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Vocabulary Word

Word: authoritative

Definition: having the weight of authority; regarded as providing knowledge that can be trusted; reliable; peremptory and dictatorial; Ex. authoritative dictionary/manner; CF. definitive

Sentences Containing 'authoritative'

A prominent Hindu revivalist and reformist Swami Dayananda Saraswati held the text to be authentic and authoritative.
After the suppression of the revolt the vast majority of Jews were sent into exile; shortly thereafter (around 200), Judah haNasi edited together judgements and traditions into an authoritative code, the Mishna.
Allen was then assigned a position as the foreign editor of the "Sunday Worker" — a weekly newspaper launched in January 1936 as an effort to reach a broader audience than did the more intense and authoritative "Daily Worker."
asked the young girl, with an authoritative tone the count had never observed before, and which startled him.
Authoritative Hnízdo immediately introduces corporal punishment which, as he explains, is not normally allowed but the school has received an exception from the Ministry of Education as a result of their dreadful behaviour.
Authoritative is considered one of the most effective leadership styles in case there is some emergency and quick decisions need to be taken.
BBC: Authoritative lawyers versus less authoritative auditors (June, 17th, 2011).
Fleisher also speaks globally on his research, having been to over two score different countries in a variety of roles ranging from key-noting conferences and meetings to serving as an authoritative panel member.
For sure, in a RISE model everything has a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation.
Free DNS services were provided to various smaller nation-states on the sub-continent and throughout the Pacific Rim, in many cases being the primary authoritative server for these countries until they could provide their own infrastructure.
He excelled in the modern French repertoire, especially Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, and was considered to be an authoritative performer of Hector Berlioz.
He says that we simply don't know what women are capable of, because we have never let them try – one cannot make an authoritative statement without evidence.
His father’s approach to parenting was authoritative and strict. He attended high school in Newton, Massachusetts with the plan of becoming a minister.
His works on the English language passed through many editions, and were regarded as authoritative till they were superseded by those of Richard Morris and Walter William Skeat.
If you want a well-written, interesting yet authoritative and thorough account of what is wrong with medicine today and how to cure American health care, this is the book for you."
In 1929, he wrote "The Horse of the Desert," still considered an authoritative work on the Arabian breed.
In determining the original form of any verse, the LSM editorial section considered the larger context of chapter and book and similar portions of the Bible, frequently receiving guidance by other major authoritative English versions.
It campaigns for the retail industry and is the authoritative voice of retail, recognised for its powerful campaigning and influence within government and as a provider of in-depth retail information.
It is often cited as an authoritative source for news from Transnistria by foreign news agencies such as Basa, Flux and Interfax.
It was indeed unique – instantly recognisable, no-nonsense and authoritative.
Judges will be looking for entertaining, stylish, authoritative criticism which offers a fresh, illuminating view of a performance, film, album or popular cultural topic.
Kazdan’s enemies are Tom and the OverWorlders, who hate the authoritative approach and despotic rule that Kazdan represents.
Like other saintly women, Hutchinson claimed the "authority of inspiration," meaning the direct witness of the Holy Spirit, one of the few alternatives for an authoritative voice that were available to women.
Living Stream Ministry publishes the works of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, providing the authoritative and definitive collections.
Many scholars have contended that in discussion on the resurrection, Apostle Paul refers to a rabbinic style transmission of an early authoritative tradition that he received and has passed on to the church at Corinth.
Paternalism reflects views of women as underdeveloped adults, providing justification for men to be authoritative and monitor, protect, and make decisions on women’s behalf.
Piłsudski was supported by the Nonpartisan Bloc for Cooperation with the Government (BBWR) led by Walery Sławek, which campaigned for a more authoritative government, declaring its total support for Piłsudski and proclaiming itself to be a patriotic, non-partisan and pro-government formation.
She seems to ignore his weak points, which he tries to hide behind his authoritative and macho behaviour.
Spektor was the author of the following works, which are considered authoritative by rabbinical scholars: External links.
The DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle states that "every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system".
The Institute's vision is to be "the authoritative voice of the IT profession that leads professional development and good practice in IT".
The looks of all of them were dark, repressed, and revengeful, as they listened to the countryman's story; the manner of all of them, while it was secret, was authoritative too.
The more authoritative his tone of voice, the farther under she crawled.
The most authoritative biography is still Theodor Schieffer's "Winfrid-Bonifatius und die Christliche Grundlegung Europas".
The most authoritative were those approved by the throne for inclusion in the code.
The NGIC also manages the Army's Foreign Materiel Exploitation Program and foreign material acquisition requirements, and constitutes a single authoritative source for comprehensive ground forces threat to the Army and other services.
The Sarvāstivādins of Kāśmīra held the ' as authoritative, and thus were given the moniker of being Vaibhāṣikas.
The sections have been reorganized as follows: The Uniform ETP Exam tests primarily understanding and the ability to apply authoritative literature—such as Management, auditing and accounting standards, the Uniform Commercial Code, and the Internal Revenue Code—that are universally adopted by all European Union jurisdictions.
The work was considered the "authoritative treatment of the group for Central Europe."
These New Testament allusions are employed as authoritative sources which strengthen Clement’s arguments to the Corinthian church, but Clement never explicitly refers to them as “Scripture”.
These views were echoed in the "Handbook of Latin American Studies", where the volume is described as "authoritative and superbly illustrated" and "broader than [its title suggests".
They held the Jewish scriptures to be authoritative and sacred, employing mostly the Septuagint or Targum translations, and adding other texts as the New Testament canon developed.
This book was the "standard and authoritative work" on Norse sword typology and "remains an invaluable guide today."
This document remained the most authoritative description of the area for more than a century and provided significant detail of the Komenda Wars in which Bosman took part.
This method was especially harsh in rural areas away from foreign observers where a systematic campaign liquidated the most popular monks and shut down the most authoritative monasteries.
This understanding forms the basis of this translation, with guidance from the major authoritative English versions.
Unhappy with Barin’s highly centralised and authoritative way of leadership, Bhattacharya and his group had been looking for something more constructive than making bombs at the Maniktala garden.
Until women are members of this higher authority, it can never make authoritative decisions about their perspectives because they are excluded from the vote.
When an authoritative information source is changed in your model, RISE automatically cascades that change throughout the model, updating anything and everything that depends on the source.
``Nay,''interposed Madame de Villefort, on whom the authoritative style adopted by the count made a deep impression,``nay, but consider that to preserve my life he has risked his own.''

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