen in the autopsy of a runaway slave. The African medical literature reported this condition in the 1870s, when it was known locally as "ogbanjes" ("children who come and go") because of the very high infant mortality rate caused by this condition.
The doctor then asks whether an autopsy was performed, and the prosecutor replies that there was no need as the cause of death was obvious and unsuspicious.
The original album cover consisted of a collage of autopsy photographs collected from medical journals.
The prosecutor invites the victim's wife to identify the body in the hospital morgue, files the necessary paperwork, and departs, leaving the doctor to perform the autopsy.
The result of the first autopsy, showed Colmenares had a grade 3 of alcohol intoxication, which should have impaired him heavily, and confirmed the hypothesis of a suicide.
The results of an autopsy were expected by mid-March 2011.
The term is commonly used by anatomical pathologists to refer to diagnostically useful findings made during the gross examination portion of surgical specimen processing or an autopsy.
The troops released the body for autopsy seventy-two hours after the death; the examination ruled out suicide as a potential cause of death.
The two go to see Sing Sing's medical examiner, who admits that while he was preparing to autopsy Cordell, the officer showed faint signs of life.
This very talented medical student died on 15 May 1778, apparently from a cut sustained while performing an autopsy."About the end of April, Mr. Darwin had employed the greatest part of a day in accurately dissecting the brain of a child which had died of hydrocephalus, and which he had attended during its life.
When Bayley died in January 1948, his autopsy showed that he was suffering from degenerative brain disease.

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