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Vocabulary Word

Word: authoritarian

Definition: subordinating the individual to the state; completely dominating another's will; Ex. authoritarian regime/father

Sentences Containing 'authoritarian'

A common belief of many authoritarian leaders is that followers require direct supervision at all times or else they would not operate effectively.
A region which suffers authoritarian and social oppression, and where there is no real democratic experience.
Abuse of this style is usually viewed as controlling, bossy and dictatorial. Authoritarian leadership is best applied to situations where there is little time for group discussion.
According to Wickstrom, this goal is to be seen out through authoritarian and corrupt financial practices, multiculturalism, media infiltration, miscegenation and globalization.
Adolf Hitler was extremely authoritarian.
After Sofia dies, place is then assumed by Carmem, José Ricardo's ambitious and authoritarian sister, and Júnior's aunt.
After the authoritarian turn in the Yugoslav Communist Party in 1972-73, which also affected Slovenia, Jambrek withdrew to purely academic work.
After the coup d'état in December 1926, the newspaper stubbornly opposed the new authoritarian regime of Antanas Smetona, was censored, and even temporarily suspended.
After the return from Italy the general amnesty of August 16, 1859 had marked the evolution of the absolutist or authoritarian empire towards the liberal, and later parliamentary empire, which was to last for ten years.
Although most sources agree that his rule at the Cape was authoritarian, beset by favoritism, and characterized by misuse of company assets, others claim that this was in no way unique to van der Stel's reign.
An authoritarian leadership style is being used when a leader who dictates policies and procedures, decides what goals are to be achieved, and directs and controls all activities without any meaningful participation by the subordinates.
Authoritarian leaders are commonly referred to as autocratic leaders.
Authoritarian leaders construct gaps and build distance between themselves and their followers with the intention of stressing role distinctions.
Authoritarian leaders make decisions independently with little or no input from the rest of the group.
Authoritarian leaders uphold stringent control over their followers by directly regulating rules, methodologies, and actions.
Authoritarian leadership typically fosters little creativity in decision-making.
Engelbert Dollfuss, chancellor of Austria from 1932 to 1934, destroyed the Austrian Republic and established an authoritarian regime based on conservative Roman Catholic and Italian Fascist principles.
Fatah also stated that: "In refusing to step aside, Elmasry and the CIC have demonstrated the authoritarian and dictatorial nature of their structure.[...]
Further, they argue that the lack of freedoms, lack of economic opportunities, and the lack of secular general education in authoritarian regimes promotes radicalism and extremism.
Having been forced to hold free elections, the FSLN discovered that many Nicaraguans deeply resented the authoritarian rule of their revolutionary government.
He formalized the one-party state in 1964 with a new Constitution, which set up an authoritarian presidential regime.
He led relaxed rehearsals which orchestra members appreciated after the authoritarian Serge Koussevitzky.
He lost his last profession as curator of Leiden university in 1591, because of his authoritarian behaviour.
Her attitude to democracy is so unsympathetic, at least as expressed by a character of whom Mrs. Christie evidently approves, that it reveals an unexpectedly authoritarian aspect of the author's nature".
Hoping therewith to prevent Austria’s incorporation into Nazi Germany, he fought his domestic political opponents along fascist-authoritarian lines.
However, when he became Prime Minister he abandoned his pre-election promises and employed an authoritarian model of governance.
In "Dictatorships and Double Standards," Kirkpatrick distinguished between authoritarian regimes and the totalitarian regimes such as the Soviet Union; she suggested that in some countries democracy was not tenable and the U.S. had a choice between endorsing authoritarian governments, which might evolve into democracies, or Marxist-Leninist regimes, which she argued had never been ended once they achieved totalitarian control.
In such tragic circumstances, she argued that allying with authoritarian governments might be prudent.
In the minds of authoritarian leaders, people who are left to work autonomously will ultimately be unproductive.
In this regard, panchira was employed as a form of social satire, voicing a general mistrust of authoritarian regimes.
It came as a shock to Burrow when he realized, "that, in individual application, analytical attitude and authoritarian attitude can not be separated."
Lewin also found that it is more difficult to move from an authoritarian style to a democratic style than from a democratic form to an authoritarian form of leadership.
Nina is very authoritarian with her children and she even beats them as a method of disciplining them.
On 12th January 2009 the Libertarian Party (UK) was criticized by No Border Network for having authoritarian and anti-libertarian policies on immigration, in particular the treatment of asylum seekers.
Published in "Kolkata", a Bengali monthly, this letter caused his arrest, was widely circulated through the underground and became a classic of protest. Ghosh smuggled from prison two other letters on abuses of authoritarian rule before, in his cell, he suffered a third heart attack.
Roman families would include everyone within a household under the authoritarian role of the father, the pater familias; this included grown children and the slaves of the household.
Severely criticized by Social Democrats, Pan-German nationalists, and Austrian Nazis, he countered by drifting toward an increasingly authoritarian regime.
She flourished in her ventures and in using her authoritarian leadership style.
Stambolov's style of governing during his regency was observed as being increasingly authoritarian.
Ted Galen Carpenter of the Cato Institute noted that while Communists movements tend to depose rival authoritarians, the traditional authoritarian regimes supported by the US came to power by overthrowing democracies.
The 1938 Constitution of Romania was the fundamental law that established the authoritarian monarchic regime of King Carol II.
The authoritarian constitution of 1772 was abolished and power was returned to parliament by the new Instrument of Government adopted on June 6, 1809.
The character is very anti-authoritarian and frequently curses institutions such as the government, media and intelligence services.
The form of government in such countries is often authoritarian in nature, and may comprise a dictatorship, warlordism, or a kleptocracy.
The January 1941 Rebellion, when Romania's authoritarian leader Ion Antonescu was confronted by a violent rising of his Iron Guard partners, made Aderca a victim of the parallel Bucharest pogrom.
The Movement of National Antifascist Unity () was a political platform of democratic organizations that struggled against the Portuguese authoritarian regime, led by António de Oliveira Salazar.
They warned the latter might menace the oligarchy and threaten a military coup; they preferred an inefficient army to an authoritarian state.
This shows he was an authoritarian leader due to his motivation and direct contribution to how it was going to be accomplished.
Thus both Catholics and protectionists discovered that authoritarian rule can be an excellent thing when it serves their ambitions or interests, but a bad one when exercised at their expense.
Under the pressure of several coup attempts, real and perceived, Stevens' rule grew more and more authoritarian, and his relationship with some of his ardent supporters deteriorated.

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